छुट्टी का उत्सव | Holiday Celebration (With English Subtitles)

That we know that we are not any different from those who live in Africa, America, Europe or Australia- we are but One. How shall we have this experience? If we kept living in the outer world alone, kept living at the focus of the mind-faculties- with these eyes only the outer world can be seen, with these ears only the outer sounds are heard and with the agencies of smell, taste and touch, as well only worldly experiences are had- if we remained at that level alone- then each different thing will be experienced. We need to rise above this level. In outer form, we may be Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, but once we rise above the body and realize our spiritual form, we shall have the proper perspective that we are not body, but the soul. And once we have the experience that we are soul, we shall be transformed automatically and we shall then do things that are beneficial for the soul, by which the soul is strengthened, by which the soul is larger than life, by which- as to what soul is, where it has come from, what it requires- all that gets to be realized. It is a state that we all can obtain. These are the days of science. The scientists have been working on a project for the last several years, known as the ‘Genome Project’. These days, all of you are educated. You know that there are several theories that inside a human-being are several genes. These genes are between 20 to 30 thousand in every person. And these genes are passed on from one generation to the next generation. This is why we say, this child’s habits are just like that of his grandfather, this girl does everything just like her grandmother or this child resembles his uncle. There are many things that come into our body by means of the genes. The scientists thought that if we can get to know as what kinds of genes are there, then may be a person can be protected from the diseases and they can be remedied. So, the genes of many people were analyzed and the result was very interesting: the scientists are saying today that over 99.9% of the genes of all human-beings are similar. What is different is less than point one percent. Upon that is dependent as to what our height is, what our weight is, what our face looks like, what our features are, what the colour of our skin is- all the outer form. What we do is that we keep focusing on that less than point one percent that we are different from all the others, and the 99.9% that is same- towards that we do not give our attention. How would we focus on that? That, which is within us. We are looking for things in the outer world, while everything has been provided within us. If we are able to sit together, if we are able to rise above the body- may we be Hindus, Mslims, Sikhs or Christians- then we shall be able to connect with the Shabd (Word) of God- call it Shabd, call it Noor, call it Kalma, call it Jyoti & Shruti. When we connect with it, what would happen? That the moment we connect with it, the comprehension within us will find a way. Connecting with it, we shall experience that we are not different from God, that God is alongside us, that we but are like him. And when we have this experience, then we shall get to understand that each one is an essence of God, which is not different from ourselves. So, thereafter when we meet someone, we do not see someone else, but the very form of God himself. This is why it is essential that we sit together. Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj has said in one place that, Haram ke phool, Kaleesa ke phool, Dair ke phool… ’Haram’ is the mosque- the flowers of the mosque. ‘Kaleesa’ is church- the flowers of the church. ‘Dair’ is the temple- that, Haram ke phool, Kaleesa ke phool, Dair ke phool, Jo khil gaye hain to aayee hai iss chaman mein bahaar… those we consider to be different, when we all sit together, then what is it that happens? Happiness all around, joys all around, because then we do no longer consider ourselves to be different from someone. When we consider everyone to be one’s own, then we shall see that we shall have more faith within us towards the others. Whatever be their thoughts- be they different from ours- we shall respect them. In yet another place, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj has said- he says that we call God, we know him by different names. So, he is explaining that, Apne hee dost ki to hain, jitnee hain ye nishaniyan, Dair mile to sar jhuka, Kaaba mile salaam kar…He says that be it a temple, mosque, gurdwara, a church or any other place of worship, what is it that we go there to do? To remember God, the Father, to meet him, to know him, to realize him. He has been called one’s ‘friend’ because who is the friend of our soul, Oversoul, God. It is but his essence. Apne hee dost ki to hain, jitnee hain ye nishaniyan, Dair mile to sar jhuka, Kaaba mile salaam kar…that we ought to respect everyone. That respect will be there when we realize that they are not any different from us. Their mores may be different from those of ours, their ways of living may be different from ours, their techniques of worship may be different from ours, but even so, they are alike us. How shall we get to understand that? When we shall reach the inner world. Going into the inner world- call it meditation, call it sitting in silence, call it inversion, call it concentrating the vision if you will- these are but the different names, through which we can reach the state of stillness and get the knowledge of Truth. The Vedas also tell us that only when the body is still, the mind can be stilled. So, when the body is stilled, mind is stilled, only then can we get to realize God. So, the act of affixing the mind, meditating is about stilling the body, stilling the mind. Now, it is very easy to still the body. If we can locate a place where there is no noise, then the faculty of hearing will easily be withdrawn inwards. If we do not change the atmosphere, then agency of smell is withdrawn too. When we sit to meditate, we do not eat and drink and the faculty of taste is also drawn inwards. It is very easy to draw all the five faculties inwards. What is it that is difficult? As soon as we close our eyes, what is it that happens? One thought or the other comes to us. As soon as the thought comes, the attention is drawn into that thought and we are unable to do anything. The saints tell us as to where from the thoughts come. They come from the mind- mind that has been called the ’Devil’s workshop’. The mind does not wish that we get to realize ourselves. The mind wishes us to stay engrossed in the world. What it does is that it focuses our attention into the outer world, so that we are unable to know the Truth. It turns the thought inside into the world outside. Why? Because the mind knows that once the though of the world comes within us, we shall not be able to takes steps towards Truth. So, when we turn the mind that sends us the thoughts towards God, then it has no power left in it to send us more thoughts. In that state, the mind is still, the body is still and turned towards God. As Kabir sahib says, Hindu mohe Ram kahe, musalmaan khudaye… When we do Simran (remembrance) in a conscious, awakened state- that alone is called Simran. When we remember the personal names of God, then what happens is that our attention goes towards God and no other thought is able to enter the mind. And when there is no thought, then we are able to traverse towards our destination quickly. The saints repeatedly explain that we need to still the body and we need to still the mind. It is very easy to still the body, but very difficult to still the mind because the mind has a thousand wiles by means of which it stings us and breaks up our attention. It is only through Simran that the mind is able to be stilled. So, when we focus attention towards God, repeat God’s names by the tongue of thought, then what happens is that the mind is focused towards God. It does not have sufficient power to be able to send thoughts. So, in that state, when the body is still and the mind is not sending any thoughts, we are able to see signs of light within the darkness. The light can be seen in various colours: golden, white, red, blue, green, purple or that of some other colour. In the beginning, it appears that the light is coming and going. With time, the lights become still. We keep our attention ahead of us and as the mind engages in Simran, with time, a few lights appear to be coming and going. The circles of light begin to get focused. It begins to look as though the entire place ahead of us is full of light. Then we get ahead of the lights. We begin to experience a sky. At first, it appears that there are hazy clouds, but after a while, it pin-points of light appear as though the stars are twinkling. If we are there, then we ought to focus attention into the biggest star, and shall then get across it as well. Ahead, we shall have darshan of the moon. When we look there lovingly we shall get across it. Then we shall see the inner sun. When we devotedly look at the sun, then we shall have darshan of the radiant form (of) our Master. Then we ought to look at his eyes. Then whatever is best for us in our lives, he shall do all that for us- we shall begin to experience it. Our task is to still the body, still the mind. Further up, whatever is best for us, it will keep happening in our lives. When we have darshan of God’s Light within and connect with the Sound of God, then we have an experience within that we are but an essence of God. Then we also have the experience that we are not alone- that we have a support. And taking its help, we are able to take steps towards our goal. At this moment, what is happening is that we are putting our entire attention into the world. Our life is like that of an ignorant person. ?? There was an ignorant person. He was searching for something outside his house in the darkness. His friend, who lived close by, saw that he was looking for something. He asked him as to what was going on. So, he says, I have lost my key and I am looking for it. So, he said, okay, let me help you out. So, he also started to look alongwith. So, the two of them were searching. Those people who were out for a stroll in the evening, they asked as to what they were doing. That his key has been lost and we are looking for it. So, another two to four started looking. Slowly and slowly, eight, ten, fifteen people started looking. They kept looking, kept looking and kept looking in the darkness and key is not to be found. Another man was passing by. He asked them as to what they were doing. We are looking for the key. Okay, last time where did you see the key? He says, I saw the key inside the house. When you (saw) it inside, then why are you looking for it outside? He says, it was very dark inside, so I felt that I may be able to find the key by the street-light. This is what mostly happens to us. We people try to find contentment and joy within the outside world itself. We think that perhaps we shall find it and we shall become happy and we shall find another thing and we shall become peaceful. If we shall find this, we shall be able to live comfortably. If we find that, we shall be fine. We forget that the contentment and joy is all to be found within us. In order to find them, we shall have to take steps inwards. The saints repeatedly exhort us to take ourselves into a state wherein we get to know that we shall find contentment and joy in the inside and not on the outside. That we take steps towards the inner world, do meditation, focus our attention upon this Shiva-netra. At this point of time, our attention is scattered all over the body. As we sit in a state of stillness, our attention stream collects here slowly. Then, we can enter the inner world with the grace of our Satguru. This Shiva-netra has a iron-curtain upon it. When the attention power of a saint is received, it opens up. So, what is this Naamdan? Or what is Deeksha? Receipt of the attention of a saint so that the eye, the 10th Door is opened, so that we may become capable of taking flight into the inner regions. All joys are within us. There is an anecdote of the Red-Indians. A person exhorted to all those who were living there to do something so that everyone could find happiness. So everyone thought as to where happiness could be found. They thought that perhaps happiness could be found atop a mountain- let us go there- God has created such lofty mountains- there must be a purpose to that. So, they went on top of the mountain and found nothing there. They returned. Someone said, perhaps God has buried happiness under the earth. So, they dug holes and went down, but found nothing. Then they thought that most of the world is water- so much water, so large an ocean, who knows the happiness may lie at the bottom of the ocean. So-? They found nothing there. They kept thinking and kept thinking. Then an elderly person explained to them gently that the happiness is within you- go into the inner world so that you may find contentment and joy. The saints explain to us that happiness cannot be gained through the outer things, but instead, through the things within. The contentment and joy is not in the outside world, but in the inner world. So, may we take steps towards the inner world. May we meditate so that we may find the eternal contentment and joy, eternal happiness at the very earliest. When we take steps towards the inner world, whatever the necessary help that we may all require, shall be granted. God is not far away from us- he resides within us. Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj used to say, God is closer to us than our jugular vein- that the vein with which our blood is circulated- because until the circulation is there, the person remains alive and when the circulation of the heart, the ticking of the heart stops, we say that the person is dead- he says, that he is even closer than that. It is our weakness that we are unable to know of it, realize it because our attention is on the outside world. I pray to the lotus-feet of God, the Father and the Masters of the previous century- Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and Gracious Master Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj that my they turn the attention of all of us towards the inner world. That we may find time to meditate, that we may still our bodies, that we may still our minds and advance towards the inner world, and connecting with the Light and Sound of God, rise above body-consciousness so that Truth may begin to unravel itself and our steps quickly keep advancing towards God, the Father.

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