🎁Ronaldo & Neymar: Birthday Buddies🎁

– It is my birthday, I’ll try tricks if I want to!
– Try if you want to! – Thanks!
– PS I’ve booked you
– What?! – Ha! I would cry too if i had this hairdo!
– Here’s a present for you… **** you! – It’s also my birthday, come along, if you want to?
– Okay. – What? You want to?
– Sure!
– Mummy! He wants to! – We would cry too if we’d been subbed like you! You really should sue!
– Screw you! – First pass the parcel…
– Pass it!
– No way! I win! – Musical statu-!
– I win, again! Sii! A FIFA battle… Which Ron refused
I win! – Two please, For “The Accused”
– What?! -It is our birthday, we’ll try tricks if we want to!
– Try if you want to! – Thanks!
– Look what I’ve booked you
– No thanks! Ciao Ciao! You two!
Here’s a present for you! – What?
– And one for you!
– SIII! – Now for more presents!
– No gravity socks! Yes! – Then birthday cake!
– And making Tiktoks! – Netflix and chill!
– Chill?!
– Whatever “chill” is… – Well chill is when you…
– I bet you chill with your sis! – What? It’s sex!
– WHAT?! – It is our birthday, we’ll try tricks if we want to!
– Fly if you want to!
– Thanks! – Look what I’ve booked you!
– Thanks! – I look great too!
– What an awesome hair-do! Happy birthday to you! Suuu!!! – Hello you two!
– Here’s a present for you!
– Thanks! – And one for you! See you in March for my birthday!
– Don’t you be getting any ideas, young lady! – Neymar, your sis has zero netflix and chill…
– You mean, “zero chill” Uh, the word chill is so confusing these days. Anyway, Happy Birthday.

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  2. Remember that Bad bromance duo ronaldo and Neymar when ronaldo faced PSG with real Madrid 😂 can't believe it was before 2 years (14th Feb 2018)……..

  3. Hey 442oons, I have a vid idea. How about u do a fighting vid see who is the most Powerful Footballer. I’m excited if Ronaldo sister fights Zlatan.

  4. You Should Name Roberto Firminio Roberto Sirminio And Yan Sommer Yan Summer And Robert Lewandowski Robert Jellydowski

  5. Can someone please tell me what app u can use to create cartooooooooooooooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooons 😥😥

  6. "Smalling scored and two goals from my life sized troll…the player you supposedly could have signed…followed by the epic jose mourinho laugh…"

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