✌️ 2017 West Coast USA Roadtrip + Proposal on Grand Canyon and Marriage in Las Vegas

we’ll make you a photo as well, afterwards Tell me, baby… Oh, I can’t belive ! Say the question one more time ! Do you want to be my wife? Yes ! Recording for a friend… That’s it, Necula. It’s the last day… Now we have to go and give the car back at the airport Jump in the plane and go. Here’s Ralu Andrei and Andreea, And that was it, right? Oh my… and it’s a Sunday…

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  1. Nice video man! Great impressions, west coast is the best coast – that´s for sure!

    We were also there this year – maybe you wanna check out my roadtrip video 🙂 

  2. Nice video. What about the music? I've heard that youtube delets videos with licensed music. But they did not delete your clip.

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