bleep yeah
don’t sleep II had a 10 years old you feel older you didn’t notice anything
yeah your lamb go up sleepyheads you just woke up – I woke up I woke up
early by yourself yes you did it and so does Anthony don’t stop back to do is
point the food yeah so it’s not just your birthday and Patty’s day to day
baby our good luck charm right how do you like the decorations did you sleep
good all right are you ready to go have fun
in Myrtle Beach we’re at the shack eating breakfast and
the birthday girl J dad got a plate caught the shack Oh it’s for a baby Wow when your bed you want to be on your
laptop fold okay so I know simply southern shirt this is my other channel paint huh look at that
did my match daddy there yeah God made Jesus saved Oh raised in
the South simply southern father I by don’t eat healthy and look at all
this mess its cleanup gonna I’m boxes so what are you gonna wait to the house
waiting to open all that up you know you’re gonna play with it at home
writing yeah not with your hands all right do you like all your presents for
some yes thank you so much and thank you guys so much

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