🎄Merry Christmas from Sookim (ft. Chef D) | Making Mexican food for Christmas! | Sookim

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  1. I liked the live showcase! It's a good way to interact with each other. Have a Merry Christmas y'all, from Mexico City! (here it's still 20:20 p.m. from the 24th) I wish you peace in your households.

  2. Chef D is serious when hes in the kitchen… Sookim is so cute especially the ASMR part lol. Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

  3. 먼가 남매 케미가 느껴지는~~ㅋㅋ이제 점점 요리를 즐기시는거 같아요!!! Sookim도 메리크리스마스🎂🍰🧁

  4. It would have been so funny if he gave you a t-shirt that had "tuck your fingers in" written on it xD
    Anyways, merry christmas!

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