This one! I am the best person in the world So humble In today’s vlog I open up a lot of birthday presents, but before I get started Subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up we are starting the birthday boys day out right with some delicious donuts Aren’t you so glad Stephen was born 11 years ago today? So you can have that donut? What is this today? Thank you for being born Thank you for being born, Stephen. Nummy Isn’t it nummy? That’s the only thing you’re good for bud and some donuts. Nummy nummy How does it feel to be 11 years old? The same Parker is excited that it is Stephen’s birthday Because she gets donuts with sprinkles Sprinkles. Sprinkles! Sprinkles are your favorite. It’s my birthday! It’s Stephen’s birthday! Happy birthday Stephen! Happy birthday, Stephen! happy birthday, Stephen. Happy birthday, Stephen. Happy birthday, Stephen. Happy birthday, Stephen(in baby talk) Happy Birthday, Stephen We had a whole year of celebrating a bunch of girly birthday parties, but today it is time for the boy’s birthday All right, so we’ve been working hard on Stephen’s birthday. We have decorations all set up and this We have kept Stephen out of this room, and he’s been downstairs while we’ve been working hard But it is almost time to call him up so that we can celebrate his birthday Let me see your guys’s shirts real quick Studio C! Studio C! (Also in baby talk) We were given these shirts by Studio C. We got a package and we were so excited to get them because we are big Studio C fans Especially Stephen, who’s birthday is today. Yes He loves Studio C Stephen is a big fan of studio C. And he got us hooked on Watching it and we are addicts in our family. We love watching Studio C And they were so kind to give us all of these awesome shirts Hey, guess what? I’m the only blue shirt All right, should we call Stephen up so that he can open his presents? Yeah, okay ready set go Stepheeeeennnnn! Yeah? Come here Woah! Happpy Birthdaayyy! Happy birthday, Stephen! She’s excited. Okay! Birthday hugs. Oh, yeah. No! Group hug! Happy birthday, Buddy. Stephen i didn’t hug you. Eleven years old, i am so proud of you. Now, you get your spankings. 1 2, 3 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and a pinch to grow an inch. Happy birthday! Have you seen so many presents in your whole life? All right, you better start opening some because we’re going to be here for a while So there are some rules because there’s a special surprise here for you If you touch it you open it, so this is not like any other Present opening, this is a present opening with a little bit of a twist and a surprise What? Also, don’t be the seeds Okay, well I would investigate everything then I open a present oh the Block week I Know this at the to expected oh Is it okay to present that one it tell me bunny doll jack parents? Are you? Another nothing are you kidding me a zero nothing? Remember the matter evening Sir Little dinner yes, no.4 I got three empty box with the record a little loose isn’t ah What kind of birth business? And E box, there’s nothing in here Sure, I swear that way there’s a buck you got a birthday present in the Dollar I only want to get Another empty one if you want you can not open the rest of them. How you’re helping help What you get good luck? He wants every dollar specif. Are you? High Roller whose name is Frank you don’t watch Aj nothing another book bring up another box Please nothing. I want to do another black Fortress love the new President Nothing boy. How do you guys done? No I guess not Wow What five yeah? That’s the one oh Yeah I know, just give me something. Yeah, lot of face. I have a lot okay Billy another 500 dollars Fourteen oh Pay saved you wonder. How many hundred dollars you’ve missed out on like I don’t like Alright steven, so there’s only two present questions which everyone join The red one hey big red one coming up I gave up He’s really bad person. Oh, oh, how much do you have now I? Got 20 bucks so far, and there’s one present laughs he’s opened all of those oh one is not one to know is After getting three books I get an Xbox one kiss. What birth during the watch Happy birthday Anybody got nothing really? picked up the laptop How it could be the last one – it was the first one? I would think that all the night pendants in them What do you think yes? Is that all you have ever wanted for the longest time for a long? An int Alex the girls are on cleanup duty No one can ask Stephen birthday reaction to his present was probably one of the best reactions. I have ever seen by any of our kids He seriously has been asking for an Xbox one for years. He is getting his xbox set up downstairs We’re going to go get his birthday dinner and dessert and continue the party All right, so it is birthday dinner time stephen. What did you choose for your birthday dinner? Yummy, I like when people pick pizza because I love it Happy birthday Happy birthday To you happy birthday dear I bet you can’t blow it out Happy birthday, buddy here’s a sentence whether nowhere To stay mum, which has become famous Stan, this is nice equipment That talks to me steven always cares about other people and their feelings over his own Steven is seriously the best person I not I am the best person in the world birthdays ready All right, steven. What did you choose for your birthday dessert? What is it gold line river flow right lime Sherbert throw lime sherbet with fries take the first bite Steven? Mmm, yummy lime ice insurance list of it Parker’s is digging right in River in action, this is his pudding spit. Oh I Can’t believe I’m 11 years old All right, the Stevens birthday is almost over we had a lot of fun pranking him He got one of the gift that he has wanted for a really long time For really long time and steven picked a yummy dinner and a delicious dessert for us to eat But we have one more activity that we are going to do But you will have to watch tomorrow’s vlog to see it steven has a few more presence that he needs to unwrap So make sure you watch tomorrow to see what he gets It was really fun hi, Alexis hex’s doh. Hi Tyler and Taylor Pineapple juice out the hi afternoon. Hi Emily our question for the day is have you ever been pranked on your birthday?

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