NMASTE, SALAM, Satshri-Aakaal…I welcome you all in a new Vlog & Right now I’m in Paharganj & On my left & right there are a lot of Hotels So, let me tell you why this place is called Paharganj “Ganj” is a Farsi [Persian] word & it means something extraordinary or precious. Something which is really good & especially it is used after the name of a place With the view & feel it seems like “Las Vegas” But over here there is no such big gambling game as in “Las Vegas” So, why it is that much famous then? Why most backpackers and Tourists prefer this location as there #1 Choice? I was reading a lot about this place Love, Party, Alcohol you’ll get everything over here at this place Over here you can any Police-men, Pan Masala Shop or Tea shops about the Private & Underground clubs they’ll let you know But this is not the only reason why this place is soo famous This story starts along the way back when people from Afganistan, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh use to travel to India All of them use to come using silk-route & Paharganj is the nearest place to “New Delhi” Railway Station So, most of the travelers started staying at this place for a night or soo and that’s why a lot of people started new hotels over here Now if you look on the left or on the right you’ll see a lot of Hotels on both sides Along with Hotels, Souvenir shops started opening nearby, Bars, Restaurants started & the idea of one stop-place started growing in the local business market So, Paharganj became the one stop-place for backpackers and travelers around the world If you have been to parties in Goa or Thailand then I’m sure you won’t gonna like this place at all as the Bars are not up to the mark But this is place is famous for underground parties the stuff that you haven’t seen yet in your life you can expect that in Paharganj Even most of the locals won’t have any idea about the underground party culture which operates in Paharganj Backpackers panda, Zostel, KFC, McDonald’s whatever you want you can get here 70-80% Tourists which came to “New Delhi” stays over here & Experience the stuff around in Paharganj Plus, as a Tourist the places which you would like to visit are really near to Paharganj Also, you have hundreds of hotels to compare within just 200-300 Meters area. As you can see from my backside on the main street there are a lot of Hotels. Also, there are sub-streets with hotels I’m staying at this hotel name as Indo-Continental Hotel and you can even stay at a Hostel. So, it depends on you what exactly you want to experience In winters you can also find people selling clothes down the corner of the street Which are like 2nd Copy of the Original brands If you want my recommendation then I would just this cafe which is just in front of “Janta Hotel” I had a Cafe Mocha & Blueberry cheese Cake over here the taste was delicious And as it is the national capital so you can easily find a guy like him littering between 2 cars in open which is quite normal here For them to show there body like this and to make their country proud in front of others like this
[HAHA] Wherever you gonna stay in Paharganj “New Delhi” Railway Station will be like a 5 Minute Walk from that Hotel So, I hope for whatever reason you’re coming here it gets fulfilled and You must have learnt a lot about Paharganj from this short video & this one is a must-watch video before you plan & Now you have watched it already so don’t forget to press the bell Icon and Subscribe the Channel, Share the Video, Like the Video & Comment down below Because Paharganj is Pattayya Of India. So, don’t miss anything here I’ll see you guys in another video until then
Jai Hind!

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  1. आज ते कई साल पहले अड्डे पहाड़ होया करे,उसपे ताऊ nathha हमारा गांजा फूंकता था,तब से यू पहाड़गंज हो गया/थम अलग story सुननां लाग रहे है

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