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Hello Friends, I am your Friend Anu Singhal Welcome you to my channel Today, I have brought a dice game for you which you can present in any kitty party, theme party, birthday party, as agroup game or as any other type For this we just need a dice If your members are more than 12 then you need 3 dice and if your members are less than 12, then you need 2 dice Convert all the money that you want to give as prizes to ₹10 notes This game will be done by that only C’mon , lets see how will the game be presented between our friends There is no time limit in this game For this game, You have to tell the members to sit in a circle just like I have done My group have 19 members which I have marked to show as the participants in a circle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ………… to all the ninteen members The host will stand in the between with ₹10 notes in his hand Convert all the notes of all money you want to give as prizes no matter how much (250, 300, 500, …..) And host will keep it in his/her hand The game will start with the member at number 1 position He/she will roll all the 3 dice at a single time Because our group has more than 12 participants, that’s why we have taken 3 dice ♫ FALLING OF DICE ♫ This member rolled the dice and his total is 5+5+3=13 So he will start will him an d comtinue The host will give 13th member ₹10 note becuse the st member has got 13 when he rolled the device The member at 2nd number will roll the dice his total is 5+5+5=15 So the person at 16th number will get a ₹10 note ♫ FALLING OF DICE ♫ Now the 3rd participant rolled the dice 5+5+2=12 Now this money will gpo to the member at 4th place The game will go on like this This game will go on till you have money in your hand this are total luck game Some meber will get more money some will get less Your friends will be very happy You can call this game as “dice masti” And then tell me about how you felt about this game if you liked this game then click the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE my channel I will be waiting for your COMMENTS THANKYOU friends meet hyou again with a new game

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