🎂Laura’s 3 Year Old Birthday Special🎁

– I’m so excited! (squeals) – We got a birthday in the
house, could I get a round of applause for ’em please? (cheering and clapping) (twinkly music box music) – [Dad] Good morning. – (Whispers) Thank you. – [Dad] Is it your birthday? – (Gasps) – What do you see? – Pink presents. I like this one. – You like that one? – Yeah, and this one’s
pink that’s gum for me. – [Mom] Oh! How do you know what’s inside of it? – Gum. (laughter) Like, this is gum. – [Mom] You think so? You think you know that? – Mmhm, that’s gum! – [Dad] (laughs) – Here we go. – Laura, can’t you believe you’re three? – Yeah! – You’re really three!
– Thank you guys! – It’s really your birthday. Oh, you’re welcome. – Your special day. – No it’s your special day. – Yeah it’s your special day. – Thank you guys. – Laura you want to show ’em the plate? What’s it say? – Happy Birthday. – And are you gonna use this plate today? – Yeah. – Do you want to put your breakfast on it? – Sure. – Alright. So for her birthday
breakfast, Laura requested cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and fruit. – (In unison) ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy dear Laura ♫ Happy birthday to you (cheering and clapping) (gentle acoustic guitar music) – Do you want me to help you? – No. – (Gasps) I love it! Thank you! – Do you want me to put it
up high so no one gets it? – No. – [Dad] Heh, we wouldn’t want
someone like Cubby to get it. (laughter) – Can you um, share it with us? – Sure. I’m so excited. – [Dad] (laughs) – [Mom] You can sit right by
her Isaac, if you want to. – (Gasps) A new one! Thank you! – [Dad] What is it? Oh a cup! Yeah, it has her and her and her and her. – [Dad] Princesses. – Yeah. Thank you! – [Dad] She has her little
table over here where she has decided her presents go. Are those your presents? – Yeah. – This one is from Grandma and Papa. – (Gasps) A new Frozen one? – [Mom] Yeah, what is it? It’s a Frozen puzzle. – Yeah it is. – And then a… What’s this? – What do you think it is? – Yeah. – What is it? – A cook? – For what? – For a kitchen. – Yeah for your kitchen. – Yeah. You wrapped this so good. – [Mom] Thanks. – You’re welcome. – (Gasps) My new clothes! – [Mom] Yeah! – Thank you! – You’re welcome. – I always liked these. – You always liked these? – Uh huh. – It’s a new shirt. – And new pants. – Yeah and they’re size three! – Thank you! – [Mom] Alright, which
one are you gonna do next? – [Dad] This one’s from Elise. – [Kid] I wonder what it is? – (Gasps) A new necklace! Thank you! – There’s lots of different
kinds of necklaces. – This is pink. – Mmmhm, there’s pink. – Uh huh. – [Mom] Are you so excited? – Yeah. – [Mom] Happy birthday, Laura! – Thank you! – [Mom] Happy birthday, Laura! – (Yelling) Thank you! – [Mom] How old are you? – (Yelling) Three! – [Mom] Three! You got it! – This one’s heavy. – [Mom] Is it heavy? – Yeah. (gasps) A new one again! – [Mom] This one’s the food
to cut in your kitchen. – Thank you, Mom! – [Mom] You’re welcome. – I always liked this. Oops. There we go. – Perfect, they can go
right there, that’s a great spot for it. My favorite thing is that
she doesn’t respond to the present until all the paper is off. Like she sees it and then
she finishes tearing off the paper and then she goes (gasps). – Now can I do this one? – You can do this one. – The biggest one of all! – It’s from Mom and Dad. – (Gasps) A new this! No way! Thank you mom! – [Dad] Which princess is it? – Sophia the First. – [Dad] Yep, just like Sophia the First. – And I need a amulet on it. – There is an amulet on it,
right here, there’s the amulet. – Can I wear it? – You sure can! Do you want me to help you put it on? – No I know how. – Of course you do. – [Dad] So pretty. – There you go. – Now I need to make my hair. – Oh you need to do your hair? – Oh, you just curl it. – I just need to curl it? – Yeah. – [Mom] I love it! – I need someone to dance with me, – [Isaac] I can. – [Mom] Very nice! – Laura, can I have a turn? – [Mom] You guys are so funny. (laughter) You nailed that turn! (squealing) [Dad] Solo dance, she’s off (laughing). – She always does that
when they’re just dancing. – [Dad] The run away? The dramatic exit. Sophia, where are you? We need you! – I can go find her. – (Singing inaudibly) – You look so nice. – Thank you. – Guess what? – We have one more present for you. It’s hiding. – Can I, get? – Can you get it? Can you sit down tight
here and close your eyes. Close your eyes. – Eeee! I’m so excited. – [Mom] Alright, you can open ’em! – (Gasps) A new stroller! – [Mom] A baby stroller. – A baby stroller. – [Mom] Yeah! – This goes up and down? – [Mom] Yeah! – Can I get a baby? – [Mom] Sure go get a baby. – [Dad] There’s the baby! – (Whispers) she’s sleeping. – [Dad] Oh shhh. – I’m the dad. – [Dad] Oh okay. Hey Laura. – Hm? – [Dad] You about ready to
go on your birthday outing? – Yeah. – [Dad] Alright, let’s go. – Come on Minnie, we’re
going on an outing. (rock and roll music) – We gotta be fast! (screaming) – [Kid] We’re in first place! – [Mom] Are you driving, Laura? So the kids are playing
some game in the car where they’re racing all the
other cars on the freeway. They’re really getting into it. – It’s from Disneyland. It’s from Ader Rater Springs. (exotic drum music) – This is the best playground ever. (screaming) – Woo! (squealing) – [Mom] So for Laura’s
birthday outing she really wanted to go to the playground,
but with the weather, it’s too cold to go to the
playground, so I found this awesome place it’s actually
a showroom for a certain brand of playground equipment,
and they opened up during the days for kids to
just come and play and so the kids are really loving
this, they’re running so much. They’re gonna tire themselves out. – Ahoy matey! – [Dad] You a pirate? – Mmhm. Arrrrgh! Go away! [Dad] Pirate Laura. – Ahoy matey. (giggling and squealing) – Thank you. – [Mom] Good job catching her, buddy. – Yeah. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you [Dad] Isaac’s gonna try to dunk it. Nice! Nice dance (laughs) Did you just eat a booger? You guys run now, I’m
gonna start counting. We’re playing freeze tag. Ready or not, here I come! (intense music) He’s frozen! (laughing) Gotcha! Cubby’s frozen! – While I’m sitting here
relaxing on this like porch swing thing and watching
Jeremy play freeze tag with all four of our kids. He keeps getting the big
kids, then Laura goes and unfreezes them all and the
kids cheer Laura saved the day and then it starts over again. It’s a pretty good view I have. – Unfreeze! – [Dad] Come back here! Come back here! Gotcha! – Shhh, you’re unfreezed. Guys I’m frozen! Thank you! Pshhh! – I was finally about to get
all of them, and then you come and save the day. – That was fun to watch you guys. That was fun, I’m totally sweaty. Yeah,
– Skinny jeans. – Not a good choice. – (In unison) Threeeee! – [Voice On Phone] Hi Laura! Happy birthday! – Thank you. Yeah I’m three years old now. – [Voice On Phone] What did
you get for your birthday? – Gum, and a dress. – [Voice On Phone] Bye! – Okay, bye! – Laura took a good nap
and now the kids and I are working on school
and Laura just woke up so she’s having a little bit of a lunch. – And I’m cutting up the turkey. – You’re cutting up your turkey? – Mmhm. – What plate are you using? – My happy birthday one. – [Mom] Nice, having a
hard time getting that one? Oh, that was a big bite. – Mmmhm. – [Mom] Good job big girl. – (Muffled talking while chewing) – [Mom] What did you say? – I love you and (muffled
talking while chewing) – She said I love you and
I think you’re so cute. – [Mom] Well thanks Laura, I love you too. – (Muffled talking while chewing) – [Mom] Why don’t you
chew and swallow and then we’ll chat, okay? – Okay. – Does it go there or here? – [Mom] Issac you are
an awesome big brother. Thank you for helping her. – There! – [Mom] Did you get it? – Yeah. – It’s birthdayyyyyy night. – Yeah. – Yeah. – [Mom] Our turn! (giggling) – [Dad] It’s Laura’s birthday,
she’s pretty excited. – Thank you. – It’s really fun to get this
one on one time with the kids I’m really grateful for this tradition. – We’ve got a birthday in
the house, can we get a round of applause for her, please? (cheering and clapping) – [Waitress] How old
are your turning today? – [Dad] Laura, how old are you? – Three! – [Waitress] Three? That’s exciting! We’re gonna sing a song
for you if that’s okay? (clapping) ♫ Happy happy birthday ♫ On this your special day ♫ Happy happy birthday ♫ That’s what we’re here to say ♫ Happy happy birthday may
all your dreams come true ♫ Happy happy birthday
from Red Robin to you (cheers and applause) – What do you say? – Thank you! – That’s not how we eat ice cream sundaes. At this rate we are gonna be here forever. – [Dad] She’s skipping. – [Mom] Do you need a balloon? – Yah! – [Mom] Let’s go get a balloon! – [Dad] Did you get one? – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh good. – Great choice. So Laura doesn’t love
cake, she usually only eats the frosting and the
ice cream, so we got her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. – [Dad] Laura look at your cake! – [Mom] Climb up here so you can see it. What do you think? – Thanks! – [Dad] Guess what it’s made out of? – Pink. – [Dad] It’s made out of ice cream. – Happy Birthday Laura. – (Giggling) Thank you Allie. (laughter) – [Mom] Can you smile this direction? (laughing) – [Dad] Little photo shoot
before we cut the cake. – Here it comes. Ready, here’s the number three! ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Laura ♫ Happy birthday to you (cheering and clapping) – [Man] Happy birthday, Laura! ♫ I adore ya, Mrs. Laura ♫ You’re so beautiful, woo – This is hard to get out, oopsie daisies. – [Dad] That works. She’s eatin some, it’s birthday cake time. Laura can you say, J-House out? – J-House out! (laughter) – [Mom] What do you think
we should name the baby? – Our top five favorite names currently, – Yes. – We want to share with you guys. Goose. (screaming)

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