🎂Super Birthday Party🎉

(high-energy horn music) – Good morning! We are getting ready for Caleb’s 4th birthday party today. It’s a superhero-themed party, we’re having lots of friends over, it’s going to be a blast. – Welcome to superhero training! I am Superman, and I’ll be training you today. – Ooh! – There are many different
skills that you need as a superhero. When you are given great power, you have great… – [Boy] Responsibility. – Responsibility! That’s right. The first thing you need to learn to do is to break things with your hands. Break the paper! (cheering) Whoa! Oh! Oh! (laughter) Oh! – [Boy] Superbaby! – [Father] Next, we will leap into the Pit of Despair! – [Boy] What’s it like? – [Father] Whoa! Laura is up here! Three, jump! Nice! Oh, you got it! Okay, Pebby, knock down the boxes! Nice! All right, do it! Whoa! Yeah! Whoa! – Guys! – [Boy] Whoa! – [Father] He’s going underneath! He immediately went down! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! (laughter) Whoa! He’s going! Climb up. – All right, so for the superheroes’ final test before they can eat pizza for lunch, they have to defeat the supervillain that Caleb and his dad created together, who’s called Mega-Fart. Laura, who is that? – Daddy. – [Mother] Is it Daddy? Are you sure it’s Daddy? – I’m Mega-Fart! Silent but deadly! – Um, Jeremy even padded his bum. He doesn’t need any
more padding down there. – Hey! – [Mother] Are you guys ready? Do you have a plan? – Yes! – [Mother] All right, Mega-Fart’s almost ready! Oh, Laura, Laura! Laura, it’s just Daddy, it’s just Daddy! It’s just Daddy! Jeremy’s trying to make a grand entrance, and Laura freaks out crying! It’s just Daddy, big girl! Here comes the supervillain! (fart sound) – I am Mega-Fart! (children shrieking and laughing) – Everybody, attack! (children yelling) (dramatic music) – [Child] Get on him! – Everyone, high fives! (cheering) Boom, boom, boom, boom! – [Mother] All right, who wants pizza? (children cheering) – [Child] Pizza! – [Mother] Caleb, what did your friends bring? – Presents! – [Mother] Caleb, what did you get? – Legos and sweet fish! – [Mother] Sweet fish? Yum! – Thank you! – [Mother] Thanks, Garrett! – Mine! (mumbling) ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Caleb ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ – Ooh wa wa! Cha cha cha! – Yay! – [Father] You guys friends? – [All] Yeah! – Woo-Hoo! – So Caleb really wanted a treasure hunt, so last minute, we threw
something together. The first clue is on a piece of paper found in Caleb’s room! (easy acoustic guitar) – [Boy] And then over here? – [Father] It’s over here somewhere! – Right here! – [Father] What does it say? – Go where we… We make music! – [Father] Where do we make music? – [Boy] I’m finding it! – [Father] All right. Where princesses sleep! – Go where princesses sleep! – [Father] The library books! – [Boy] Library! – [Mother] Where’s the library books? – Right here! – [Father] You found it! – Thanks for coming to my party! – [Boy] You’re welcome! (music playing in background) – [Father] Did you find the goggles? – No. – [Father] No? – Mine! – [Father] Oh, those are yours? You look so pretty. (mumbling) (mumbling) – [Mother] Well Caleb is enjoying his birthday party spoils. He is snacking on Swedish Fish, while building his very
first Lego creation. He’s never had his own Lego set to follow the instructions on before. (laser sounds) (mumbling) (flying sounds) – Try to do this! – [Father] What are you guys working on? – Cutting strawberries for
Caleb’s birthday tomorrow. – [Father] For our breakfast? – Mm-hmm (affirmative). – [Father] Thanks for doing
all the work, you guys! – You’re welcome. – We just wanted to help. – Uh-huh (affirmative). – I’m helping for my birthday. – [Father] Thanks for helping! – Every year, we try to take the kids
on a birthday date, like just special them time with just mom and dad, and today, we’re taking
Caleb out to dinner, his choice, to Texas Roadhouse is where we’re headed. So we’re driving, and I’m telling him, like, “Caleb, we’re going on a date,” like, “we’re going to
get to sit and talk,” and I’m like, “you can tell
us all of your feelings, “and we can talk about
this and this and this,” and there’s this pause, and what does he say? – Caleb says, “Why don’t we just eat?” – Classic! Caleb, do you want to just eat? – Uh-huh (affirmative). – [Mother] Uh-huh (affirmative). What are you going to order for dinner? – Some macaroni and cheese and root beer and rolls. – [Mother] Ooh, that sounds yummy! So the sun was bothering Caleb, and so Jeremy gave him his sunglasses, and Caleb’s having a great time with them! Oh, there he is! Ready? Caleb is so excited to be here! Jeremy’s teaching him how to do peanuts! When we walked in, there were peanuts all over the floor, and he was so confused, he was like, “Why, “why are there peanut
shells on the floor?” – Crush it! – You got to crush it! – [Mother] You have to
pretty much destroy it. – How was it? – Good! – [Mother] Do you want to do another one? – Yeah. I laughed so hard that snot come out of my nose. – I hate when that happens! – So we’ve just been chatting about where Caleb wants to
live when he grows up, and about the death of our grandparents, just normal four-year-old conversation. – Why do they have a… Is that a dead one? – No, that one’s a real one. Well why is it, what’s it doing up there? – They just put it, they just drilled a hole and then put the wall back together, and they put that thing back up. – Oh, so where’s the rest of it? – Outside! – Oh, the rest of it’s on the other side of the wall? – Yeah. – Interesting. – J-House out. We’re going to fly up to the sky! – [Mother] Here they go!

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