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  1. OMG I LOVE HER HAIR CUT!!!!!!! She looks so much older now with the hair cut. I still remember when Elise cut her hair around the age of cute Laura

  2. She’s so grown up 💕 it’s honestly emotional because I’ve been here from the beginning and I feel like I’ve grown with your family 💕

  3. you are geting so big laura what im greatful for how laura is so kind and I love your creatives you guys can whuch my youtube channel just go on Olivias fun staition with a white o and pink around it

  4. ive been watching yall for so many years, watching all ur kids grow up and i always watch yalls bday vids ilysm keep up the good work!!❤️

  5. It would be cool if all the girls got the same haircut and match each other! Laura rocks both longer hair and shorter hair!

  6. What did Caleb eat for dessert since he is GF? How do you handle the hard truth about wheat-free and not be able to eat what his friends and sibling eat?

  7. Happy late birthday, Laura! I love her energy and how she is go with the flow and included everyone for her birthday dinner. That was super sweet of her ❤🎁🎉

  8. Hi j house I love your videos and been here 2016 to 2020
    I have been here for the past couple years it’s a great place and am always happy that you
    are a thing so happy b day night

  9. Oh my days Miss Laura. I love your hair so much!! It is absolutely gorgeous and it suits you so so much! Happy Birthday sweet girl! ♥️✨🥳 Enjoy your special day! ❤️❤️❤️

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