Премия Дарвина – Мальчишник и бензопила. / Darwin Award – A bachelor party and a chainsaw.

Did you know that you can get a prize and become world-famous not only after death, but also for death? Heard about the Darwin award? Do you want to hear stories about those who went to the forefathers in a remarkably stupid way and thereby helped the world get rid of itself? Do you want to leave this world fun, fervently and with a spark, so that no one ever forgot? Then this channel is for you, I’ll tell you about the most ridiculous and ridiculous deaths, help you choose the right way to personally suicide, kidding, help just cheer you up. So. In 1996 thirty years of the Polish peasant Krzysztof Anninsky was the winner of the Darwin award almost without a struggle. He gave preference to almost all who took part in the vote. It happened so. Together with friends Krzysztof celebrated his soon wedding. When someone from guests proposed all to undress naked and “go crazy in the last time”, all immediately agreed. At first, the guys ran after each other with frozen turnips in their hands and tried to hit their partner more painfully. But then someone got a chainsaw. A friend (and by some accounts, Krzysztof’s future best man) grabbed her and said he would show her what real men could do. Before his friends knew it, he turned on the saw and grabbed his foot. Here came the finest hour of Krzysztof himself. With a cry of “what the foot is nonsense! And so loosely?” he immediately cut off his head. “It’s strange, — recalled one of Krzysztof’s friends. — In childhood he loved to walk in underwear her older sister. Because of this phrase, the Darwin Committee is now following with particular attention the reports from Poland: there are probably people who are able to do something in the style of pan Krzysztof.

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