👀 KINGSO EMOJI EMOTICON Key Chain Plush Party Favors Stocking Stuffers 👈

Oh hi baby puggie! hi so today I have the Kingso plush
mini emoji pack this is a pack of 35 and as you can tell
there aren’t a lot of them they range from poop emoji to it’s different forms
to simple smiley face and the cat and even rainbow poop with this package you
can pick from whatever you like kissy-faces – I don’t know what this is
and add it to your keychain or something you’d like to carry around every single
day. This would actually be great to hand out on Halloween especially if you don’t
want to spend all the money on the candy and want to give to the kids something a
little bit more memorable to have you can also be good for party favors as
well something so simple these are actually a lot of money in the stores I
felt like a dollar, a dollar fifty or two dollars sometimes even more but you can
get this pack of 35 for a relatively cheap price and get so many options. So
what’s your favorite? My favorite I like this one it’s it’s purple and it it
kinda has some double horns but I like it I also like the ghost the ghost is my
favorite I don’t know why I just think it’s really cute now which one do you like do you like to
tiger I think she’s kind of like – tiger there’s also a fusion here you like the
kitty as you can see there’s so many to choose
from I mean I’m sure you could find whatever
mood you’re in in this pack of emojis so you know you’re feeling nerdy one day
you could take this one or you know just happy or I guess if you’re feeling a
little little piggy maybe ate too much and I spy a pig and I guess so this is
if you feel a little you know a little rambunctious I guess I’m gonna put all
these back you’re gonna put them all in your backpack
yes oh okay what give out to friends gifts friends? no they are just mine so people of all ages like these my
younger four-year-old nephew tried getting into the bag before I did this
video and even my older sister wants a share in all these so these are the
Kingso plush mini emoji packs thanks for
watching you

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