Реальный праздник для триалов. 15-летие WoW | Real celebration for trials

You can’t get past this momentous event. An anniversary event marking the release of our favorite game in the big world. And despite the fact that many people will start to accuse me of irrelevance of delaying the creation of this video you will understand that now is the moment to tell about all the features and awards for this event, related for the trials. Let’s find out why! Players who log in during the event will receive an Anniversary Gift that contains A good opportunity to pump up the reputation faster. And Lil’ Nefarian is a pet powerful or not, I can’t answer but for me it’s definitely not my favorite. Isn’t that right, Baa’l? Finishing with a gift, two things: Advice for the future – create characters wisely. In addition to logging in for the event, players may also participate in special in-game content for additional rewards such as: Korrak’s Revenge – a special PvP brawl that awards players with theon the festive epic PvP battlefield – Alterak valley. For the collection of 200 badges, players will receive the achievement “Alterac Valley of Olde” and the means of transport Frostwolf Snarler for the Horde and the Stormpike Battle Ram for the Alliance characters. And yes, I congratulate all the players of the trial bracket: you can bring these mounts into the collection, recently, from level 10, not from level 40 as it was before. For the murder of Korrak, you will get a class epic subject after completing the quest. The epic one is only the color here because as sad as it may be, their characteristics are a little better than… horror. But it is important to note the vendors of festive equipment for Mark of Honor and Timewarped Badges. Mark of Honor are likely to come from the containers of objects for the victory at bg. Items are not always the best for the intendants. It just depends on your choice and priority characteristics. Time-Displaced of these items are located in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The Alliance has Thanthaldis Snowgleam the Horde has Jorek Ironside. Hurry up after the anniversary, these characters will stop shifting in time and will not sell purple in quality things for these badges. It is possible to collect the necessary quantity Timewarped Badge: Did you miss the congratulations? Then catch another one. It’s inexplicable, but the fact is that thanks to the active trials a heroes, who threw the official game forums with their messages the developers gave the opportunity to participate in the festive Alterak Valley to all the players and not only to those who have changed the Battle of Azeroth. Applause! Let’s move closer to the Caverns of Time. The place where the festival is celebrated this year. In the portal room at the Alliance everything is clear. The portal on the Horde side is a little hidden. I am not surprised that not everyone knows about it. To find it, at the exit of the main portal room stop in the middle of the way and you will see a staircase that leads down. Yes, that’s where our cherished portal is located. Go ahead! There’s not much to do here, but there’s obviously something quite remarkable. For example, sellers. Historian Ma’di, who for some reason speaks with a female draenei voice… as a troll can buy awards of the previous anniversary celebrations for timewarped badges. And it makes sense for Otela to buy a toy “CJar of Sunwarmed Sand” for one thousand Timewarped Badge or a hundred times less badges to spend on Sunwarmed Sand. But my favorite purchase of Spellstone Delight which increases the speed of movement by 100% as much as 30 seconds and even has no time for recovery. But as I have noticed, the effect of the damage decreases. Look at the waiters, they still have a lot of things. All you have to do is to find out if these items will disappear after the celebrations or if they will stay in the bags of those who bought them. Next to the entrance, you’ll find a collection of introductory cinematics and in-game videos about the various additions. At the top of the tip, mark what is your favorite addition. The Scarab Gong Khadgar-Ball, Leeroy Jenkins, who sell food Echo of Algalon and other strange things are here today. Also historians Llore and Yu’pa ask their historical questions as usual and if you don’t have pockets full of Timewarped Badges, you can get the right answers to them. The anniversary celebration will end in early January, depending on your region. On the screen you will see the exact start and end dates: Enjoy this anniversary properly. After all, the final countdown of the days of the trials that we are used to. In the New Year’s Eve I will tell you about the possible future of this bracket and give you my opinion about it. Soon everything will change, but is it bad? Traditionally, a special thanks to my sponsors at Boosty: _water_ly_ Sofandroid MommyS Mr Black

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