ğŸŽ¨Birthday Party ART ExtravaganzağŸŽ‚

today as Elise’s seventh birthday art extravaganza we are going to have so much fun we’re gonna get messy we’re going to make edible art stuff we’re going to paint like a real artist it’s going to be an awesome day and we’re starting with the messy part because that’s the most fun Jeremy is protecting our home alright we’ve got 15 minutes on the clock ready go let’s see what you guys can create a mixing colors to make purple oh you got an itch knows she’s better nose [Music] actually looks pretty good job alright it’s time to clean up [Music] and use your rights on your hands and your feet all right now we’re doing pictionary good guess yeah you got it and you get to go next cake decorating right this veneers these okay so then you’re gonna glue it to your board and I’m gonna give you a little kale easy now put it down in the middle right where you want it so kind of mix it up where they glued down yeah all right we’re ready for the next step [Music] maybe have a little work I want me whoa it landed face up yep that’s not I mean I’m glad it landed face up that was perfect [Music] [Music] laughter laundry in my bed shereena sweet [Music] in case you have five minutes to draw a picture of the person across from you ready set go [Music] kneeling down oh it looks like a rising next up they’re gonna be real artists and paint on canvases alright it’s time to open presents I really like it thank you so you’re gonna build a zipline for her that’s awesome yeah we did it with Legos yeah this is a very beautiful day are we gonna do it ten dollars I am now you could like buy a car cool thank you sorry it couldn’t figure out how to spell your name it was actually perfect okay who wants cake an ice cream going for it all the way hmm was it good so this is a cherry chip cake with strawberry ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream that’s what Lisa wanted so what’d you think of your birthday party well we love you happy seventh birthday thanks Jay [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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