까니짱의 1일 먹방|점심은 불닭라볶이와 네네치킨 핫쇼킹, 저녁은 에그드랍과 명란 파스타

Today I have ordered NeNe chicken “shocking hot”. This box is the package they use for delivery. There were 8 pieces of drumsticks. But 5 pieces would be enough for me. This is Buldak rappoki. Rappoki is almost the same as tteokbokki. If rice cake is main ingredient, it is tteokbokki. When noodles are main ingredient, it is rappoki. Hello~ I am Kani jjang~❤️ Annyeong~❤️ Today I was craving for spicy food for lunch. So I prepared shocking hot chicken and buldak rappoki. I will eat well~(^^*) Many of my viewers would know the Korean noodles, “Buldak Bokkeum Myeon” It is usually translated as “Fire Chicken Noodles”
in English. And Indonesian people seem to call it “Samyang” (^^*) For your information “Samyang” is the company name that produces “Buldak bokkeum myeon” Anyway there are so many Buldak series in Korea. And this is one of them. (^^*) This tastes very similar to Fire chicken noodles. If you like the noodles, you would like this rappoki too. This is very spicy chicken of NENE chicken compnay. At first, I didn’t feel it very spicy. But soon I could realize that this is quite spicy. I don’t mean it is unbearably spicy. This is just as spicy as I want it to be. So this chicken became one of my favorites. (^^*) Although I am on diet now, I need to eat chicken at least once a week (^^*) Today carbonic acid of the coke was very strong. Even my throat was a bit hurt. I don’t know why but coke sometimes has
strong carbonic acid and sometimes not. Can you see small orange colored fruit on the plate? When I showed them in the previous video, many people asked me what it is. It is kumquats. It can be eaten without peeling. There are 1~2 seeds but you can eat them too. It is very sour and a bit sweet. Sour~~~(^^*) But it has plenty of Vitamin C!! Recently I am not going out as possible as I can. Number of the infected by corona virus went over 1,700. Their incubation period is very long. So I am sure the number of patients
would increase for a while. Moreover buying masks got harder than before. I have only 3 masks remained. ㅠ.ㅜ When I went to a mart to buy some foods, I couldn’t see many people as usual. My viewers sometimes ask me if they had better cancel the travel to Korea. And I recommend them to cancel. I hope you wouldn’t visit Korea until the situation gets better. I am also a bit scared now. Please encourage me and Korea so that we can overcome this situation well. I wish serious situation would not happen
in your countries.(^^*) In the former video, some people asked me about my perfume. (^^*) It was Jo Malone Wood sage & Sea salt. Actually it is not mine but my husband’s But I sometimes use it too because I like the scent.(^^*) Lunch time is almost over. Let’s move to dinner time with a kumquat. Sour~(^^*) But vitamin C~(^^*) This is a new clothes on mine (^^*) Condensed milk 2 spoons. Mayonnaise 2 spoons. And lemon juice I am making egg drop (^^*) Egg, salt & black pepper. Milk Bacon Cheddar cheese Let’s make cream spaghetti too. Mentaiko Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today I have prepared mentaiko cream pasta. And I tried to make egg drop sandwich. I will eat well~(^^*) Can I say this is home made spaghetti? I made it but cream sauce was ready made one. (^^*) Anyway it was very yummy. Mentaiko is salted pollack roe. It is perfect side dish for steamed rice. But goes well also with cream spaghetti. I have tasted mentaiko spaghetti when I visited Japan. At that time, I liked it very much. Although my spaghetti was not as good as
what I had in Japan, this was also very good enough. How about my egg drop? This is my first time eating this. I don’t know if it was cooked well. (^^*) I need to eat egg drop at a restaurant to confirm if my egg drop tastes properly (^^*) Today’s subtitles are up to here. Have a happy day my friends~❤️ I thought I could make egg drop very well. But it was difficult (^^*) Anyway it tasted so nice. Spaghetti was also good!

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  1. Xin chào những người bạn Việt Nam của mình ~~~ ❤️❤️❤️
    Mình đã nhìn thấy rất nhiều bình luận giận dữ
    và mình đã hỏi dịch giả Tiếng Việt của mình chuyện gì đã xảy ra.
    Và mình có thể biết tại sao các bạn lại giận dữ như vậy.
    Mình cảm thấy rất có lỗi với những gì đã xảy ra ở Việt Nam.
    Nhưng xin hãy hiểu cho mình, hầu như tất cả những người Hàn trong đó có
    mình đều rất yêu mến Việt Nam và tôn trọng con người, văn hóa Việt Nam.
    Mình mong tất cả chúng ta sẽ luôn luôn gắn bó với nhau .
    Mình yêu quý tất cả các bạn ~ ❤️

  2. Em nghe nói bên Hàn Quốc dịch corona ngày càng nhiều hơn . chị hãy cẩn thận nhé. yêu chị

  3. 인도네시아에서 온 우리가 코 야야 바이러스를 애도하는 것은 매우 위험한 순간입니다. 치명적인 바이러스에 의해 영향을받는 정신이 있습니다.

  4. Sending love and light and encouragement to you and Korea during the virus and this difficult time. I really enjoy your videos so much ❤️🙏🏾🍜

  5. For those who don't know: A group of 20 Korean visitors came to Vietnam. But because of the Corona so we have to isolate them and check if anything happen. That a must and we have to do that to keep our country and themselves safe. We treated them with all of our kindness and hospitality. Everyday we provide them Banh Mi – one of the most famous street food in the world, Vietnamese proud and serving of Korean food made by a Korean chef at a famous restaurant. Each serving cost around 200000₫ or more, which is such an expensive price. After that, the YNT came to interview these people. And they lied that we treated them unacceptably. They said that we gave them few pieces of bread, a cheap meal and they can only eat after a few hours. Yo so they want to eat once every single minutes or something? And they also said that we jailed them and took their passports away. Since then, so many people believe in them and they want to boycott Da Nang – the city that they came to. When the news spread to the other countries, the wave to boycott Vietnam began to emerge. That's everything.

  6. Semangat kak! Semoga aja virusnya cepat reda dan semua orang yang belum terjangkit dapat terhindar. Yang sudah terinfeksi juga moga cepet sembuh. Dan yang sudah berpulang, semoga tenang di alam sana.

  7. Kanijjang은 베트남 빵을 비판하고 베트남에서 삼성 전화 브랜드 철수를 요구하는 20 명의 한국 이민자의 사례에 대해 생각하고 있습니까?

  8. ติดตามตั้งแต่หมื่อนซับครับชอบมากๆ

  9. Cause of corona:
    (Eating Exotic Food)
    2.pig/pork _(~_~)_/
    4.Baby Rats
    5.dangerous insect
    6.cat (not pet)
    7.dog (not pet)

    And much more

  10. Stay keep ure food. Eating just healty food. U can do this Gni . All be fine. Please come to indonesia 💕💕💕

  11. Aku menyukai samyang dan ayam pedas.. Aku prihatin dengan keadaan korea selatan.. Tak menyangka virus corona menyebar dengan cepat.. Semoga membaik.. Aku dengar konser BTS dibatalkan.. Jaga kesehatan ya..
    Love from Indonesia kakak cantik🇮🇩💕

  12. i love how you communication with your viewers with the subtitle. i hope you and your lovely peoples are in good and health situation always. love u from indonesia 😇😋💕

  13. Eonni ..
    tidak baik selalu minum minuman berkarbonasi atau pun kopi sesudah makan. Lebih baik minum air putih saja. Itu akan lebih baik untuk kesehatan.

    Saya pikir. Untuk sesekali minum saja air putih.

  14. 한국의 상황이 개선되기를 바랍니다،💜💜아프지 말고, 손을 잘 씻고, 마스크를 쓰고, 붐비는 곳에서 멀리하십시오 💜💜
    참고 :
      나는 번역기를 사용했다☺️☺️

  15. I don't know when it started, but I enjoy this format – with you preparing some of the meals. I get ideas of things to try cooking myself! Keep it up!

    Btw, I hope you and your family remain safe amidst the current situation in your country. 😊❤

  16. COVID-19 (corona virus), is now infecting people in the US as well. Including people who have not been in contact with travelers or people known to be infected. This thing is going to be a beast. Everyone stay safe ❤️

  17. Great video as always you eat so well! Be safe! Make sure to wear mask and wash/ sanitize your hands any time you’re in public! I hope you stay well and healthy as always love

  18. Your Mukbang is not fun anymore.. 😭 why you have to split it from lunch and dinner .. eat so fast and no fun

  19. Me and my family booked a flight to Korea last week when we heard about the outbreak in Korea, my parents cancelled our flight. Travelling to Korea was supposed to be my birthday gift. 😭

  20. I hope all of the people of Korea and China and all over the world get well soon. I am not famous, but I have love in my heart for all of you.

  21. I really hope everything gets better in korea and every country affected please stay safe 🤍🤍

  22. G-NI 의 정신을 유지, 나는 당신과 당신의 나라가 빨리 나아지기를기도합니다. 한국 음식에 대한 정보를 계속 제공해 주셔서 감사합니다. 나는 당신의 비디오를 좋아

  23. 한국은 포기사람들이이 빠른 질병을 극복 할 수 있기를 바랍니다나는 한국을 사랑합니다 그리고 나는 베트남인입니다 🇻🇳

  24. This my kind of mukbang videos i enjoyed watching, she's eating deliciously without even thinking what she would look like in the video.

  25. One thing that makes her mukbang entertaining is because of the subtitles…. I also learned a lot from her😁 Take care always unnie~~~❣️

  26. All love from my heart! You are doing great, keep it up! Hope ncov is over soon & we will soon see u do more videos eating all street foods! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 파 이 팅! (Is it correct spelling?)

  27. You are lying on bed
    Your watching this
    Your stomach cramps
    You are feeling hungry
    Make the like button blue if these are

  28. 너는 아주 좋은 입에서 먹고 그것을 즐긴다.나는 베트남인이고 나는 너의 동영상을 즐겨 본다.

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