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  1. It’s amazing to see how wonderful Kendra and Jeremy are at raising their kids and making sure they are growing in to aware and mature kids

  2. J House Vlogs I love the pool! I am thankful for my best Skyline Gang friends at Butlins Minehead! Please give me a shout out in your next video! My name is Leanne, I'm 18 years old and I am from Great Britain 🇬🇧

  3. If you ever did come to Rhode Island, which you should, there is a really cool thing that Elise would like, it’s a 5 day summer camp called Next Stop Broadway, I did it last year, the youngest you can be to do it is 10 and I really enjoyed it. I just thought that she would like it.

  4. I love Disney plus ! I am blind and I love that they Ofer audio description! Thank you Disney !

  5. My dad dislikes anything that you have to pay for so I can’t have Disney plus rip…. can someone donate me their Disney plus acc?

  6. I am Puertorican and i am living in Michigan and i am going to miss Christmas there, they are the best and the longest.

  7. My family has Disney+ and it is awesome for family movie nights.
    I love the videos and how the videos are showing what some family's do during the day.

  8. You are so nice if it does not turn out I want you to know you Are so kind and amazing and thankful never let anyone get you down

  9. You guys should watch encore it is so good it is about these high schoolers who put on a musical in high school and they put the same musical just 20 years later it is amazing

  10. This is my first time watching your Videos and I am already fallen in Love with this family. First I had only Wanzen to watch this because of my English exam tomorrow (I‘m German😂) but after watching this I think I will subscribe😂❤️.
    Best wishes from Germany💕

    And sorry for all the mistakes in there.😅

  11. I love how you & Jeremy have built so much insight and so many life experience into your five beautiful children lives. Issac's response blew me away, especially for a young boy.

  12. Kendra slow down you have a wonderful husband and wonderful children, it's going to be OK. I know you will make everything right.

  13. Thanksgiving was 3 days ago but I am grateful for family friends pets food and youtube that it got
    Created and nature and the beautiful make of life

  14. I would rather watch Chad wild clay the hacker show not a big fan of j house vlogs that's my opinion and I would not pet that dog

  15. Slightly off topic 😬 but does anyone remember the vlog where at the end Jeremy is setting up the camera at the table and Caleb farts loudly 😂, my kids love it! I remember us watching it over and over and laughing so much! I’m grateful that you make us laugh! X

  16. Ok, so idk here to send this comment.
    Though if you want a million signatures to keep content like yours going and gaming content.
    Then you'll need to contact the following people to do a video.
    Dantdm who's publicly commented on it, but has yet to do a video on COPPA, Casey Neistat, apparently (Robert Blake claims, Casey may not know about this), ………sure and David Dobrik, since he has a score to settle with YT.
    Hopefully this helps.

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