🌵🤪🚌 Nowa półka na radio, lampki i takie tam.. 🔊🎶 Żuk Party Bus 08 🎬

Another beautiful Scottish summer day Royal mail just came with gifts for żuk.. It looks like other gifts are heading somewhere else.. We will see in a minute what we’ve actually got.. As you can see.. the rain is heavy. It’s very stormy, but awful warm too! So there is nothing better than a garage so the work can go on! So what exactly am I doing here? Well I just started to make the top shelf For Audio, CB radio, storage and some interior lights by the headlining. Here is a Kenwood speaker Which will be used as external system for CB-radio That’s the old unit.. That’s a new CD/MP3 Kenwood It is nothing posh, but good quality unit for a Żuk I was struggling with new cables to put them through the pillars from the dash to the new top shelf We’ve got a vinyl finishing al around which has to be taken down first That let me carry the cables, and after all I can put it back First few cables are going in this B pillar It’s the loom for back speakers Together with this was the main power for all auxiliaries The cable to front speakers will have in A-pillars.. It is very complicated as they have a minimal diameter So it is so tight in there. On a passenger side, there’s also a cable to the aerial which is on the wing So that’s how it’s looking in a middle of my work. As you can see i already made holes for new speakers up here So on the left side, I’m planning a dock for CB radio which let me take it away when not needed On the passenger side will sit the audio unit and reversing mirror in the middle I will check the parcels in a minute Because I’m still waiting for led strips but don’t know exact diameters of them The plan is: to separate lights on the sides, and reparation of outside light Which is mounted on the side of the roof rack You just saw an original vintage interior light Traditional look with the bulb It was in the centre but in my new idea I just replace it Oh, still raining……. So the old light I will keep just as a souvenir Few more words before I get to the house Here’s the speaker but before I screw up them I have to finish the shelf with a new vinyl which I still haven’t…. And that how they look in line with new sun visors Right, so looks like the rain is gone now So I will have quick look on parcels And we can crack on the job! Ok so the weather is much better so now is the time to check what’s new for my żuk, what did we get? Ok, so in 1st envelope, there are split pins for a żuk They are essential in any job with such an old suspension Also, there’s another envelope with led strips which are needed A few of them too, so I can probably have spare ones. And last but not least: We got the vinyl for the shelf.. It not a matching colour, It’d just a creamy one which I liked But I think it will work, very well together.. Here you go.. Perhaps the original colour wasn’t too far from this back in the days but age and cigarettes made it darken. For sure it will not distract the driver and is elegant in my opinion. I haven’t got the glue yet to bring it all together.. Anyway I’m still working on the cables (I need up to 25 extra cables in total) I will show you…one of the led lights how they work and look when switched on. This is my primitive multi-purpose power bank The lights flash nicely, and they’re also waterproof Give me a sec… The camera can’t catch this but the light itself is very bright Although, the colour is very cold. I think two of them will bright the interior properly Especially there’s one there already above the back of front seats Passenger light will be operated by a separate switch. OK… Now I will show you the outside lights Which I have to fix in a minute Look! A swallow!! Supposedly Swallows in the rooms giving a luck.. I don’t know, but I wish 🙂 Because, you know It’s giving me opportunity to finish this van some day! We will see… Also.. The metal rust in my eye last time has healed.. So I can proceed! We are in middle of July so that’s the last couple of days on the żuk Next the holidays with my family And I will back to work with the project in August I prepared a few episodes to send with my latest progress But I couldn’t send them as there’s a broadband issue after the last storm here It supposed to be fixed tomorrow or so and I can upload the 2nd video. And this particular one is the…hm Looks like 5t But when will be published? (Dec 2019 – Andy) I suppose in the early spring – September (sic!) or something I bet Żuk will be still not on the road!! It is a pleasure to record my ‘progress’ for you guys Maybe those videos are monotopic and boring But that’s what it is. What kind of exciting stuff you can do with the rolling shell? I just hope something from this will be useful for someone and you will like it So You can use some of those tricks with your project car, I hope. Little explanation: Remember – I’m just a homemade mechanic and I’m learning things every day I’m trying to make my repairs in the best possible way however, if I’m doing something wrong it’s not done on purpose but possibly because I haven’t got the right tools or knowledge at the moment But this garage is just amateur workshop and so the conditions here. I’m doing this car to make it as safe and solid as possible Simply good. Regarding the videos I’m not great but with the big help of Andy It’s made as neat as possible for my and your enjoyment If you wanna ask something or have advice, just let us know! However I hope You like some of it and you appreciate my effort. THANKS! While Karol cracks on if you’re even thinking about it… Hit that button! And if you’ve already subscribed Why not HIT the bell? All right, all right! No more raving. it’s back to Karol! It fits nicely to the curve It is 12th of July, and I wish to show you the gagdets I’ve been working on for the last couple of days Yes!! it’s ready! I made it! Freaking awesome! At last it becomes a Party Bus! Today is the 13th of July, it’s windy as you can hear but I snuck into the garage last night and spent a couple hours there.. basically to just finish off a few minor details in the new shelf My next job is to be repairing some parts of the dashboard I mean.. sticking back old pieces of the peeling vinyl onto the place Finally, it went as usual… ..and instead of working on the engine I took another job I took everything apart and started from scratch And the plan for today is dashboard + ventilation system Here you can see the old parts of the dash Shitty vinyl another bigger piece of it Here is the top part, just next to the windscreen It’s certainly seen better days Previously, when I put the fan on, those vents here would blow all the vinyl up like a balloon(!) So now I can see why.. It’s hopeless this way! That’s how the dashboard looks for now, just bare dash Prepared by wire brush on the grinder, the canopy is loose It’s not bad, isn’t it? My plan is mad: to make it look pretty I will use real oak wood. Not sure about the colour yet. The thickness of the wood created another problem for me – here’s the original air vent for demisting the windscreen As you can see the inner thread in it Even if you leave the maximum gap It’s still too short This is the thickness of the wood There’s no chanmce this will work One is too short, wood is to thick. So there’s another plan To do this I will rearrange the air vent system So for this, I will use only the hole on the driver’s side The right one will not work With a new vent which should be more modern I got the bits: here’s proper Flexi-pipe for the air Obviously some plumbing parts… 😀 T-pieces, elbows etc. It’s always useful in the automotive industry most of the time And the old stock heaters.. Sure I can make something from it. That’s my plan for Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes next time! I’m not sure yet what I manage, I’m actually curious myself too Still, lots to do as always. Cheers, bye! And that’s all from us until after Christmas 2020 is gonna be a massive year for the channel! We’ll be adding new retro vehicles to the ranks, Doing the Złombol Rally in the Żuk Party Bus (!) And both vans will be doing all sorts of challenges and who knows…? We might get that Pontiac engine into Yellow Cavalier! So Wesołych Świąt! Thank You for watching. And as always: Please consider subscribing

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