(upbeat music) (kids laughing)
(baby crying) – [Jeremy] Go, go! (kids exclaiming) (bright music) ♪ Hey all you summer camp kids ♪ ♪ Let me hear you clap your hands ♪ (rhythmic clapping) ♪ Now that you’ve got the beat ♪ ♪ Let me hear you stomp your feet ♪ ♪ Now that you’re in the groove ♪ ♪ Let me see your body move ♪ ♪ Ah oo ah ah ah, ah oo ah ah ah ♪ (rock music) (Jeremy exclaims) – [Jeremy] Almost all the way. What a throw. – So my friend set up
a giant Slip ‘N Slide in her backyard. And a kiddie pool and the
kids are having so much fun. It is so fun to be wet when it’s hot out. What are you guys doing? (happy music) Today we are going to be studying sight. Look at the eye and
I’m gonna draw the eye. And observe the different
parts of the eye. Okay? – Hey.
– Hey guess what? – Hey Momma.
– Straight and turn your head. – What are you drawing?
– The eye. – This is what your eye really looks like. Good job, you paint
inside that stencil, okay? – [Woman] Okay. It does look like a ninja. – [Boy] I’m homeschooled yet. – Can I go play? – [Kendra] Yes, you can go play now. We’re gonna let your pirate face dry. Ms. Laura do you wanna put
a bow on your little face? Do you wanna put a bow
on your little face? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – We haves a pink one? – [Kendra] Yeah, what color
do you want your bow to be? – Uh pink. – [Kendra] Pink, that’ll be really cute. – Can you get me that? – [Kendra] Sure! – Is this my little shirt? – [Kendra] Yeah, this
is your little shirt. – So here’s some pudding cups. They didn’t really turn into pudding, so it might be a pudding
drink that everyone can have. And do you know what
happens at camp sometimes? It’s sometimes a food fight. (children laugh and scream) (chipmunk like laughing)
(energetic rock music) – [Kendra] Oh, that was a
good one, that was a good one. (energetic rock music) – [Woman] Lillian, you’re okay. – [Kendra] Lise, you go and
get ’em, go and get ’em. – [Jeremy] Get set, go, go, go! Isaac is going through
the obstacle course. He made it! – [Kendra] Well the kids
packed their lunches and we are here for our first summer camp. Yes!
– All the little girls. – [Kendra] Is this the girl couch? This year’s theme is oceans. So we’re gonna learn about ocean animals and ocean exploration. ♪ Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas ♪ ♪ Go bananas, go go bananas ♪ ♪ Said a boom chicka boom ♪ ♪ I said a boom chick a boom ♪ ♪ I said a boom chick a laka
chicka rocka chicka boom ♪ – One of you is gonna be blindfolded. And somebody else is gonna
be helping the person along. (“In the Hall of the Mountain King”) (kids laughing) (rock music)
– Awesome. (kids chattering in background) (Laura yells) (all cheering) – [Kendra] Good work team. – Set, go. – Okay I’ve run into it.
(Kendra exclaims) – Oh! Set go! – [Boy] You guys should
make it fall in here. (all exclaiming) – [Kendra] This morning we are
headed to SEA LIFE Aquarium. We’ve never been there before. Elise’s hair turned out so cute. I loving having Amber here
doing the girls’ hair. (happy music) – Holding that horse. – Is those real? – [Kendra] Yeah those are real fish. – Is that, is the glass real? – [Kendra] The glass is in between so the water doesn’t get on us. ♪ Grow bananas, grow grow bananas ♪ ♪ Grow bananas, grow grow bananas ♪ – I was gonna follow instructions but the instructions were too hard for me. – It has one of my favorite colors. Indigo. – Outside it has a high chair. – This is my car, it’s a choo choo train. – [Kendra] So for our summer
camp project this afternoon Lise, can you tell ’em what we’re making? – A biome box. – [Kendra] A biome box of what? – The ocean. – [Kendra] Which one? – The Pacific. – [Kendra] Isaac, what are you making? – Jellyfish. – [Kendra] Jellyfish. Caleb just came up with a genius idea to turn the box over to paint the ceiling. You’re a very smart kiddo. Isaac’s working on some coral. Lise, that dolphin looks awesome! – [Elise] Um hmm. – [Kendra] Whoa, what
are you painting, Caleb? – A whale. – [Kendra] Did you trace this Elise? – Nope!
– You did not trace this, you drew this?
– Yes. (kids laughing) (kids squealing) – [Child] Get her! (laughing) – You want some too? Ready Freddy? (kids squealing) – [Boy] I’m next. – Alright, I’m gonna wipe,
I’m gonna spray up here, okay. (Elise squeals) – [Kendra] See his face, I think maybe needs a little bit of help. (all laughing) (rhythmic clapping) ♪ Now that you got the beat ♪ ♪ Let me hear about your ♪ Oh my goodness. – Stomp your feet.
– Stomp your feet! – So LEGO actually
started with wooden LEGOs. So the kids are making a pencil craft. They are starting with yellow paint inside and they’re shaking to
coat the whole thing. Can you shake it Laura? (pounding) – [Girl] You gotta shake it really hard. – [Kendra] Shake it Laura. – [Woman] I hope I have
enough paint for all. (kids chattering) Okey dokie! – [Kendra] Is that your LEGO face? – Yeah.
– It’s cute. – Why do people not take
care of their beach? – We all just gotta remember
to pack up our stuff. Oop, I see some more trash down there. Hey, did we find some more trash? Good job team. You guys found a shirt? Yuck. How’s that bag coming? It’s almost full, isn’t it? – [Isaac] Yeah. – [Jeremy] Feel it and see
if you can feel what it is. – Braille was invented by
a boy named Louis Braille. Guess how old he was
when he invented Braille. – 13.
– He was– – 11.
– He was 15 years old. Alright guys, so here is some Braille. I want you guys to feel it. This is the alphabet written in Braille. So the kids actually got super
into the Braille activity. I wasn’t sure how that would go. But they, on their own, decided to write their names
on their worksheets in Braille. Which is funny, because I thought about asking them to do that and I was like, no, that’ll be like too hard. So it’s really fun to see them doing it. Alright, every good summer camp
ends with popsicles, right? – [Girl] And sprinklers. (happy music) ♪ Abby shark do do do do do do do ♪ – Does anyone know what I
mean when I say structure? – Yeah, like buildings. – That’s exactly right, like buildings. – So the first project the kids are doing is a motorized gondola. And they’re getting all
their pieces collected and getting ready to build ’em. Caleb, what are you looking for? – A axle.
– The axles, let’s see if we can find ’em. Ooo, ooo, try over here buddy. – [Woman] They’re gonna know
exactly what they’re doing. – [Kendra] Nice. Did you find what you were looking for? – [Elise] Yeah. – My battery died. – [Kendra] Oh no. – I forgot to check it
out at the beginning and it’s stripped and dead. – [Kendra] Oh no, so he’s
got his whole structure done on a dead battery. – Just kinda let go so it doesn’t bounce and then you can flip your switch. Alright. – [Kendra] You did it buddy. – [Man] Awesome work. – Hey! Garrett, look at mine. – [Woman] Cool. – So our TRIO thing, is a dangerous slide. And you go under lava. – [Kendra] What? This is a slide you go under lava? That’s intense.
– And you go in here. (bright music) – [Jeremy] Is that fun? She decided to put her hands in it. – [Laura] That was fun. – So for the first day of summer camp the kids prepared a
report about a sea animal. They were assigned a
different sea creature each and then they had to make something and learn five facts about ’em. (music overpowers voices) – Clown fish live in tropical. – Whoa. – You see that? There you go, you can
do it all by yourself. You’re doing great buddy. (gasps) Good job, you did it. – Now I can get ’em out. – Not yet, they gotta dry. – Okay.
– They gotta cool down. – I need, I need to taste ’em. – You need to taste ’em? Okay we can taste these
ones in just a minute. And look, there it is. So what you do is you push from the bottom and you peel it out. – How long does it take? – Five hours. That’s why we made some last night, so we can eat it. Oh, you’re going for the big one? – [Caleb] Because this one I’m gonna eat. (happy music) – [Kendra] So the kids are doing
their first LEGO challenge. So the kids were given a
picture of a famous building and then they’re gonna try
to recreate it in LEGOs. What’d you get? Ooo, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. – I got Empire State Building. – [Kendra] Whoa. – I can’t build this. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Caleb. Now blow harder. Okay so warm water moves up and everybody see this is cold water. And we’re gonna pour the
boiling water into it and see– – [Boy] Can we feel the cooling water? – Yes, everybody can put your finger in and feel the cold water. Is it cold? – [Kids] Yeah. – It’s super cold, huh? And we’re gonna watch
how the hot water moves in the cold water. I want to see if you guys
can see any currents. Okay? (happy music) – [Caleb] Whoa, I see a ton. – You see how it’s moving? So this is sand Play-Doh. Do you guys wanna feel it? – [Girl] It’s really squishy. – We’re gonna let you
guys make a little beach. And you can decorate it. Does that sound good? – [Girls] Yeah. – [Kendra] Okay, so we’ve
got rocks and sea shells. But guess what? – The Leaning Tower of… – Peas.
– Of peas? – Of, it’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa. – [Jeremy] Which one are you doing Isaac? – Empire State Building. I couldn’t really find a way to do it. Because we don’t have
enough piece of all grey. – [Jeremy] That is gonna be a tough one. So what’s your plan? – I’m just gonna go like this. I only can do two of the– – [Jeremy] The towers? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Alright, here’s
the kids’ finished projects. I’m really happy with how they turned out. Today the kids are
learning how LEGOs are made and then I think we’re
making chocolate LEGOs. It’s gonna be awesome. – [Caleb] Yeah. – Are we gonna eat the LEGOs? – [Kendra] We are gonna eat the LEGOs. We’re gonna eat the chocolate LEGOs. – Chocolate LEGOs? I’m so excited. – [Kendra] Are you so excited? – Yeah. Tap, tap, tap. – [Kendra] Good job, good job. Now we’re gonna let it cool
off so we can go eat it later. – [Jeremy] Jumping on in buddy. (laughing) – We’re finding these stuff. – You’re finding ’em?
– We’re finding stuff. – But this is hard. – [Caleb] Yeah! (squealing) – Alright, the next activity
that we’re going to do is build penny boats. Okay, have you guys ever
made penny boats before? – Yes.
– No. – Alright so. (growling) Alright so here’s the idea. Yesterday you guys built
bridges to try to see how strong they could be
and support pennies, right? Well today you’re gonna
try to build boats. Okay. Over here. – [Child] Here we go. This is our base plate. – [Jeremy] Here’s the penny boats. – My penny boat. – [Jeremy] Is that your penny boat? – [Boy] That’s a window. – [Jeremy] Did it float? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Do you wanna
see if 50 can go in? It held 50. See if it’ll hold more. Oh! (bright music) – [Kendra] Hi Lise. Laura was scared to try,
so Amber went with her. There we go! Oh now you wanna stay in, huh? – Look how close we are to the fish. – [Kendra] Oh my goodness,
there’s the octopus. – [Woman] That’s the octopus! There goes the trick
fish that you read about. Oh my gosh that’s so. – That’s weird. I do not understand how that works. First up we’re making sand slime. (kids laughing) – [Woman] There’s a half
so when you’re measuring. (jazzy music) – [Woman] Oh wait here, wait wait wait. – [Girl] This is so gross. – [Woman] Whoa. – [Girl] So itchy. – [Kendra] There’s the sand slime. – [Boy] Okay. – [Kendra] Lise, do you
guys need more sand? – Okay.
– Uh huh. – [Woman] Mix it up real good. – [Kendra] Whoa, Isaac. Look at that sand slime. – [Boy] Me and, me got– – [Girl] Sand is everywhere. – Water bomb. – Do you like the slime? (boys exclaiming) – Pancake! – I think it’s safe to say that the sand slime was a success. And a mess. So your team is gonna
come up with two ways that that toy is similar to LEGOs and two ways that they’re different. – [Jeremy] So Caleb, how is
that toy similar to LEGOs? – Because it can stick together. (playful country music) (happy music) – [Woman] Whoa, this is cool. – [Kendra] Whoa, that’s awesome! (kids exclaiming) – [Woman] It almost
looks like a smiley face. – [Kendra] He does look like he’s smiling. There’s my favorite one. – [Woman] There’s the shark
going over the top again. – [Kendra] Do you see the fish? – This is so beautiful. – [Kendra] It is so beautiful. – [Jeremy] This one’s pretty. (laughing) You made a pretty boat. Oh! ‘Kay Laura, stick it on. Good job.
– Whoa! – [Jeremy] ‘Kay let’s
see if it’ll hold 100. (tense music) Oh! Oh! (exclaiming) – [Isaac] What? – [Jeremy] ‘Kay we’re
gonna try to get one more. She’s gonna get 100! Oh! – So we’re gonna show you guys about the layers of the ocean. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Laura, what are you making? – Cookies. For dessert tomorrow. – [Jeremy] (gasps) Hey. – So here’s our situation. There was a big oil rig. It’s like a big boat that
has lots of oil in it. It’s in the ocean and guess what? – What? – I just got breaking news
that the oil has spilled. It is now all over the ocean. So you guys, as environmental engineers are in charge of cleaning
up this oil spill. Do you think you can do it? – Um hmm.
– Yes. – You guys are team Gulf of Mexico. I need you guys to sit
at the wooden table. You guys are team Pacific Ocean. And I need you guys to
sit at the white table. Let me show you guys. Each team can choose three tools to try to clean up your oil spill. And you guys are going
to report as a team, which tool worked best. ♪ Da da da da ♪ ♪ Dun dun dun ♪ – [Kendra] Oh now, here it comes. Here it comes! (boy exclaims) – [Boy] I tried to catch it. – [Kendra] Oil spill! – [Boy] No! – [Kendra] Here comes the oil spill. You now have five minutes to try your best to clean up the oil spill. We got five minutes. – [Caleb] Mom! (kids murmuring) – [Kendra] ‘Kay, alright. Everybody hands down. ‘Kay, what did you notice the sponge did? – It sucked up the water, not the oil. So this poor animal, did the oil stick to it pretty good? – Um hmm.
– Yeah. – How ’bout the feathers, did
anybody feel the feathers? – Yeah.
– Ew. – I know, the oil, even
all the tools you guys used to try to get the oil out of the water did it get the oil off the feathers? – [Kids] No. – No and did it rescue the animal? – [Caleb] We shoulda said soap. – So we’re gonna try just one drop. (pensive music) – [Kids] Whoa! (bright music) – Um um.
– Is it good? Go ahead and grab one. – [Caleb] ‘Cause I just said gum. – [Boy] Yeah, gum. – It’s gum. – So the pink ones are watermelon flavor. They taste just like a
watermelon Jolly Rancher, they’re really good. – Alright, you guys ready
for your first challenge? – [Child] Guys, guys, guys. I have an idea. – So we took an equal amount of LEGOs. We froze them at different
layers within a big block. And whoever can build a tower first after getting the LEGOs, wins. – [Boy] Hey, again! – [Isaac] Watch out. – [Elise] Okay, I got this one. – [Girl] Come on, we gotta cool. – Guys the ice, on the floor. – [Boy] We got our LEGOs. – We’re already.
– We gotta do it fast. – No, come on!
– Super close. (girls squealing) You only have two more LEGOS. Who’s gonna win! – Come on. – [Girl] Just give up. – We gotta get more water to put on this. It’ll help. Okay, just put it on us. – [Jeremy] They’re not done yet! Who’s gonna win? – Oh come on. – [Jeremy] Oh, it’s frozen! – Done! – [Jeremy] Wow they just finished. – [Kendra] There you go. (bright music) Caleb’s swimming with Amber. Lunch time. Which is better, beach or pool? – Beach, I mean pool. – Pool?
– Pool. – [Kendra] What do you
think, beach or pool? – Pool. – [Caleb] That stayed with me. – [Kendra] How’s lunch girls? – Good. – Are you eating a Go-GURT? Now it’s time to clean
up and go home though, which is never the fun part. (bright music) – It’s really weird. – [Kendra] Have you ever eaten a lobster? – And there’s this really big one. There’s that really big one. – So my friend made this
awesome ocean theme desert. I’ve had it once before, it’s amazing. It’s called sand pudding. It’s like dirt cake,
but the vanilla version. So good! Good work. – [Woman] Cool. – [Boy] Watch out! (group exclaiming) – [Kendra] Nice work Easton. – [Boy] I can’t even crush. – [Kendra] That is awesome. You did that dude. – Oh my goodness. Woo hoo! – I’m gonna follow you too. – Hey, oh my goodness, Caleb’s is faster. – [Kendra] We just have to make some food that looks like this. – I have a great idea. – [Caleb] Yeah, I’m making a
brownie with food coloring. – [Kendra] A brownie with food coloring? – Yeah, because it’s like this shape. – [Kendra] Alright, so what can we use to make the little pieces on top? – Maybe carrots. – [Kendra] You wanna use
carrots to make the dots on top? – [Jeremy] So brownies and
carrots, that’s a great mix. – Rice Krispie Treats
and then for the dots, it’s frosting. I think since Rice
Krispie Treats are sticky, we could actually stick them
together like actual LEGOs. – [Jeremy] (laughs) Like build a castle. – Yeah, like we could actually build. – Alright so here’s how
the biome boxes turned out. Here’s our giant Pacific Ocean box, because it’s the largest ocean. Here’s the Southern Ocean
box with some penguins. Oh, I like when you open that one. That’s cool. And here’s the Arctic Ocean. The two layers. I love these. I love seeing what the kids create. – It’s the biggest ocean
in the whole world. It covers 30% of the Earth. – We are painting treasures. (upbeat music) – I made this. – [Kendra] Awesome. ♪ Arms up, arms up ♪ ♪ Wrists together, wrists together ♪ ♪ Elbows together, elbows together ♪ ♪ Knees together, knees together ♪ ♪ And do the jellyfish, the
jellyfish, the jellyfish fish ♪ ♪ The jellyfish, the
jellyfish, the jellyfish fish ♪ – [Kendra] Elise wanted to come help out with the sand Play-Doh. – [Elise] Is this all you need? – [Kendra] Nope, we’re
gonna add some water. Here’s some boiling water. Don’t touch it with your
hands ’cause it’s very hot. ‘Kay, stir it up. (gentle, playful music) – [Child] Smells like Play-Doh. – Laura and Isaac are helping me make the next batch of Play-Doh. I’m getting Janae down and then it’s time to get ready for summer camp, because tomorrow is our day to host. And so I need to make some sand Play-Doh and some sugar cookies. And get all the experiments
and teaching things ready. – We’re gonna make sugar
cookies in the shape of fish. – So in our family we love to make brown sugar cookies. But I think we want to try
making white sugar cookies sometime soon too. We’re cutting out the
fish and the starfish. – Ready! Go! – [Isaac] Hurry, open it. – [Girl] I can’t! – [Jeremy] She’s blowing. – [Boy] Don’t put too many in. – [Jeremy] Alright if you
put too many in at a time it’ll get jammed, so you
gotta do one at a time. – [Boy] Hurry, we’re almost done. – [Jeremy] They only have one more left. – We won!
– The LEGOs, they win. Woo! Alright the score is now one to one. Alright, now that we
have all the ingredients, we’re gonna make the Rice Krispie Treats. You guys wanna help? – Yeah yeah. – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, yeah! – [Jeremy] Are you my little helpers? – Yeah. I will cut those to eat. And cut my arms in pieces. – [Jeremy] You’re gonna
cut your arms into pieces? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] That’s a little creepy. – Yes.
– Ew. (tense music) – Looks like Rice Krispies. – [Kendra] Alright, the kids are doing a team LEGO building activity. So Garrett is building something and then he has to describe
to Caleb how to build it without Caleb getting to see it. – Put the corners on the
corners of the blue one. – [Boy] Okay, I’m behind. – [Woman] (laughing) It’s
harder than it looks. I don’t know if I could do it. – I know. – [Woman] Is it the same? Wow boys.
– Yes, it is! It’s the same. – [Woman] Oh that is. – It’s the same. – [Kendra] They did it. Good job guys. – There’s a whale.
– Rescue the frozen creatures. – [Caleb] Rescue the whale. – [Boy] Gotta save the whale. – [Boy] Look, I got some water. – We gotta a pre. – When you add salt to the water it makes it more dense. The things that are more
dense sink to the bottom. And the things that have
less density rise to the top. So we’re gonna play the sink versus float, salt water edition. – Sink. – Yeah.
– It floated. – You’re gonna smell the vanilla while you’re chewing the apple, alright? So hold it close to you
and while you’re chewing, smell the vanilla. – [Kendra] Let’s see, rub
it around on your tongue. You wanna get your whole tongue blue. All over. – [Woman] Oh yeah. – There we go.
– Awesome. Here you can hold this with your hand. There you go. Alright stick out your tongue again. Eight is what I count on you. Yours is actually one of
the clearest to see buddy. – [Kendra] Eight, you have eight papillae. – Alright, they’re all
getting into their swimsuits for this next one. Go! (racing music) If you drop it you have to go and get ’em. – [Boy] Don’t waste it. Slow and steady wins. – [Boy] Hurry, pick ’em up. – [Boy] Run, run! – [Child] Go! – [Boy] Guys, slow and steady. (kids exclaiming) – Come on, hurry up. – [Girl] Here, jump on. (laughing) You dropped all of ’em. – [Boy] Run! – [Jeremy] Whoa. – So they’re building bridges to see how many pennies they can support. Look at what a strong bridge this is guys. – [Woman] Oh, oh, wow. – [Kendra] What? Who did this one? – [Child] All the girls. – [Kendra] Everybody, good job. – Look how strong my teeth are. – [Kendra] So you’re
eating your chocolate LEGO? – Uh huh. – [Kendra] Is it pretty good? – Um. – It’s a real LEGO. – [Kendra] It’s not a real LEGO buddy. It’s chocolate. – It looks like one. – [Kendra] It does. Are you gonna eat one? – Which ones looks for real? This one. – [Jeremy] Everyone’s
getting really close. – [Girl] Come on Lillian. – [Jeremy] Who’s gonna be the champion? Only one more left. Oh, they all came out! The LEGOs win it! Whoa. But it’s not in. They’re all outta the bucket. And the ceremonial dump on the coach. – [Boy] Dump it on the coach. (Jeremy laughs) (upbeat music) – Oh! Alright so I’m making sea foam for the little girls to play with. It has water, Dawn dish
soap and cornstarch. And I’m supposed to just mix it up. I’m a little nervous. (upbeat music) Is it working or no? – [Jeremy] Yeah. – (gasps) Oh my goodness. It worked. That’s so cool. – [Kids] Whoa. – [Girl] Can we touch it? – [Kendra] Yeah, you can touch it. – [Boy] No, I don’t want to. – I want to. – This is called sea foam. ‘Kay, so you guys get to play with all of this. – Let’s play hide the animals. So I hide the animals. You guys close your eyes. – [Girl] Closing my eyes. – [Girl] Okay. – [Jeremy] No peeking Laura. Try to find the animals. – [Girls] Got one! – Found one. – [Kendra] Have you
guys found some animals? – [Laura] Yeah. – Alright, their next
project they’re building is a motorized car. This is gonna be awesome. Laura, you getting some plates? You got a motor? – [Woman] Then attach the wheels to it. – [Kendra] That is awesome. – [Leader] Just be careful of. (upbeat music) (music overpowers voices) – And this is why we travel everywhere in numbers as mommies. Because Caleb has to go to the bathroom. So my friend is watching
my other kids by my car and we are running. Run, run, run, run, run. Run, run, run, run, run. It’s this way, it’s this way. ♪ If you have to go potty,
stop and go right away ♪ ♪ Flush and wash and be on your ♪ – [Kendra] So on the tablet the kids are each having a
chance to design their own fish and then they project those
fish that they just designed onto this big screen over here
and they get to go find it. It’s pretty cool. There’s Laura’s starfish she made. We’re looking for Isaac’s purple crab. Oo, right there. Right there. – Oh yeah, that’s my crab. (bright music) – [Kendra] Oh I love those little lips. Release it to swim. Now you have to find it out here. Oh did you find it Lise? – Uh huh, it’s this one. – [Kendra] It’s just swimming sideways, so it was hard to see. Oh look at the red lips. I love the red lips on it. – There it is, right there. – Did you make a blue jellyfish? (upbeat music) So now this afternoon they’re
working on their challenge for summer camp tomorrow. Which is to make a LEGO stop motion video. Which my kids have never done before. So I just sat down and showed
’em the app on my phone and kind of explained the concept. And now I’m just letting ’em loose. So we will just see what they create. Do you guys have any ideas
about what you’re gonna do for your video? – I’m trying to find Olaf. – [Kendra] Olaf will be fun. – And I already found Elsa. – [Kendra] So Isaac, what do you think should be in the movie? – I think it should be funny and just like a normal LEGO life. – [Kendra] A normal LEGO life. Caleb what do you wanna see in the movie? – I wanna have me coming and I’m like on no, my underpants. (giggling) – [Kendra] You think you should
say underpants in the movie? – Yeah, sorta like oh my underpants. – So the kids are working
on their LEGO movie and they’ve made a couple of LEGO movies but there were some basic
principles I wanted to show them to help them with improving on them. Like just keeping the camera
still or having a story. Now move Anna’s hand again. And you wanna just barely move her hand so it’s not a big movement. Oh! (screams) (laughing) Caleb you are good at your job. – [Caleb] I got a good idea. – [Jeremy] You’re doing awesome. (happy music) – [Kendra] Isn’t that all fun? – [Jeremy] That’s a
lotta frosting Ms. Lise. – I love frosting. – [Kendra] I’m still working on these. Oh Lise, are you making a
smiley face on that starfish? – [Elise] Um hmm. – That is awesome. I like the one eyed starfish, Isaac. Alright, well I got a nap and apparently the kids
made some fun movies. – Yeah and then we’re
gonna make another one. I’m gonna make the speed slower so you guys can actually
see what’s like happening. – [Elise] That’s actually pictures. – [Kendra] How does it make a movie? – It just goes fast. – [Kendra] Whoo. – [Isaac] So I’ll show
you guys what happened. Then I’ll be telling you this. So Batman comes up and Anna
didn’t know that he was bad. So she hit him. And then Olaf fell down
and he was like what. He looked back and forth and then he was like
oh, I wanna do that too. And then his butt started
running around them. And then they bowed.
– And then they bowed. Guys, that’s really good. There’s Isaac, there’s Lise. How’s it going? – Good. – [Kendra] Is Amber teaching ya to swim? And keeping you alive? Hey beautiful. Janae’s enjoying the water. How are you doing? – Good. (bright music) – It’s funny, you plan
all these activities but what the kids really enjoy
is jumping on the trampoline. (upbeat music) Just kidding, it’s super hot out and so they only lasted a
few minutes on the trampoline and then they came in to
play with the sand Play-Doh. And they’re making some
really cool creations. This is probably one of
my favorite Play-Dohs that I’ve ever seen. So on their own the kids have divided into two different teams and
they were doing Play-Doh wars. And there is only two
minutes left on the clock to create their creations. They’re frantically working. There’s only a few seconds remaining. – See if I can make the
best thing out of Play-Doh. – [Kendra] Three, two, one. Step away. – [Isaac] And we made
a really nice entrance. – [Kendra] It does look really nice. – [Boy] And then when you walk in you see, you have carving and the shell so it looks like the shell carpet. – [Kendra] Let’s see team two’s creation. Oh my goodness. This is gorgeous. So it’s cookies and donuts. – [Girl] And cinnamon buns. – It’s ocean themed. – [Kendra] You guys,
there’s such a variety. I declare you all winners. And you may all eat your lunch now. (kids cheering) (Laura laughs) – One, two, three! – Do you love your big brother and sister? We are actually out on a
field trip with our friends. We are headed to a deaf cultural center. – There was a little Billy Goat Gruff and a middle sized Billy Goat Gruff. Can you guess what she’s
saying by her actions? – [Kids] Big. – [Woman] Big Billy Goat Gruff. – [Kendra] Ms. Laura are
you doing the activity too? Caleb can you show me how to sign paint? Very nice, good work. What’s that? – [Woman] Thanks Isaac. Ooo, watermelon. – [Kendra] Remember watermelon? Good job Isaac. – [Woman] Slice the bread. What else can we put
on our hamburger guys. Oh, Isaac’s got it. – [Kendra] Oh, bacon on the hamburger. That was smart. Alright, you guys ready to
frost those Rice Krispies? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Very nice Caleb. – [Caleb] Laura’s doing a very good job. – [Kendra] She is. Good job buddy. – Thanks Momma. Ooo, that’s good and deep. – Good work.
– Thanks. – [Kendra] What do you think? – I want to eat them. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Caleb you’re supposed
to be building with them, not eating ’em. Ooo, that looks really nice Allie. That’s a great looking horse. It’s so funny, the kids naturally divide to a boys table and a girls table. So the kids are all cozied up. We’re gonna watch our
stop motion movies first. This should be good. Here it is. Here’s our video. (clapping) So now we’re gonna do
sand art with the kids. I waited ’til the other moms were here so that hopefully it
wouldn’t make a huge mess. We’ll see what happens. So Isaac is strategically pouring it in to try to get the angle he wants. So I’ve never done sand art before, but I always think it looks so cool. So I was excited to try it with kids. (dramatic classical music) – I know how to do it all by myself. – Oh you do, that’s so cool. You can show me. So every day of summer camp
there’s been a challenge. And we saved the best challenge for last. We had everybody make
an ocean themed treat to bring to the last day, which is today. So I wanted to show you
guys what they brought. They made flip flops. These are submarines. Candy Rice Krispie Sushi. These are clams. These are fish swimming
in an ocean of Jell-O. And our sugar cookie fish. So basically the kids are
destined to be on a sugar high for the rest of the day. Poll question, which ocean
themed treat did you like best? Click up here and let us know. (happy music) – I was so impressed
with all of the desserts that they did for summer camp. – Bring it in. Ready? One, two, three. Go summer camp! Guys we actually found a LEGO
oriented service project. There’s an organization
here in the Kansas City area called The Giving Brick. And what they do is
they take donated LEGOs and they clean ’em and
they sort through ’em and they reput them into
really cool LEGO sets and then give them to
kids that are in need. And so that’s what we’re
gonna be doing tonight. (happy music) You taking that one apart, Caleb? – So a big part of what we’re
doing is separating the LEGOs from non-LEGOs. And so we’re looking really close to see if we can see the
word LEGO on every piece. – [Kendra] Alright,
we’re scouring the floor, making sure we’re not losing any LEGOs. Here’s the finished buckets of the LEGOs that have been sorted and
ready to go to get cleaned. And then given to kids who need ’em. – Woo hoo! – [Kids] J House out. – [Jeremy] Kendra’s vlogging. This is what it looks like. Looking good Lise. (upbeat music)

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