♥Quick and Easy 30Min Dinner Recipe #5 /How To Cook Crunchy Turkey with Sweet Corn Risotto and Salad

Push the half of the spices mix on to the sliced turkey breasts so they stick, the meat should be totally coated put it standing by side Add the rest of the spices mix into the pot with 3 cups/700 ml of boiling water and keep it warm We will use it as water for risotto Peel the shallot/onion Chop a shallot/ onion Add 1 tblsp butter in a pot Saute onion for 2 min Add rice and saute for 2 min Add in the rice ½-1 cup of water every 3-4 minutes Squeeze juice from a lemon Add in the rice ½-1 cup of water every 3-4 minutes To make salad dressing mix 3 tblsp oil, ⅓ teaspoon Pepper,⅓ teaspoon Salt, honey,3 tblsp lemon juice Add in the rice ½-1 cup of water every 3-4 minutes Remove the core Then slice romain lettuce Heat the oil and fry sliced turkey breasts 3 min on max heat Then cover it and saute on medium heat next 8 min Add Parmesan to rice Add sweet corn Add salad dressing to romain lettuce Serve turkey strips next to risotto and salad and enjoy the meal!

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  1. Yum!! 😍😋 I love risotto 😋 Thank you for sharing us your recipe! It looks delicious 😊 Just subscribed and looking forward to more videos from your channel 😊

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  3. The thumbnail looks so damn good! I love risotto & adding sweet corn is a great idea to give it a hint of sweetness & a nice bite. Turkey s well seasoned & perfectly cooked. The salad dressing looks amazing. Every single thing on the plate is complementing each other beautifully. Keep sharing such amazing recipes & have a wonderful day!

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