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  1. Janae is so cute every time she opened a gift she would say something along the lines of “a new one” I found that so cute

  2. this is reminding me of one of Laura's birthdays when she kept saying. "its a new one." that's so cute.

  3. It’s weird how you guys feel like a 2nd family to me. I’ve watched you guys for so long I feel like I know you guys personally. I love your family so much Thankyou for uploading I wouldn’t be the same without you💗

  4. Janae is like Laura with presents. Both are like “my new one my new toy my new thing” so cute

  5. Janae is a beautiful smart girl. I remember calling my cousin and saying, “Guess what! Kendra had her baby!” We both love you guys. I love watching her grow up into a kind girl. She talks so well and shows lots of love! Don’t know who would make me smile and giggle everyday if she wasn’t here! Happy birthday big girl! Love you tons 😘❤️

  6. Omg it’s been a year since I’ve watched there videos and I was looking through all the channels I had subscribed to and all I see is a video with the words Janaes 3 year old birthday surprise omg she has grown so much ever since!. Bless your family❤️.

  7. It’s so weird that I’ve been watching since the beginning and all of them are so big especially janae. Happy birthday 🎉

  8. Omg. Nae nae your getting do big! I can balive iva been here since laura's 3 bday. OMG!!😁 love you guys!😍
    Lol 2:34 that look haha

  9. Wow, I was shocked when I read the caption! She’s already 3 years old! Time has passed by so quick! I’m glad you guys are doing great!! Blessings to all of you guys 💕💕💕

  10. Happy birthday janae I love you so much I love how your are soo sweet and so cute I hope you have so many wishes

  11. Janae’s Smile while everyone sang her Happy Birthday was Priceless! Just Love this Awesome family! 💕🍬🎂🍭💕

  12. intive amber from your family to see your family I want to see that I miss amber from the video I was watching past video in 2017.

  13. Janae is so big now, holy. I’ve been here before we even found out you were pregnant. She looks so much like her big sister, Laura.

  14. At 6.10 the video changed over to Kendra & OMG ( she’s always pretty🥰) but WOW she looked STUNNING! To be the mother of 5 Angel’s & look as good as she does, Please I need her secret! 💕❤️💕

  15. What would be great is if you guys write a series of children’s book’s based on your family & your adventure’s. Now for the adults maybe a book on parenting, you guys are Amazing parents with Amazing children & family. So some tips would be great! 💕👍🏻💕

  16. Her smile is darling!! Happy birthday sweet Janae!! Hope you have the best day, gorgeous girl. ♥️💕♥️💕

  17. Happy Birthday Jeana, she is the cutest little girl ever, can’t believe she is already 3 can’t wait to see her keep growing

  18. Janae was waiting for her birthday, and guess what????? I was waiting.for her birthday too!!!! Love you baby y Janae ❤🏵💐💐

  19. Omg she's 3 already! I've been here from the start she acts all grown up I love it how she says a new….. to whatever present she got she's just like Laura HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE

  20. She is soooo cute. She has grown up so fast, they all have but i remember when you guys first said you were having her and i was so excited and now look at her she is amazing. Happy birthday Jenay

  21. Ahaha. I loved when the kids are the cake, then spoke with cake stain on their teeth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANEA, God made you so beautiful and you always brighten my day!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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