★Anniversary Wishes from Valkyries★ – Honkai Impact 3

Bronya: Captain, it’s a special day. Bronya: The Bronya feels happy to be with Captain on this day. Seele: Thank you for keeping Bronya and I company. Seele: And I will do my best to become as strong as Bronya! Rozaliya: What? Today is a special day? Rozaliya: Vodka Girls, it’s show time!!! Liliya: Roza Idoitka is trying to steal the show from Captain. Kiana: Hey Captain! It’s been a year now. Kiana: And my power level has boosted HUGELY! Mei: I made this lunch box for Captain with some help from Kiana. Hope you like it. Theresa: Captain, I have some freshly squeezed bitter melon juice for you! Theresa: Just don’t shed your happy tears over it~ Fu Hua: It’s been an honor and a privilege to be under you command, Captain. Fu Hua: Please accept my humble token of gratitude. Himeko: Time flies, and you’re no longer the green Captain I remembered when I first met you. Himeko: Cheers~~ Rita: Nothing pleases me more than serving by Captain’s side. Rita: I wish Captain would never grow bored with my service and company~ Yae: Behind closed doors, three days pass. Crowning the trees, blossoms en masse. Yae: Captain, please drop by Yae Village sometime so we can watch sakura blossom together. Kallen: Time is such a slippery thief. Kallen: But my wish to protect the world with Captain can never be stolen.

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  1. Ive noticed it way when i first opened the envelope, but can rita, the perfect maid, really have such messy handwriting?

    I kinda expected hers would be like, computerized or something

  2. thank you for uploading this. this is soo beautiful. I was forgot to screen record this video when I first watched it. and I'm definitely gonna download this video so I can Watch it over and over and over again

    Also I Wish this game is available on PS4 just like Genshin Impact

  3. This absolutely why i love this game so much, it makes u feel like ur part of the characters lives and the makes me committed to this.

  4. Two years huh? Man… ( ¯−¯٥)

    FPS, TPS, sandbox, open world, racing, flight simulator, rhythm/puzzle (Project Diva), strategy, visual novel, RPG, MMORPG… the list goes on the game genres that I've played. Never did I see a game that captures anime with a rich storyline, character background, lore, and fun loving characters. This game is going in the books. A true work of art.

    Outstanding presentation #miHoYo Y'all made us proud.

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