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Hey everybody and welcome back to Calm Your Dog. Now, today’s video it’s all about how you can prepare a Christmas dinner for
your dog. Now, Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year,
everyone looks forward to it. everyone loves getting around the table with all those family and having a Christmas dinner and why should you leave your dog
out dogs would love this as well maybe don’t do it sort of around the table and
a little seat for you dog because maybe that’s taking a little bit too far but
definitely do prepare them a nice Christmas dinner and they can enjoy on
Christmas Day as well ok so the first thing that dogs can obviously have is a
turkey turkey is just a lead meat that dogs can have all year round but
obviously turkey is forever a popular at Christmas time so they can definitely
indulge in some turkey however they’re try and keep any turkey skin well away
from them because it’s gonna be way too fatty
for them now as well as Turkey obviously the thing that goes very well with
Turkey is a cranberry sauce dogs can enjoy cranberry sauce but again a very
very small amount you don’t like him for over endorsing with this one and
obviously it can be quite sweet and just tranq you this to a minimum but if you
do want to pop a little bit crumbly sauce you can do that and then the same
goes for potatoes as well obviously potatoes if we make them we might pop
some I don’t know fat on there we might pop some butter some salt in there which
your dog can’t have so if you do decide to give your dog a nice Christmas Day
meal try and pop a few boiled potatoes to one side don’t mash them don’t put
butter on them salt on them franki them separate and then your dog can enjoy
them with you as well but also do you remember that don’t over endorse him
with this one potatoes are still very very high in starch and this can make it
very difficult for any dog to digest now next up we have vegetables or
veggies how we want to say it dogs can have a number of different vegetables
but there is certain ones that you need to sell it or well away from dogs can
have it vegetables such as broccoli they can have Brussels sprouts past that Kara
it’s called yaks green beans cauliflower spinach peas all these sort of
vegetables we’ll try and keep these to a minimum you don’t want to over indulge
with this and also did give them the vegetables that are maybe have I don’t
know what was upon them at Christmastime butter or I don’t really know something
we know we’ll just have them fresh freshly cooked by all of us or think
what if you do like to add salt keep that away from your dog but that is it
for this week’s video thank you all so so much for watching don’t forget to
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