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Now, we’re going to go to Just Add Chocolate. You guys are gonna love this. Oh, catch it. Catch it! Oh, we got a mess
going on over here. Catch the chocolates. Oh, no. Oh no! Oh no! Well, if one birthday party
for you wasn’t enough, now, we’re going to go
to Just Add Chocolate. Are you making
all your friends a bracelet? I can tell you got
the right present because it took over
your entire room. I bought a new coat for you. This is the last
coat I’m buying. Okay. So if you lose this jacket, you’re gonna have to like,
go get a job. And you’re a little
too small to get a job. You’ll have to like go
clean people’s toilets, or mop people’s floors, but you’re gonna buy
your own next coat. Is that clear? Yes. Are you ready for me
to give you this coat? Yes. This is like the third
coat I bought him in the last 12 months. I wrote your name
everywhere on it. I’ve got your name right here. I’ve got your name right there. I’ve got your name right here. I’ve got your name right here. He seems kind of
underwhelmed with it. I love it. I don’t think he
likes it that much. Every time you go somewhere,
I want you, before you get back
in the car, go, where’s my jacket? Did I remember my coat? You didn’t wash your face today. Did you brush your teeth? No. Go brush your teeth. Mom, my shoes are gone. They’re in my bathroom. They’re in my bathroom. Why? Because you took a bath in here, and you brought
him in with you. I [inaudible].
Thank you. You’re welcome.>>Moms know everything.
>>Know everything. Russell, I seriously don’t know what bad luck you have
with like clothing. But how did you get this– What is this? How did you get
it stuck on your shoe? That was weird. What is this? I don’t know. Do you see this? Oh my gosh, that makes me teary. That makes me tear up so bad. Instead of stop lights,
in this city, and in a few cities down,
they’re not doing stoplights. They’re having police
officers direct traffic, because a police officer
was shot and killed– Was it yesterday? Earlier this week. Earlier this week. He was approaching
a wanted suspect, and he got shot. Early on, when we were YouTubing,
there was a viewer, and then, she was so cute,
and I still follow her. Her husband is a police officer. And so, I just– I’m thinking of her
as I see all of these cop cars, and I just want to thank you
if you are in law enforcement. Thank you for the work
that you do. It’s– It’s unfortunate that the biggest things you get is
when there’s been a tragedy, but thank you. Thank you for all of the work
that you do to keep us safe. Eve, let’s go. I know. You guys are gonna love this. Hi. I’m so excited to have
you guys today. Thanks! Now, your whole set
up right here, a little birthday
surprise for Julie. Happy Birthday! 10 years old, right? A big 2 digits? I know. You– All hands, all fingers. My goodness. You have to start
using toes now. We have your table set up. You put your name
on your hat to get a cool little chef’s hat today,
box, and your tray. He’s so excited. I can’t wait. So, I want Chaddy cakes, and I turn around
and talk to Dad, and Shari… Shari did that so… Welcome to Just Add Chocolate. We are chocolate factory
located in Lehi, Utah. But we’ve been around
for 16 years. You’ll be professional
chocolatier by the end of today, and we will be your assistant. Oh my gosh, this is your opportunity
to make all your dark chocolate dreams come true. Oh my gosh. The options are endless. What are we gonna make? It was an accident,
but it looks really cool. Accidents gone wrong
in the chocolate room. I think it looks pretty. Chad, what did you discover? Fortune cookies
and Nutter Butter. I don’t know. I have to say,
this is the easiest and the funnest birthday party
I’ve ever put together. Yes? Yes! Thumbs up. Because I didn’t have
to do any work. We just had to show up. Mom, they have red velver Oreos. Oh, catch it. Catch it. Oh! Oh-oh! We got a mess going on
over here. Catch the chocolates. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! We have an [inaudible] Lucy moment
going on over here. Please place it one at a time. Look at all the free
samples you guys. If you were here
making a chocolate, what chocolate would you make? If you can invent
any chocolate in the world, what exactly would it be? Okay. Do you guys know
what a gummy worm in white chocolate looks like? It looks like the retainers
we put in our mouths at night. I’m gonna say that’s
probably my least favorite. What do you call this? Twinkie. Twinkie. It’s a Twinkie. A Twinkie. Your chocolate has
a tail on it, Ally. It will take an elephant
eye, an eyebrow. And the trunk. Abby, those are the biggest
lips I’ve ever seen. It’s cool. Pucker up. What is that? Chocolate covered bacon. Well, I guess
they’ve got everything. Although, Grandpa called
and he wanted to know if they had a chocolate
sauce for spaghetti? I don’t think they have
chocolate sauce for spaghetti. Maybe we’ll have to plug that. Chocolate flavored bacon? How is it? That is good. [singing Happy Birtday] Pretend to blow it our. The verdict is in. If you guys have a party,
or a birthday, or you want a special
date before prom, or something really really fun
and special with family, come to Just Add
Chocolate in Lehi. You come in, you leave with chocolate,
and they clean up the mess. It’s so cute. Thank you. Oh my gosh, there’s money in it. It’s another one. Thank you. Shut up. Oh my gosh. But how? [inaudible] Mom jealous. Yeah, Mom, I got you jealous. I know, and you don’t have
to share with anyone. Thank you. When you’re in a family of eight, and you get
your own box of cookies that you don’t have to share
with anyone, it’s like– Like it’s better than words. Like there are no words for it. It’s just the best. It’s like a thing when you– Oh my gosh. I’m more excited about this. It’s a caboodle. Hello! For your makeup. Thank you. It’s a tackle box for makeup. Oh, okay. Mom, can I put some of my– Can we [inaudible]? Yeah. Did you guys all get together
and coordinate the idea? That’s so cute. Thank you. Oh my gosh, that’s darling. Oh, socks. World’s Fuzziest Socks. Okay, so Julie’s birthday was
a total and complete success. We love Julie. Last night, when we
went out to eat, all of us took
a turn saying something that we really love about Julie, and what we
appreciate about her. And some of the things
that came up were that she loves everybody. Some of the things were that she’s always
thinking of others. She’s– What were some
of the other things that we said about Julie? Ah, she likes hanging out
with the little kids,>>and the big kids.
>>Oh yeah. Good point. Chad said that she’s
really good at hanging out with the little kids
and the big kids. So we kind of think she has
the most fun in all the family, because she fits in with both the older kids
and the little kids. Let us know down
in the comments below what you guys love about Julie, something that maybe you’ve
been inspired by her to do. I love that she puts
herself out there, and it’s okay not to be perfect. And she loves
to try new things, and just goes for it. There’s no fear in that girl. She is fearless. Thanks for watching you guys. Abby! I can’t move my legs. No. Yes, I can. No, Abby! You’re way too close to them. That is so gross.

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