💝3rd Birthday Party😂

(dance music) – A box. – I want that one. – [Mom] Open the door for your friends. – Michael. – [Mom] Come up here, Miss Laura. What is it? – This. – [Mom] What are they? – My balloons. – [Mom] She specifically
wanted pink helium balloons. – [Elise] So adorable. – [Jeremy] Laura’s final friend is here. Go open the door. (percussion music) ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Clap your hands ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Clap your hands ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Then your face will surely show it ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Clap your hands – So Aunt Michelle is gonna lead the kids in a music time, it’s gonna be fun. ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Stomp your feet ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Then your face will surely show it ♫ If you’re happy and you know it ♫ Stomp your feet – [All] Put the oil in the pot, and you make it real hot. And begin go sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle pop! (laughing) Sizzle sizzle pop! (screaming) You put the popcorn in
and you give to grandma, sizzle sizzle sizzle
sizzle sizzle sizzle pop! (screams) ♫ Aren’t you glad you found the circle – [Michelle] Alright, now we’re gonna do something else before we use our elastic. We’re gonna tap. One, two, three; can you count to three? – [In Unison] One, two, three. ♫ And then three more One, two, three – [Michelle] And stop. ♫ Making silly sounds – Jeremy’s being the
rocket ship for this song. – [Kids] Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon. – To the moon. – [In Unison] Three, two, one (laughs) – Again, again, again, again, again. – I’m a rocket ship. – [Michelle] Okay let’s
see if we can go again. – [In Unison] Everybody
have a seat on the floor. – Hello what’s your name? I’m Laura. ♫ Sing a scale ♫ La-La-La-La-La ♫ Coming down ♫ La-La-La-La-La – I think it’s time for a dancing song, what do you think? – Yay! – Let’s balance our puppets on our heads and see if we can stand up
and put them on the table. Okay, did you have… Good job, you did it! Under you chin. ♫ your hand under your chin Whoa, swing it back and forth. Oh yeah; oh yeah. ♫ Follow the leader and make a funny face – [Jeremy] Let’s see a funny face, Cobin. – [Mom] It’s table time. For Laura’s birthday party this year, we decided to keep it really simple and just focus on the things she loves. She loves music and Play-Doh, so we put those two things together. So, it’s a music, Play-Doh,
Laura themed birthday party. – I made a butterfly. – [Mom] You made a
butterfly, that’s awesome. (playful music) – Happy birthday Laura,
I made this for you. – Thanks. – Don’t rip it apart. – [Mom] That’s cute, it’s pretty hearts. I thought it was so sweet that
she wanted her big brother and sisters to be a part of her party and Isaac, Elise, Caleb are participating with the kids today, and they’re being good sports about it. Up
– Dad’s under there. (laughs)
– Slowly. – They think it’s real funny
that I’m under here, hey! (upbeat music) (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Mom] We’re listening
for the word freeze. ♫ Shake your booty – [Jeremy] Nice moves. ♫ Shake your booty ♫ Shake your booty ♫ Such a cutie booty – [Mom] Ready? And freeze. ♫ We’re gonna jump now Jump, jump! (laughs) – [Jeremy] Good job freezing. – [Mom] Oh, freeze.
– Oh. ♫ We’re gonna clap now – [Mom] Clap (clapping) ♫ Freeze ♫ And dance Grab a partner! ♫ Shake your booty ♫ Shake your booty (snoring) – [Jeremy] Good snore. ♫ Everybody get up – [Mom] Get up. ♫ Stomp your feet ♫ Stomp your feet ♫ Stomp your feet ♫ Stomp your feet Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. – [Girl] Everybody fall down. – [Mom] Fall down. Yay. – [Little Boy] Thank you. – [Michelle] You’re welcome. Thank you, oh that’s a good hug. I like hugs. – [Mom] So, are you ready
to open your presents? You want to open this one? (paper ripping) Laura, you are great
at unwrapping presents. – Oh, Else and Olaf. – [Mom] It’s a magnetic dress up. – Thank you! – [Mom] Gonna open the card? – I’ll take off the stickers. – [Mom] Oh, so beautiful
it says happy birthday. – Happy birthday. – [Mom] Laura, what do you say? – Thank you. – [Little Girl] All the way, all the way. – A box, it’s a box. – [Michelle] It is, it’s a box. – Can we open it? (laughs) – [Jeremy] Did she whisper what it was? – Yeah. (squealing) – I’m so excited. – Ready? – A new horsey? – [Mom] It’s a horsey. – Can we open this up? – [Mom] Yeah, we sure can. (upbeat music) – Thank you. It turns on. (horse neighing) – [Mom] Oh, that’s pretty cool. It’s eating something. Is it eating your toes? – [Jeremy] She’s a little nervous. – [Mom] (laughs) She is, she is. – [Jeremy] You a little
nervous about the horse? (horse neighing) – [Little Girl] Because
it’s eating carrots. He’s walking. – [Mom] It’s a walking horse. (paper ripping) – There’s a paper in there. – Happy birthday. – And let me show you, it
says happy birthday to you. Then this is a little house for you. – Thank you. (laughs) – [Jeremy] Who wants
some cake and ice cream? (cheering) – I want that one. ♫ Happy birthday dear Laura ♫ Happy birthday to you – Okay, do you guys want birthday party ice cream or vanilla? – [Little Girl] I want birthday party. – I want this one. – Oh, this one, the birthday party one? – [Little Girl] I want the birthday party. – I want this one. – We have a clear winner. (upbeat music) – [Mom] There you go, there you go. Happy birthday Miss Laura. – Thank you. – [Mom] How do you like
your birthday cake Laura? Yeah, so I kept it really simple and did store bought
cupcakes and she loves them. – [Jeremy] Did you get some on your face? – So, with Laura and Elise
being so close together in age, my memory from Elise’s birthday
party, three years ago, is contracting all the way through. Laura wasn’t born for another few days, but I contracted the whole morning of Elise’s birthday party. Every three minutes I’d
be like, oh contraction, I’d be frosting cupcakes and Jeremy’s like, are you okay? I’m like yes, we can make it
through the birthday party. And then after the birthday party, the contractions went away. So they were a few days apart, but it’s just a fun memory to
think about this time of year with the girls’ birthdays
and birthday parties. – [Jeremy] Laura is saying
goodbye to her friends. (laughs) – [Laura] Bye guys. Thank
you for coming guys. I miss you but I love you, but when you leave me, then I have to come to you, okay guys? J House out. I’m so excited. (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Waiter] We’ve got a
birthday in the house, can we get a round of
applause for them please? (applause) (laughs)

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