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Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^^ Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving!! look at Mochi, Mochi comes here, Mochi comes hi Mochi aww… who’s the good boy he remembers me, he was shaking his tail happy yeah if he’s happy, he will wiggling his tail like that hi Mochi, are you happy at
the grandma’s house you happy who’s the good boy, who’s the good boy today Happy Thanksgiving Mochi!! OMG thank you [chattering…] [birds chirping…] [music…] John, come and meet her sister in Canada ohh… she’s in Canada…”Hi” John….my husband nice meeting you she gunna come next year okay cool that’s her sister nice to meet you Ly, you have a pretty sister, you
don’t tell me that I told you I’m joking!! I’m joking!! how’s everything how’s Canada? nice and warm? nice and cold you mean We’re ready for the turkey!! Look how big this turkey is How many lbs is this? 18-20 pounds 18-20 pounds!!! it’s like to feed 18-20 people and its just 3 of us sound like a carnivore look, i put an apple coz Ly’s always eating green apple when i first met her, she always has a green apple in her bag everywhere she went, she went with a green apple everywhere, everywhere
you always see her with a green apple so I put a green apple right there it’s 7 hours cooking i was only supposed to cook it for 5 hours but i cooked an extra 2 hours so it’s gonna be …. ohhh…look..look how tender… you touch and the meat is so soft everything’s soft yes… it’s gunna melt wooohooo… I made what I thought it was bokchoy, which now I dont know which vegetable it is [pant sizzling…] we season it with olive oil and garlic and a pinch of salt.. Himalayan salt and I made mashed potato she’s the best cook in the world come over here… mashed potato that looks so yummy this is sweet potato with marshmallow with marshmallow, orange juice and i just need a little bit of this, but a lot of it is coming out Ly, Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you for having me every year are we opening this? yes, open the turkey for the picture YAY woooolaaaa Happy Thanksgivings!!! [music…] I totally forgot Happy Thanksgivings!!! 2019 2019 Thanksgiving that’s your first piece you gotta cut your first piece yay…beautiful that’s a lot too bad, you cut it [laughing…] you want a leg or what you want I want dark meat dark meat OMG, do not give me that whole leg I would die give her the whole leg, gain some weight oh my goodness this leg is huge ohh… eat the whole leg OMG eat the leg have the leg this is huge I want a wing you want a wing this is a nice meal thank you Mom!! ohhh I gotta take the apple out guess why the stuffing the stuffing is in there and guess how delicious it is you don’t even wanna know yummmyyy [chattering…] OMG thank you mom [chattering…] start eating welcome to America, Ly [chattering…] a little bit of everything otherwise it’s bad luck [chattering…] ok, we pray Thank you Lord for this meal
and really yes everything that I wanted but the most that I wanted is everyone
that’s here, including the pets Mochi Gigi Panthers JuJu but the most i’m thankful for is my husband, my daughter Ly and I’m very thankful for
everything, my health please continue to give help to everyone in the family
and all of the family AMEN Thank you mom. Happy Thanksgiving! [laughing…] [taking selfie…] Happy cooking thank you for cooking everything for us
mom we love you

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