★ Freedom Sent out Birthday gifts!! #FreedomFamily

Freedom! today I wanted to talk to you about actually I’ll be honest. I don’t have any idea what I want to talk to you about because this is pre-recorded. See I’m stateside right now and i had to do this whole beginning thing so that I could pass it off to myself over in the states so take it away me! Hello Freedom! Family I’m Anthony as some of you may know and i recently helped execute a project with freedom where we sent out to 100 partners who had been with us for quite some time and who had uploaded regularly and who just simply didn’t give up We sent them this. This is from spreadshirt you can visit the Freedom! Shop at freedom.spreadshirt.com so you open the gift like this and immediately you’re presented with what looks like a shirt and a card let’s go ahead and take a look at the card this card has a similar printing to the box, but slightly different color, you can actually see that it’s kind of textured T here we go it dances off the light so let’s go ahead and open the card and I have it upside down so the card says: “Thank you for being part of Freedom!, uploading regularly and never giving up. This is a gift for you to celebrate our third birthday with your help we look forward to many more.” As you can see very small print on a larger card we hope that this project will be able to continue so that we can send out more things to partners more things like shirts more things that I don’t want to talk about but there are some things that we’re looking into. Now here’s the shirt that sent out this is an extra-large, obviously not gonna fit me. And it’s got the Freedom! logo on it, very clear nothing on the back and we may even look into if we continue doing this even printing either on the front or the back what the occasion was all the shirts that way people who received them this way rather than going to the shop to buy one get something that is exclusive to that event. anyways I want to let you know what we were doing were you one of the 100 chosen by the freedom to receive a shirt? if you were let us know in the comment section down below and and also if you did receive a shirt and you haven’t made a video about it you don’t have to but if you do i am looking to make a compilation of those. Anyways till next time don’t forget to Like, subscribe and do all those things that make us love our jobs also be awesome to yourself an amazing to each other Bye guys [CC by LW001] thank you for watching another Freedom! video if you’d like to connect with us on our socials be sure to check out our Facebook, our Twitter, Facebook groups of course our support Twitter and of course the forums whoa I’m so gonna drop these anyways thanks for watching

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  1. I was not one of the 100 chosen…. by freedom… so I guess I'll just go out and get my own XL shirt for no reason… Sits in corner and cries

    I'll make myself feel special then!

  2. Yay! I got the email a while back and I am very happy to be a part of this 'limited test' :). Although I admit, I haven't received it yet and this spoiled some of the fun for me 🙂

  3. A nice gesture Freedom! Thanks 😀 oh and have a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing what we can all achieve in 2017 😀

  4. Hello my name is delete. I am now starting to upload music to my channel. Please check it out. I am not forcing you to check it out, just if you are interested. I promote other music creators. I upload music that i like or that i find you guys enjoy them, Right now i only have 1 video, but in the future i will upload daily when i have time.

  5. No shirt for me most likely :/ I've been with Freedom! for over 2 years now, but due to school and lack of proper recording equipment, uploading has been incredibly irregular so….no oversized T-shirt for me (not that it would fit me anyway…). To those that did receive one though, you've come this far, and Freedom! is giving you a reminder to not stop and keep going!

  6. Guys help me reach 1.5 k before the New Years its my resolution ❤️💜 Please lend a hand 🌞Guys it Sunday help me out 💜🎊

  7. aahhhgrr I'm new so didn't had the luck of getting one 😮
    But it's cool that you guys give something to us creators who sometimes have a hard time and doubt about our channels. I'm sure this has boosts the motivation to those 100 people that got one so thank you guys ^^

  8. as much as I've done since being in freedom I'd love a shirt to show support and the love I have for this family but either way shirt or no shirt it would not stop the love for freedom I hold close to my heart

  9. that's weird I've been with freedom since they started and my birthday was in December but didn't get a shirt 🙁 buts a great idea so maybe next year

  10. Why didn't i recieve one of those shirts is it because i live in belgium or……oh boy this makes me so sad i never get cool stuff or win giveaweys because i live in belgium ooooohhhh…. I think i just move from partner to a dutch one because thats closer for me

  11. I will have a video up on my shirt probably this weekend. Happy 3yrs to Freedom and 3yrs of being a partner as well. It is all Your fault for dragging me into the network Anthony!

  12. Hello Anthony like your videos :3 Grate Work! Good Idea!! i'm a Spanish Youtuber but i speak English too :3 xD hope You still do this stoff :3 see yo >_<

  13. hey freedom i partnered up with freedom like months ago and still not with freedom im really not happy please recheck my channel 🙂

  14. its was my b day on the 14th DEC I didn't get a prezies I been here for a year and been thro hell and I don't stop uploading

  15. I've been with Freedom since May 2014, and uploaded 540 videos, got nothing!
    How would you even know our address anyway, it's not in the dashboard is it? 😛

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