🎉 Happy Birthday Russell!!! 🎊

[Captions by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator] [Music plays]>>Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Russel, happy birthday to you! Were you really asleep?>>I was trying to go to sleep.>>Are you happy?>>Yeah, it smells delicious.>>Russell woke up early this morning. He was disappointed that breakfast in bed
will not be waiting for him. So, I said: “Well go back to sleep
and maybe it’ll happen the second time you wake up.” I guess you get to act spoiled
on your birthday, huh? [Laughs]>>I just woke Chad up. It’s 10:30. He slept in– okay. Anyway, I went in. It’s 10:30 and he was
just sleeping on a blanket, and he goes into the laundry room, and he shows me his sheets and they were covered in blood.>>What?>>What happened Chad? It’s so funny.>>What happened?>>So, I had a bad dream and I woke up really fast
and– pfft! Sat up really fast! Hit my nose on the bar. By my bed. I didn’t even realize it. I went back to bed. And I woke up like an hour later,
my sheet just covered in blood. I’m like “Oh crap!” So I just took them to the laundry and slept on my mattress.>>I saw those, ’cause I walked into
the laundry room this morning. All the kids were still asleep and I was getting some laundry started. And I saw the sheets down. I thought: “Did Chad wet the bed?” like he doesn’t wet the bed
anymore anyway. Covered in blood. Russell.>>Yeah?>>Grandma sent you a present. Are you ready?>>Yeah!>>You know what it is, don’t you?>>All the kids look forward
to this on their birthdays.>>It’s become a tradition. [Music from the video plays] I do not understand where they find this! Is there one for everyone?>>Umm, there’s a lot of people. [Music plays]>>Don’t hit me! We’re gonna not get hit. Oh no! Jump over me! Please clear me! C’mon Shari your turn! Shari doesn’t know
if she fully wants to give way to jumping, It makes her feel like
she’s a little kid. So she’s just jumping with
her hands in her pockets.>>Are you talkin’ about me?>>Yes, I’m talkin’ about you. Pull your hands out of your pockets! There is Grandma and Grandpa!>>You always know where to find us.>>I think you’re having more fun
than anyone! Oh my goodness! Awww! You guys this is little Clara! Let’s see you go! Whooaah! [Music plays] You make it look so easy, Olivia! Holy smokes! Gimme five! [Music plays] I absolutely love
how for Russell’s birthday, he wanted to play
with his cousins and his uncles! like those are the most
important people in his life. And it just —
I love that he sees family as that it’s just — it’s just… Heart melting. What are you doing? Oh my gosh! [Laughs] Are you two brothers or cousins?>>Yeah.>>You’re cousins?>>Cousins.>>You’re twinning cousins
with the same shirt on?>>Yeah.>>Yeah?>>We’re best cousins! [Remixed “Happy Birthday” song plays] How long does it take to find all the cousins and get them in one shot? Can you guys see yourself? Julie can you see yourself?>>I can’t see myself!>>I can!>>I can see– okay, oh Eve!>>Eve wants to be the center. Eve go sit back down!>>Cooper don’t pick your nose!>>On the count of three! You’re gonna say happy birthday! Ready? One.>>Wait even me?>>Yeah even you. Look at — look at Porter in there. Porter, You okay? You got some air in there? All right, as long as you can breathe. Okay, ready? One, two, three. Happy Birthday! [Laughs] All right!>>Okay, let’s light the candles!>>All right. Let’s light them. Chad, do you wanna help with that? [Music]>>Okay. Come on, people! [everybody singing Happy Birthday]>>He is officially seven!>>Yay!>>Let’s eat!>>Let’s eat it!>>Wait, presents first!>>Alright, we’ll open some presents!

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