⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking Moscow: Moscow Center – Manege Square near Red Square – Maslenitsa Celebration

World Clock Fountain Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Manege Square Ploshchad’ Revolyutsii

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  1. Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/E7Vi4iTBWsALesLR7

    In Russia began the celebration of a traditional holiday named Maslenitsa.

    Maslenitsa is an East Slavic traditional holiday celebrated during the week before Lent, which has retained a number of elements of Slavic mythology in its ritual.

    We begin our walk from the World Clock Fountain and go to the Manege Square, where the celebration takes place.

    P.S. This time we tried a new camera and it's interesting for us what you think. And we are sorry if the picture was strange sometimes. We contitnue to develop our quality of picture to make it better and better.

    Enjoy this walk with us!

    В России началось празднование традиционного праздника Масленица.

    Мы начинаем нашу прогулку от Фонтана Часы Мира и идем к Манежной Площади, где проходит празднование.

    P.S. На этот раз мы попробовали новую камеру, и нам интересно, что вы думаете. И мы просим прощения, если картина была странной иногда. Мы продолжаем развивать наше качество изображения, чтобы сделать его все лучше и лучше.

    Наслаждайтесь этой прогулкой с нами!

    Filmed February 24, 2020

    Filmed Using:

    DJI Osmo Pocket

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  2. Hello! Good to see you again…Preserving old& traditional customs it is very good for the people, giving them a red thread from historical identity up until present times…no history acknowledgment, no present& future for all generations …good work !

  3. And yes, Slavic nomadic tribes settled in this part of Europe in the 6 th century a.d. including some parts of my country, living generally peacefully with the natives ( a mixed geto-daco-latin population) the encountered there. During centuries the were absorbed by the natives…still today in Romanian language there about 7% of slavic words…

  4. With Rusia is another story…in the 9 th century a.d. came varengians( vikings) from Scandinavia, and founded Rurik dynasty…Novgorod -Helgu( Oleg) in 862 first Rus cneaz …988 Prince Vladimir of Kiev first Rus Cneaz who adopted Christianity being baptized in Herson ( Taurida-Crimeea) …Iaroslav the Wise ..first Russky Pravda ..and Ivan the IV ( the Terrible) first Tsar of all Russians and last of Rurik dynasty in the late 16 th century…Rus means " the sailors who paddled the long boats" …

  5. I have read all these in " Chronicle of old times" by Nestor the Monk…interesting for me was that he mentioned that magyars( another asian 7 nomadic tribes) being pushed West by hazars from northern Blak sea coast ( Bug& Dniepr ) rivers -Etelkoz, were settled in Pannonia and met in neighborhood Transilvania natives there -Valahians, organizations of pre statehood ..old name for Romanians in the 9 th century…

  6. One of Cneaz Vladimir wife was princess Anna, daughter of Byzantin e mperor in Constinopol following his Christianity baptize

  7. Спасибо вам за весёлую прогулку 👍💓. Очень уж мне медведь понравился 😁😍
    И новая камера хорошая. Но полностью оценить ее качество мы сможем только "в ночном режиме". Прежняя камера слишком "темнила ночную картинку"… хотя днём всё было просто супер-пупер👍

  8. Min.11. These kind of people& their outfits are similar to those who live today in the northern part of Romania…it means, probably that Slavics met natives there and borrow some of this customs…nothing special here …absolutely normal trend in history…for instance…In Scotland today we may see Bagpipes…they were brought by dacians enlisted in Roman legions after Trajan conquered Dacia in 106 a.d.

  9. I see some Bulgarian flags…Bulgars were also nomadic Turkic tribes who came after Slavic tribes south of Danube and they were assimilated by the latters preserving the name…

  10. My God…The Bear…same in Romanian old pagan traditional festivities…how small world is….how many things we all have in common, as normal peacefully people!

  11. See the bagpipe!? Obviously it is not a Bulgarian original musical instrument…Obviously they borrow from my ancestors-Daco-Getae native people …Again it is absolutely normal in human history that once different peoples met usually they try to get along with one another…

  12. Mi 21…Paganism& Christianity…together to forge a nation…same process with Russians& Romanians& Bulgarians& Magyars….only different periods …

  13. Интересно, это там натуральные болгары были или наши ребятишки, по мотивам, так сказать… Или молдаване )))

  14. Добрый вечер!Спасибо огромное,все очень
    понравилось,все равно,
    что в деревне побывала,
    в знакомом мне месте

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