*Music* hi guys welcome back to my channel
today’s video is so so so exciting for me I got a huge haul from the target
dollar spots fall section so let’s jump right into it
okay I’m going to start with the Halloween type items because I know a
lot of people decorate for fall and then some people just keep that for the whole
season and some people decorate separately for Halloween I’m the one
that decorates separately for Halloween because I grew up with a big Halloween
influence in my house so I have to have separate Halloween decorations with that
being said let’s just jump right in and I’ll show you the stuff that I got so
this little guy I grew up with really fond memories of my mom having these
like ceramic figurines that lit up different colors and like faded in faded
out so I have to get these because my kids love them and they just they give
me very nostalgic memories of my childhood but he lights up I think he’s
really really cute they had three tiered pumpkins that lit
up also but I liked the little ghost guy I thought he was fun the next little
thing I got was this little boo guy he’s just he’s ceramic also but I thought he
was kind of cute all my pumpkins are typically orange so I like to have a
little I like the cute little white Halloween pumpkin this was only a dollar
my little ghost was three dollars I got some white and black speckled pumpkins I
feel like these can go good for Halloween they can also go good all year
until Christmas I got black and white pumpkins the pumpkin mini decor fillers
for Halloween those were three dollars I got this broom parking metal hanging
sign super cute they had a couple extra ones that had like Elm Street and some
other cute fun ones this one was only a dollar though
okay next thing I got was this spiderweb basket it’s like a rose gold color but I
um they also had a black line I didn’t have I didn’t want the black one I
almost thought about going to the black one and I kind of wanted this pop of
rose gold so I got that
I have a real big obsession with the dollar spot
dish towels I just love them so I got these ones for Halloween they had
several different types of towels where you can get different kinds this one I
got just the black and white Buffalo check and then this white one right here
has got October 31st on it so I got this one said but they had a couple different
ones and I like this one the most I got some cute little pillows they’re kind of
reversible so I like that a lot oh those towels were three dollars sorry
and then I got this pillow as well also reversible super cute these are both
five dollars each but I thought they were cute together on my couch
or separately just one on this and one of my I have a chair in my living
room one on my chair and then I have this cute banner that says a
trick-or-treat I love like the black thick lines I don’t know what it is it
gives me like vintage E Charlie Brown feeling so I really like this type of
style same thing with like the boo pillow it’s got like the thick dark black
lines I think they look really cute and vintage even though obviously they’re
not and then I got this wood sign hocus pocus great show this one was five
dollars also they had a bunch of different other ones and I really
actually wasn’t intrigued in any of these signs until I saw the hocus pocus
one and then I just grabbed it and I had to have it so I think that’s it for my
Halloween stuff don’t quote me though because it might completely change so
we’ll move on to more of the falli stuff and that being said i had i got two of
these pillows the buffalo black-and-white check again reversible
super cute these will go on my couch and then I also got this our nest pillow
which is black and it’s got like the white and black
on the back and the thing I like about this one is that I can use this one on
our bed when the season is over I guess I could technically I could use these
two if I really really wanted to so that’s the one thing that’s nice about
the faulty quarters that I’m trying to buy things that I can use all year round
and not just just for the holidays but sometimes there’s just certain things
that are just for the holidays alright next thing I got these adhesive wood
shapes so they’re still the big thing in this dollar spot are these wooden signs
of all different shapes and styles super super cute and what you can do is you
can customize your own saying on these what signs with these decorative
stickers they had different types ones that had sayings this one’s obviously
just pumpkins I’m not gonna use that these four that I was thinking about
possibly I have some extra magnets so it’s thinking about possibly putting
these on magnets and having them on my fridge because my kids like to play with
magnets and I thought it would be kind of fun to have them on my fridge or I
also have some like jute twinkle lights that I’ve gotten from the dollar spot I
thought about maybe also putting those on and making my own like light-up
banner I haven’t really decided yet which I want to do because I know
everybody has a theme for fall like a color theme and I feel like mine’s
probably gonna be black and white mainly because those are the things that
I was attracted to and except for this and obviously Halloween with the orange but I
liked this a lot so we’ll see all right next thing I got this herringbone cape
this was $7.00 and it is super super cute I am so excited I feel like this
will be really good for Fall for fall or for Christmas even into the spring but
it’s just the one size cape and I got like the gray taupe with the green
because I love the color green and I feel like this will go good in the fall
even in the winter even in the spring so I got that and that was $7 the next
thing I got is this white house I know a lot of you guys have gotten these in the
past and you know or have already gotten them before this one lights up for me
the one that I purchased last year did not light up but I really like these
more for Christmas and they don’t come out as much around Christmastime at
least not in my stores they didn’t and so I got this this year for
Christmas because I wasn’t going to miss out on having them I feel like they look
really cute on my my black piano with my white nativity set and they like this
one lights up so I think this will add a really beautiful glowy touch come
Christmas time all right the towels again I got two
sets of black and white towels this one is says let’s bake pie and then
it’s got the black and white buffalo check and then this one has like kitchen
conversion measurements super super cute black and white with the black ish like
I guess it’s coal it’s more like a coal color with the thick white thread like
the big white thread and I really liked these again with the theme I was really
planning on anything specific I just kind of grabbed what I was what I
enjoyed looking at and then I realized there was kind of developing its own
little theme I know a lot of people are doing like neutrals but I feel like you
can pop any type of pop of color with black and white so I’m just gonna stick
with black and white for my fall decor with a touch of color here and there I
picked up some of these cozy socks for a dollar because these are really
really comfortable and I thought these were really cute fall colors I saw these
and I instantly wanted to be in a sweater on my couch under my big fluffy
blanket with a hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa even so I got two pairs of those for moi $1
each I bought more of these little pumpkin
and decor but this is obviously more for the Fall Thanksgiving time because
I’m going to do the black and white for Halloween but I got these teal and gray
ones and these orange and reds and yellows and that mustard yellow ones really really cool so
I got two of those in each of these were three dollars then I got this lady’s scarf it’s a
blanket scarf and I got this one in like a teal taupe color because I didn’t have
a grave did have orange and yellow and red but I got it in this because I feel
like this will be a really cute addition to the edge of my bed or on the couch
although I already have enough blankets on my couch so I don’t think I need
another one but I thought this would be really cute on my chair even to kind of
tie in like the blue and teal pumpkins and I have a couple more blue teal items
so there’s that and this was $7.00 also so that’s really really cool and it’s
nice because it kind of put like a little instruction paper on it it’s
saying that it’s one scarf and you can have like three different looks that’s
kind of cool I’m not really good at the whole scarf wearing things I’m kind of
excited to try it out but that’s super helpful for somebody who’s not a
fashionista and here is my table runner I thought this was really cute that’s
why I kind of picked the colors I did for the pumpkins I like this because my
table unfortunately is not white it is brown and so I feel like white
tablecloths tend to get dirty with little hands just plain white and the
dark tablecloths you can’t really see on my dark table top so I feel like this
one gives the pop of color with the white and then a little hands touch it
it’s not as noticeable I mean obviously they touch right there it is but you get
what I’m saying you mamas get what I’m saying but it’s got like the dark navy
the teal the light mint the peach it’s really really pretty so it’s kind of
tying in all the things that I’ve purchased thus far and this one’s three
and they had a lot of cute table runners it’s really really hard to narrow it
down and choose one all right the next item I got were
these letters they spell out the word eat I thought this was really cute I
want to put this in my kitchen I have just right space over here that it’s
I’m looking at right now above my recycle bin that I think I’m gonna put
those and I think I might paint them white though because my walls are darker until
I paint but for now we’ll see these were five dollars and they had another one I
think I can’t remember what oh it said yum it said YUM so I got the eat one and
the next little thing I got was this cute little apple picking basket this
was three dollars I think right now I’ve got like a white
I’ve got like a white box full of mason jars with flowers on my kitchen table I
think I’m gonna replace that with this basket and put all my pumpkins in there
I’m not a hundred percent sure on that yet but that’s kind of what I’m was I
was feeling and this was three dollars it’s got like the faux leather strap
super super cute I found this at the dollar spot I was really impressed this
because I was expecting this to feel a lot cheaper like Dollar Tree
type this was only five dollars and it’s a tea light and it’s metal you guys
that it’s metal and it’s hefty like it’s really really hefty and I feel like
I can use this for my Halloween bake or I can even tie it into my fall decor as
well I think this is really cute I only saw the one so they must have gone
fast or they hadn’t put them all the way out yet but this I like I said this is
sturdy this is no joke and for five dollars I was honestly expecting it to
be more like the seven dollar range got these two fabric covered pumpkins the
black and white buffalo check and then the herringbone I guess what it is
they’re both three dollars super cute different sizes I thought those were fun
they had some pretty felt blue ones along with some orange like deep orange
ones as well I liked the black and white so I got these houses the metal ones
I was so torn it I stood there debating which one to get because I really like I
really like this one it’s very homey and it feels like a house but this one feels
like fall because it’s like a barn I thought this was really cute so I liked
the barn one I think I’m going to use this one for Halloween
and fall I might use this one for Christmas as well we’ll see I thought
these were super super cute also and both of these were $5 and they like I
said like the metal ones they’re not the glass ones alright and the last item I
got was this framed letter board I have never seen these before I think they are
super super cute it comes with the frame and it comes with the letters on the
back this was only five dollars it was the only one that I saw but I thought
this is really really fun so I picked this one up just for home in general but
I thought it would be fun to try this style of letter board out differently
they also had like brown like this color wood and then it was like a calendar
type where you could put the numbers individually and they have the little
shelves well that’s right like right here but obviously it’s an in calendar a
calendar shape and then you can put the numbers and have the numbers that on
that one so that was kind of cute too I don’t need a calendar right now and I
like to write stuff on my calendar so I didn’t get that but I like the letter
board I think that would be super super fun and again this is only five dollars
so that is it that’s it for my haul I feel like I hit the jackpot my husband’s
gonna freak out but I’m super super excited because I didn’t hit them up
early enough last year and I missed out on alot of cute stuff so I feel like they’ve got a
lot of good stuff this year so if you guys enjoyed this video and don’t forget
to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I would love to have you I
do a lot of hauls I do a lot of cleaning and lifestyle inspiration and motivation
so I hope that you enjoyed this video and we will see you guys in the next one
bye guys *Music*

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