【MapleStory】 15th Anniversary「History」Music Video (EN/KR/ZHTW/JP Subtitles)

15 years ago I stepped into this exciting world Year 2003 Finally comes to Japan Made everyone thrilled MapleStory Even if it turns out to be a grand prize, it’s fake Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy Green Slime LF>[email protected] We all gathered here At the Free Market Definitely wanted to buy Zakum Helmet The strongest boss Horntail Marriage system Shouting at the Internet Cross Player CPQ 3 ON 3 Trade win Trojan only Party leader 10 who? 11 who? Everyone is waiting The reopening of The name is Monster Carnival Hero Paladin Dark Knight Fire/Poison Ice/Lightning Bishop Bowmaster Crossbow Master Night Lord Shadower Dual Blade Viper Captain Jett Cannon Shooter Soul Master Mikhail Flame Wizard Wind Archer Night Walker Striker Demon Slayer 2009 Of course it is Pink Bean Although super cute You are really strong That’s right Mascot of Maple That is correct Let’s go PB Time passed 2010 That update The unexpected turn out Bugs errors crashes Give me back my Henesys Hunting Ground 1 Players and the official BIG BANG Even so, our daily routine Still goes on Party play Running across the battlefield Anyways Unscheduled Maintenance Pros and cons Nexon Operation Breakthrough the nine years level cap limit More flashy skills implemented Not yet, not yet, still growing Heading towards the climax The name is ‘V’ But Free Market Is closed Sorry Huge update BLACK MAGE Maple World The final battle Up to Lv200 Tera Burning Finally concluded This story Demon Avenger Blaster Battle Mage Wild Hunter Xenon Mechanic Aran Evan Luminous Mercedes Phantom Eunwol Hayato Kanna Kaiser Cadena Angelic Buster Illium Ark Zero Beast Tamer Kinesis We enjoyed it We worked hard Filled with lots of memories Even till this day Come on! Everyone! The time has come for us to defeat the Black Mage!

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