सावधान इंडिया Spoof – एक तरफा प्यार | TSP’s Bade Chote

Crying is not going to help you. It’s wise for you to surrender now. I don’t want to cry like this, sir.
Please let me go. Shut up! You should’ve thought
this through in that case. Sir, I made a mistake. Please let me go this once,
I’ll make sure I don’t repeat this. Mr. Bade Sharma, There’s no point of your regret now.
It’s check mate. You lost.
Jadhav, we won! Yes, we did, sir.
We won! Wasn’t the white horse yours?
You dug your own grave, didn’t you? You moron! An innocent girl has been
murdered and you’re worried ’bout a game? Why didn’t you tell me the white horse
was ours? You should’ve told me. Sir, why would I kill her? -Say that again?
-Why would I kill her? Oh okay. I was madly in love with her. Why would I kill her? Why don’t we just check the CCTV footage
and find the killer, sir? Not right now, Jadhav…
The episode’s just begun. He gave up everything for your beauty
when he fell for you.. But, when he saw you with another man
the next day, he killed you! Change of angle. Hello, I’m Anoop Singh Soniyo. Being from Muzzaffar, this was
Bade Sharma’s first day in Bombay. He fell madly in love with Riya
on the very first day. Change of angle. But, he saw…But, he saw Riya
with someone else during lunch and killed her in the evening. Excuse me, can I help you? Get this open, asshole! Come on in. Well, it’s my first day at work,
won’t you show me around? Of course I will. Hmm, so someone’s being
shown around? Sorry, sir. I’ll just send you the files
in two minutes. So go send it from your desk,
why are you sitting at mine? This…Oh shit!
Sorry, sir! Let’s get out of here. Was showing him around, eh?
I just wish I could kill her! Thanks, dude. Bye. Seeing Riya with someone else
made Bade furious with rage. He wanted to eliminate everything
that came in the way of his relationship Even the guy on the bike was
in danger, but he escaped. ‘Cause he saw him approaching
on the rear view mirror. Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you
to cut the cake. Also, don’t pick up candles,
I’ve already ordered for them. Just hold on, I think
someone’s at the door. Why’d you take so long, man? Where are the candles? 32?
Is that how old I look to you? 23? Sorry, man…
Thank you! I already have a knife. Dude, there seems to be a storm outside. You get home safely
before you get killed. I told you so… Sir, all the girls excpet Riya
have come to work. -Why didn’t she come?
-She’s been murdered. What…?
When…? Last midnight. What…?
How…? It was a stormy night… A masked guy who pretended to be
a delivery guy stabbed her. But how do you know so much? Don’t y’all read the newspapers? The police are investigating the murder. But they don’t know who the killer is yet. Who is the killer?
Who is the killer? Tell me something, will you?
You killed her, didn’t you? -No, no…
-You did it, right? Tell me? -No, no…
-Tell me… -Tell me, you did it, right?
-No, no, I didn’t… No… Jadhav, find out when the memorial service
is, we’ll go have a meal. Sir… -Have noticed something?
-What? It’s taking quite a while for them
to serve us food. I think all the food is going to be
served late. The food’s here! -Put that down.
-Serve me more! It’s been 13 days since Riya’s murder
but her killer was still on the run. The police however were more bothered
about the food at the memorial service. They had no clue that Bade-
the prime suspect of Riya’s murder, was sitting on their right. Um no… He’s been sitting on their left. You’re eating food here!
Come on! Get moving! What proof do you have
that I killed Riya? Hold on, I’ll tell you.
I just need to check the report. Sir, the security in Riya’s society
has seen the killer. He said he could help us
with making a sketch. Does he think we’re his slaves
to obey his orders? I’m not doing a thing! This is exactly why I told you we’ll check
out the CCTV footage and end this case. Not yet, Jachav.
We’re just half way through the video now. The security is right!
Call for the sketch artist! It doesn’t seem to match yet, sir. I have a picture of him though. You fool! Why didn’t you tell us
this before?! Copy this. -Sir, this doesn’t look like Bade.
-Exactly! -Put the mask on him!
-Yes, sir! Stand straight! Do you see that?
He looks like the sketch now! Bade Sharma, tell me why you killed her? What’s happening? Are you nuts? Does he become the killer
if he’s wearing the mask? Freakin’ Jadhav!
I did have a hint of suspicion about you! Absolutely not, sir!
Why will I commit a crime? I’ll put this on him… Even after getting the best sketch artist
in the world, the police couldn’t unmask
the real killer. They also didn’t have strong evidence
to show in the court. The police started getting restless. They began to hit up innocent guys
to put evidence together. They hit them up a lot!
Quite a lot! The killer however, was still roaming
the streets freely. -Did you find it?
-No, I didn’t, sir. Could you please give me a call? Oh man… You… Oh it’s right here in my pocket!
Sorry, sir… Jadhav, look!
Evidence! Evidence. Do you see this fresh cigarette, Jadhav? I’m sure the killer was here
to wipe out all the evidence! But then, he ran away when he saw us!
Coward! -We won.
-Yes, sir! We won! Smell everyone’s mouth, the one
with the smell is the killer! Sir, this is Classic No Smell.
There’s no odor after you smoke this. -Bloody hell! Let’s go!
-Coming, sir. Stop! I feel like we’re missing
something, Jadhav. Something really important… There is something… Jadhav!
A CCTV! Yes, sir. It’s a CCTV. An eagles’ view!
Get the footage. -This way, sir!
-An eagles’ view! Did you see what a clever move
that was, Jadhav? Kohli’s great right? -He was so clever getting him out!
-Can we watch the CCTV footage now? Yeah, let’s watch it, but it won’t be as
exciting as this match. Take it back… Now go forward… Stop it! Oh my God! Feels like we’ve seen him somewhere. The police recognised the killer. ‘Cause he was looking into
the CCTV and talking. The poor guy didn’t know
it was all being recorded. The sad part was that he didn’t even
know how to disable the CCTV camera. Bloody hell! How can we make episodes if there
are no murders around us? If we don’t have episodes to make,
how can the channel’s TRP go up? And if the TRPs don’t go up, how
will people like us get paid? That’s why I killed her! I’m still talking, dude. I’ll be back tomorrow, with a new case
and a new criminal. Until then, be cautious! No, it’s not me. It’s not me.

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