๐Ÿ”ด Bloveslife $10 Mukbang Meal Challenge | Homemade Fried Chicken Wings DINNER

hi everybody welcome welcome work –
tasty mukbang tasty McBaine tasty tasty mukbang tasty tasty McBaine tasty much
bang yo hi out zone today can we stop impose and strike a pose bo
blind fifty fifty and fine say the fine fine like men and any
minute in it mmm bo blind
bo hey how y’all doing today let’s strike a pose for thumbnail I don’t know
y’all I am here today with the beat loves challenge we got the ten dollar
meal challenge this is some homemade fried chicken that I just got to making
is so hot it’s still whistling I know it’s hard to believe you guys but I do
know how to fry chicken and it’d be looking good good I know it right right
right thumbs up the video this chicken leg ooh
y’all then we got my favorite red bell peppers we got some cucumbers they are
on sale for three for a dollar and then we got the tasty sauces make yo mouth on
the tasty Styles smack yo mouth on the tasty songs it taste so good and I make
you slap your mama but be careful cuz is she black she gonna slap you back
and that’s a fact jack let me put on my glasses and make sure everything is I
think Oh y’all lord I don’t I’m having some technical difficulties a little bit
closer I’m trying okay there’s conic rickets but it’s okay now let’s do it a
meal nicely welcome here yeah let’s do it
attempted editor Tom Neal missing whoa whee that chicken hot y’all okay
yeah I forgot to bring my phone in here where I could reach our comments so let
me go get it that’s why this is alive I could get up and go to certain that I
need to do okey dokey smoking I had to go get my
phone my charger I’d be having to make sure I’m sit up yeah okay tonight tasty talks tonight after the line so if
y’all haven’t subscribed to tasty talks yet go subscribe to their channel cuz
we’re probably gonna go live over there tonight after the mukbang we do the
mukbang over here and we do that after-show the after-show on tasty talks
y’all so that’s my grease already did I say my grace Kimmy anybody tell me
listen let’s say grace again y’all cuz I don’t know if I see it
father God I thank you for this wonderful meal that you have provided
today I thank you for waking me up this morning I Thank You precious Heavenly
Father for all the provisions that you have made up on my life dear lord I
thank you precious Heavenly Father for allowing me to be among the living
father God I thank you for all your blessings that you have bestowed upon me
with all of my faculties father God and I thank you precious Heavenly Father for
my transportation that you have provided me with and allowing me to get my
vehicle back I praise your Holy Name and I thank you Father God for protecting me
and encamping your angels round about me from all forces of darkness and from
each and every person that is trying to come against me and attack me I thank
you Father God for protecting me from all hurt all harm our lives and all
danger in Jesus name I pray and I’ll give you all the praise and all the
glory and everything that I do and say Amen and ha Linoone yeah thank you Jesus
can I get the choir to say a a amen hey Jane
hey Amy Eggman Amy let my sister say a Amen let my brother say hey I can’t hear
you tell me man Cedric hey hey hey man hey man let’s go
I know you better say Amy yeah I’m sorry but I have to give it a listen girl the
first bite even if she’s not in the life right now when she should be but is she
not in his life right now she always gets the first bite I’m sorry she’s the
baby and there’s a girl there you go girl you get a whole leg bio smell there
you go mm-hmm okay yeah I’m hungry this is my first meal of the day your
girlfriend I had nitin whoa ah got to be more careful
I knew this just came out the pot y’all it’s probably to have to eat the sauce
probably do have to eat the only thing I’m even eating cucumbers the peppers
right new fYI I rinse off my vegetables before I plate them okay al the tasty
sauce is probably too hot that’s a big ol if you I want to make the tasty sauce
I need to put the disc with the the recipe in the description somebody told me they need to taste the
sauce a couple of times and they say it’s so good if you like a lot of
vegetables like me you probably will like it highs all day today what’s the
weather like yep it was kind of it’s kind of cloudy here yeah we drinking
distilled water today what you want hmm I forgot one step with my chicken today
they taste Kudo but I forgot one step I usually also put seasoning and my
flour but I forgot yeah if y’all wanna know how I fried my
chicken go to my channels and that’s a my life my journey almost every time I
find my chicken I usually be live showing people how I
did it but I didn’t welcome to all my new subscribers everybody who have been
leaving wonderful comments on my channel words of encouragement everybody who’s
been DMing me and just sending me such beautiful words of encouragement I just
want to thank out so much I just want to thank you so much hmm yeah your food tastes so much better
when you lick your fingers if you ain’t licking your fingers you’re
not eating right if you ain’t eating with your fingers and you ain’t licking
your fingers ah mmm that’s all huh that’s why you get your
own bowl of seasonings so you could stick your finger in it as many times as
you want mmm come on y’all this on ya now see
that beautifully fried chicken mm-hmm what’s hot so crunchy mmm homemade and
delicious click the buy your very own yeah sorry I got to eat first shout out to everybody in house Omar I
hope y’all handling me do I got any mods in the house I hope so I hope I got back
three four five look let me tell ya certain I love my mom so much y’all I’m
gonna have to get y’all some tips Oh y’all the tasty tips is coming soon oh yeah I got a YouTube channel out
somebody um doing my exposing video Abby loves life so many people say you need
to start back giving the tips and I was like nope I don’t want to be bothered
with child never hit it mm-hmm that’s what I see you I was like nope but after
careful consideration cuz y’all do know I’m a very smart woman okay mm-hmm so
y’all in the morning yeah my morning videos come out at 6 a.m. so if y’all up
brushing your teeth watching y’all face getting ready for work cooking Brooklyn take chest got tasties videos why you brushing your teeth
washing your face driving the work hmm that’s so good but my first um tips videos coming out
in the morning at 6 a.m. so if y’all got a YouTube channel no matter if it’s a
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leave a comment y’all leave 1015 comments and ain’t gonna hurt it’s gonna
help me so if y’all trying to help you out sister watch the video all the way
through to the end leave comments and after you get through if you want to
watch it again watch it again like some video I did the other day I
can’t remember which one it was I think it was the ball blind didn’t find video
somebody that was like tasty this was so funny I had to watch it three times I was like you go girl
watch him watch it again girl y’all know I be getting close so fair but today I’m
trying to eat these six wings I was done bonding some corn y’all but I would want
some corn this chicken wasn’t gonna have a chance it got more of a chance with
the vegetables didn’t they do the UH I’m an eating yellow it got more of a chance
than with the vegetables didn’t do the uh the corn cuz yeah I love corn my mom’s block anybody they’re coming
here trying to promote they Channel asking people to subscribe today channel just go ahead and block them no warning somebody said so better than that common
sense you told them better than that but even if you blocked and you got a
YouTube channel cuz let me tell y’all certain these other youtubers that make
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cuz that’s helping them but they go never tell you nothin to help you
they’re gonna make it look like they telling you something to help you but
they will never give you enough corners to help you get as good as them I’m just
telling the truth and shame the devil they’re not gonna do it they like you
being under them cuz that’s no competition you’re not no competition
for them they want you to stay smile so you can come to a channel every day and
watch them and support them and and and continue to show you everything that
they buy and everything that they own so that way you can be inspired to want to
be like them but they never tell you exactly what you
need to do to become like them mm-hm and y’all know I’m telling the truth you don’t say Amen right now or you
don’t say that’s true right now you lying to yourself they lie to you
and you lie to you I’m trying to tell you where like my friend sound trying to
you or God look okay let me see who in the house I’m
trying to see some mods I’ve been here cuz I might have some people up to here
cutting up real bad I find I’m no mods up in the house which I sure I sure it
has some mods which I’ll type questions in the comments of a regular
video what tips and tricks y’all want me to
start giving y’all or and you could leave it on the video in the morning
morning if you like but let me know what things you need help with 57 people in
the house please thumbs up the video hey miss kitty let me see
Kaneesha miss Miller Terrence who miss Gloria yeah I got some mods Cajun boy for twister Canisius a I was just about
the SAS boy miss Cathy cool cat up in the house girl where you came from
tonight glad to see you eating tasty closely who can say chicken has their
crunch Canisius say I need to be on my way to grab me and we hey miss Miller
miss Miller say thumbs up the video if you haven’t already she’s also sharing
my cash app and my paypal Oh Terrence say be safe miss Miller my dumb but
still they work Kaneesha say uh if it aint finger-licking good
then don’t want it when you say this chicken is a tease to me um miss member
say Terrence it’s awful I drove like a turtle coming
home oh it’s snowing hey Brittany hey Brittany I love you hey chastity I
love you miss kitty say welcome to taste these mukbang eats please subscribe and
share if you can’t okay I think I got everybody Claire hey Claire hey Belle
hey the truth to say oh we that chicken honey
Kaneesha say look at us meeting and greeting yeah we have our own personal
meet and greet today okay I caught it chasity I caught up I think I said hi to
everybody let me eat y’all mmm flag it forever don’t like it I love it did I
see this girl up in here night the album you enjoy your food mmm you
can lick your fingers ain’t no shame in your game cuz as long
as they make something what top we good as long as they make soap in my time we
is good god is good and we is good yeah let’s stick some of that up in now yeah
this sauce is so good I got everything in here I like it everything I like I haven’t had no water yet I’m scared to
drink some water I think that water be filling me up I had a little apple juice up in here we
got our to steal water in the house tasty got the 30-day gallon the water
challenge if you ever try to throw a big yelling the water challenge it feel free
to try it you can never drink too much water you never Cheers
I feel like I need a little intermission I’m probably gonna eat this last piece
of chicken and some more vegetables I like to check on y’all to see what y’all
talkin about cuz y’all kind of babe I got I got some bad people in the house
tonight they might be ready to it’s a couple of people here ready to cut up
tonight yeah excuse me that’s who’s missing a loose girl yep I
don’t know where this give it chasity I miss Miller saying god is good all the
time Kaneesha say all the time god is good
Brittany say a man is Miller what’s y’all come back Oh Brittany say I love
sweet peppers in some ranch dressing everybody asking for Miss Gail
quani she say uh yeah that’s who’s missing a little girl and I don’t know
who else is missing who else is missing okay child tell me how to weather is
tonight what’s on TV tonight it’s Friday night what’s on TV tonight
I’m gonna move this chicken up we got three pieces of chicken now I’m gonna
take my glasses off y’all bit like the ring light shining glasses I ate four
pieces you know three pieces of chicken just three how many wings could you eat
I had a six and other fool oh good food fans I had no sir let’s go out she was here she’d be
saying I’m gonna have to find out where my let’s kill it
let’s call it a APB out on this girl yo somebody dear me and said I can’t
come in on your life but I just want to tell you that chicken is beautiful
hey sweetie I’m missing I can’t see you no message bag I was gonna send you a
message well whoever that is that you sent me that that comment and say it you
wanna come in on the video tell me the name of your YouTube channel dear me let
me know what your check YouTube channel name they say they don’t remember doing
anything wrong but they can’t come in on the video oh they say I want to tell you
that chicken look beautiful that’s so sweet let me see where’s this Gilbert where’s bail is there up in you tonight
has bail made at home yet oh there go bail okay yeah I just damned
let’s go um let me see what I’m sayin Alyssa Daryl working she’ll be here in a
few hey Nikki Oh bill say it feels good Nicky Nicky
say hello you hella lucky who have a looki for trees to say people sliding
everywhere I’m staying here oh the weather that bad oh no I have
work tomorrow and all this week Nicky say I’m scared to go outside it is so
ugly y’all got snow or what when he should
say I ain’t worried about the weather I’m worried about the chicken you gotta
finish them three what is felissa Gail and the other one is for bail cuz they
the greedy ones bailing Liz Gail mm-hmm bill say it was so hot
earlier this week lol I was like with what quani should say can I eat it oh I
can eat at least seven wings ooh that’s a lot Tamra say I’m driving home in the
snowstorm talk to y’all later okay Terra’s be careful are Canisius a7 party
wings butthole wings about four okay elissa game say okay I’ll be right over
she’s coming to get her chicken I hope you I didn’t think I was gonna get that
chicken cuz bit let’s go say oh no I’m coming I’m coming hold on wait a minute
uh bail safe drive safe Terrence and Nikki
say the weather is good where she is miss Miller say bell you can come to
Illinois and I’ll come to Florida Oh new now building coming down there for Jesus
they’d be safe Terrence Nikki say it’s ice chasidy say oh we’re having a store here
in Boston tomorrow the storm here in Boston tomorrow everybody’s telling
Tara’s to be safe and miss Fox aids in wings are huge I don’t think they there
be I just think I got them up in the camera they’re not that big yeah I think
it’s just the way I got them sit up okay Miss Kitty stay praying for my boo safe
return mr. B let’s say Terrence please be careful Terrence by the time you make
it home if we not in this life then we’re gonna be on tasty talks okay
quani should say the weather is amazing in Florida I just moved back from
Minneapolis I was tired of busting my butt in the snow sure yeah yeah I can’t
do the snow they’ll say miss Miller I’m scared of the cold I just come to
Florida I got you a bill ain’t going around so you hey blah blah blah hey
kickin it with tea hey honey Lanisha say bail you in Florida mm-hmm
Nikki say uh what’s in the bowl that’s the tasty sauce smack your mouth
only tasty stalls smack your mouth I’m gonna taste these sounds smack smack
smack your mouth smack smack smack you mouth
smack smack smack your mouth on tasty sauce it’s a good delicious miss Miller
say yes the weather is horrible blizzard condition yeah No thank you I’ll pass
blah blah blah say I’m going south it’s cold
Oh chasity say hi just kicking just kicking I can’t seem Alyssa girls say
I’m here Alyssa grill they tried to get your ween this one for you girl
you don’t mean hurry up I cook degree I cooked a chicken tonight so you know
it’s good it looks good like my fried chicken forties to say not yet just leat
Oh Brittany say good night to you Vanessa
and good night to everybody I can get some risks but I have to work in the
morning love y’all have a good night good night Brittany I love you tell your
daughter Brianna I love her Gloria Bell say um hey Cuong boo yes
Sonny old Florida you know I ain’t going to the you know where is I see I can’t
handle it girl why do you wanna trade the best for the
risk oh no you’ll do that you upgrade baby
you don’t you don’t downgrade everybody is saying hi to you let’s get
when he should say I’m in Florida to Bill chastity say night Britney everybody saying goodnight to Britney
and you say what’s an O these are the cucumbers cucumbers cucumbers they’re so
refreshing with the sauce you guys miss kitty say thanks for all your support
please slide that thumbs up please hit the thumbs up button and even your head
down cuz my eyes cook it when I look at it and it’s turned around it’s still make you say the other bowl love your
song this is the sauce and this is the cucumbers now what are the Bo you see
girl a bell say Oaklawn that’s what I’m talking about you know we don’t do well
in the cold miss Miller say okay Bell I am coming to
Florida you better be ready to turn up and turn it upside down cuz they like
the torque upside down blah blah blah say tasty you should
start selling your sauce I just want y’all to make it first taste of how I
make it see if y’all like it lady cheese they tasty not no hot sauce
or honey on the wings girl I’m finished I had the hot sauce right here but y’all
I don’t really eat hot sauce I never had hot sauce before I started doing my
veins I didn’t even think about the honey cuz I had to taste the sauce so
that’s all I really need is the tasty sauce it is gilsu hand over the chicken nobody
get nobody gets hurt very little girl here you go honey all
crispy and beautiful there you go i fried it just for you um Nikki say you
answered my question before you really okay they’ll say the only thing I be
running from in Florida is those crazy hurricanes girl
blah blah blah say miss Gloria I love cornstarch uh miss kitty say or
you pregnant blah blah blah Noel says I am just getting on how do you make your
sauce girl I got a video on my other channel I made it live the other day on
Vanessa my life my journey so if you want to see me make it live and follow
me step-by-step please go watch the video I need to link it I need to make a
full dedicated video to and link it I even got a video on here y’all but I
need to link it in the description box he lives again hey chocolate uh Alyssa
girl says thank you so much it’s so good quani she say Oh miss Miller Mickey say
do you eat corn starch by itself Oh Belle say yes he sure can miss Miller okay I’m Carla yeah
where is Safina I’ll be missing Safina Safina wait you got your buddy hey Mandy Mandy say uh
I am here for my turkey leg tasty these people told me to cook chicken today so
we don’t have turkey legs tomorrow in the tasty sauce okay we’re gonna have
turkey legs they wanted fried chicken I took a vote and more people voted for
fried chicken and I think what two or three people say turkey legs so I’m here
with the fried chicken I’m here to please I aim to please
if y’all not subscribe to my other channel tasty mukbang eats
I mean Vanessa my like my journey y’all better go subscribe cuz that’s where I
asked everybody I asked everybody over there did they want me to let me see
something okay you guys there is the link to tasty talk we’re going over
there live tonight after the McBaine so I think I’m through eating we probably
gonna go over there around 9 o’clock we’re gonna wait and see if Terrence get
up in here we don’t go over there – tasty talk hang out and chill see which
I want to talk about over there uh lady T says that bill is wrong blah blah blah
and his Gloria get some corn starch what y’all gonna do with corn storage
some people fried a chicken and cornstarch
well they say Chinese chicken is fried in cornstarch y’all Aniki say turkey legs in the tasty sauce
tomorrow I’ll say yep what else y’all want me to
eat with the turkey leg y’all them turkey legs the last time I eat them
turkey legs and the tasty sauce I didn’t have anything else with it and I ate two
of them I might just eat the turkey legs tomorrow by himself
it had peppers for decoration and maybe some cucumbers but uh yeah I really
enjoyed cuz that meat is so good and y’all I’m a cook the turkey legs on the
nests of my life my journey tomorrow so stay tuned Nicky say damn I miss the
eating you done eating already Nicky how many minutes it took me to eat
I ate three pieces of chicken in hair for the cucumbers for the pepper yeah it
don’t take me much to give for Nicky because this be my first meal of the day
I get full fares when that’s my first milord in Miss Kitty’s they ain’t nobody
gonna be eating no corn starts with you blah blah blah you can eat it all misty
to say don’t nobody want that don’t nobody want that you can eat it all by
yourself honey you can have it all to yourself don’t
nobody want that that’s what Miss Kitty said not me oh I just I just speak lady t say tasty do you have the wing
recipe force Oh Lady T I fry all my other chicken the same all my chicken is
saying I have a video on Vanessa my life my journey where I fried my chicken and
I show y’all everything I show you how every step on how I fried my chicken cuz
Terrence wanted his chicken the kind my pretty like mine so he wanted me to
teach him how to fry the chicken in his glory miss Gloria and Terrence have
tried my fried chicken recipe cuz they be thinking I bought my chicken from
somewhere like when I did the 20 pieces of chicken challenge everybody was
saying oh the chicken was so pretty where did she get it from and I was like
I just got through Friday and it was like girls stop lying you know you went
by that chicken for somewhere know you guys so if you want to go see how I
found my chicken go to Vanessa my life my journey and look through videos and
you will see me fry my chicken and I show you I think my last video that I
made I show you step-by-step how I seasoned it and hi Friday lady T say it
looks like Popeyes or churches lol no it’s tasty fried chicken Cheston say
this girl you want some you want some work
Nikki say uh glad to know I am not the only one I don’t know what y’all talking
about not the only one with let’s go say I like spaghetti you could
say I’m watching you on the TV but commenting on my phone Oh Nicky got me
on the big screen ha look Nicky on the big on the big screen hi look on the big screen girl you know
I can’t wait to get on the big screen you got me on the big screen – bill oh
yeah got me on the big screen I need to eat more fresh greens tasty I like the
ring you’re wearing yeah this is some costume Jerry
yeah I’ll see like that green color it matched the sweater mesquita said yes
she does have the recipe on her chan – quani should say uh yeah
yucky I can’t really get into corn starch but y’all somebody said that the
Chinese people fried a chicken and corn starch so if you eat Chinese chicken you
might be eating corn starch and don’t know it
hey – seeker hi hey bla bla girl we got both of the blinds in the house today
blah blah blah and blah blah blah blah blah say hey kitty
chasity yes they do tasty casa mia oh that one I thought chance to be hit with
the bed already oh that’s Brittany I was like tricity I
thought you went to bed blah blah blah saying hey kitty kitty Kenia
wait I’ll see King yet I see no King you up in here oh hey Kenya girl I’m sorry I
didn’t even see you I was like Miss Kitty say hey can you Kenya who King you
more Kaneesha say – Bligh’s at the same time oh yeah girl we got supplies we got
blah blah blah and you better get him right cuz if you don’t call blah blah
she gonna be like I am NOT blah blah blah you live girl say blah blah 1 and
blah blah too blah blah – and blah blah 3 blah blah
blah and blah blah blah Chester – say Chinese people do fry
their chicken and corn storage a heart to seeing hey oh yeah we got everybody
in the house hey a heart to see you girl Ciara say
yep corn starch is one of their ingredients but the chicken is good as
hell do anybody know if they fry it with corn starch only or corn starch and
flour I might have to try that blah blah blah say kitty I am going out
I am going out my corn storage with it you leave in blah blah blah Nicki say uh
what do you use on your face who we talking to yeah
Nicki you can subscribe to my channel long enough to know my secret ingredient you’ve been subscribed to my channel
long enough to know my secret ingredient hold on let me go get my secret
ingredient for you it’s an ancient Chinese secret but I’ll share with you
since I love you so much yeah I’ll tell her what my secret
ingredient is I will see who know who know what my secret let me see who know who must what my
secret ingredient is yeah I’ll tell tell Nicky what my secret ingredient is let
me see we’re gonna say it maybe a lotion is my secret ingredient who said it
first who said it first a stick mass bells a
meteor Jan say maybe you hate jazz oh yeah she said that’s all she uses my bad this is the best lotion in the whole
wide world this is this lotion it is better you
know they got that mascara called better than sex
this lotion is better than sex yeah it is so wonderful mighty God Prince of
Peace mighty God is he praising him keeping him from all sitting shame I got
my Redeemer praise be his name and thank all forgive
you thank God for Livia and the big bottle from Walmart I think he’s like
$9.99 or something like that y’all that’s the secret weapon put it on
your face your hair your arms your leg make sure you don’t put it too close to
your eye though cuz if your giving you out it don’t burn but you’ll be like I
can’t see I can’t see Bell said bye who are you saying about
you boo last warning dude what happened I just want to smack your head it’s so
smooth yeah what nothing wrong with that come in a lot of people want to smack my
head that’s sexy y’all running away a man they wanna
smack my head y’all know I ran oh man come now leave me alone I’m bringing him
back I’m bringing in bed but the wrestling ring from the day I met to
bring him back I’m gonna bring her back from the dead we don’t give him a second
chance he just want to smack my head hey no hey no hey my wrong with a good head
smacking smacking a man in a row with that what’s wrong with that
everybody like to get that head rolled every 19 girl especially a big ol ball
head a good a good massage girl please girl Oh Devon feel good I don’t know
what you talking my block to me cuz he say you wanna rub my head they don’t
know come on Becky honey give me get it miss
me my friend just came here she has an incredible beautiful skin I told you oh
really no wonder everybody trying to steal my my own my old bell pepper
challenge and in all my other challenges cuz oh they impious of the skin honey
I’m scared miss kitty said I will be this would be
chance number three nope yo here a monkey did y’all have my friend again what
happened I need somebody to talk to a woman smack on my head
that’s not nice y’all taking the fun out of my life tonight I’m gonna knock him
again I don’t care what y’all say y’all run
over here come back miss millas like pow pow pow Canisius a smack and rule my
condolences miss Mandie what happened I’m missing come meet Joe Mande say my
aunt recently lost her hair after treatment I can’t wait to show her this
video so she can see this confidence thanks for this oh you’re welcome
I know a lot of people get inspired in y’all let me tell ya
that’s why I come on here and just try to be natural and be myself I could put
on the makeup like when people see me with my wig on and my makeup they don’t
even know I’m the same person and I could do that but I think everybody it’s
enough people on YouTube with makeup it’s enough people on YouTube looking
pretty but how many people are there like me that love themself like this I
love myself I love myself with no makeup on I love myself with well I would like
to have some eyebrows but I love myself with no makeup on oh my skin is so soft
I love my bald head I just love it Oh as soon as I get to filming and I got
a wig on me I just touched him I got weak strong everywhere cuz I just tossed
them wigs off man I love my ball in its feel good and look good oh I just don’t
know what else to say everybody should shave her head that’s the challenge
shave your head challenge and y’all if you don’t love yourself and you don’t
feel good about yourself how can you expect somebody else to be like oh
that’s cute you got this you got the beat you got to be confident wait you beautiful no matter how you
look no matter what ballhead hair you beautiful no matter what aqua nice to
say hey jazz and I think it’s shabby hey so far not in the house that’s my girl
so funny I’ve been asking about you you late girl you better turn there
notification be alone cuz I be wanting you I’ll be here as soon as the lies
start so furnace oh we gonna have a good time tonight y’all so finest upper-year
positive my banger you’re a beautiful just the way you are
taystee all y’all or too kind mr. Ellis a tasty looking for you so far no I sure
was I was like I won’t so far mr. being every last one of my lives honey
everyone so funny is funny Nicky saved my friend Miss Kitty’s she
over here telling me what to say mr. tasty when she came when she can
subscribe her dang self yeah you wanna tell that helpful yeah we tryin to get
some more subscribers you better subscribe that is unacceptable tell her
that is unacceptable we don’t grow like that
even if she wanna talk to you she still have to subscribe come on now what kind
of miss is dead y’all this is the other channel if you’re not subscribed to
tasty talks go subscribe cuz we go on live over there tonight y’all miss
Miller say good night truth and Kitty say and her name is Nikki say I did it
mr. Kent miss kitty I’m just kidding say tell her to come on Lady t say tasty you
are just as confident as the singer I don’t know who that is she embraces her
a ball head hey that Magdalena hi happy Friday we have in a party I said we got
me a why color so fun to say ah you’re gonna make me cry
oh so fun as I’ve been asking about you I didn’t like wearing
stuff on us no girl you got to be in every line I’ll be like you we went live
today on Vanessa my life my journey did you subscribe to their Channel
safaris I was lied today on Vanessa my life my journey I was like where is the
finest where is she hmm just not been feeling well all and tired from not
sleeping well oh so funny they’ll say oh sure dear lady tea Hey
Oh Taiwan cold girl you look beautiful what yo are
y’all mine i don’t tell me I look beautiful uh y’all just trying to be too
kind quenice to say I got that mad dog girl I
don’t drink like that mm-hmm I never had no alcohol like that before
well I can’t tell that story yes that would put a damper on things tasty she seems nothing compares to you
never heard Belle say Mad Dog 2020 miss Miller say thumbs up the live
subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when he should say that’s right
Belle miss kitty say come on Tyrone come through this what’s up
so finally say I’m trying to go to the doctor soon I’m just scared to go don’t
be scared I like to have being really bad oh
really bad migraines oh I don’t know what that’s like and I don’t want to
know what we don’t pray for you you need to look up on YouTube it’s some natural
remedies for migraines there’s some people have made testimonials about and
they say it really really really worked I can’t remember what it is
I think ginger tea works for migraines real good I can’t remember y’all but
look it up it’s some look up natural remedies for migraines you need to try
cuz I heard a lot of testimony used to say they migraines just like went away
Oh for treats to say oh yeah oneisha you
about to be wasted so pharmacies yes lady tal m8o let’s go say sending
prayers the furnace chasidy say so furnace I hope you feel
better yeah we need some funds to feel better cuz she life in a party she liked
Amrish y’all but she more corn in tears Rousseff honest reads be so funny I’d be
like girl I need to be riding her iegs down Nicki say she look up your channel
now Kaneesha say I miss Fox that ain’t no drink that’s a drink
that’s a drink MD 20/20 daddy no drinking uh no drink that’s a drunk
past-tense drunk you gonna be drunk as a skunk when
you drink that drink say it with me out hashtag you’re gonna be drunk as a skunk
when you drink that drunk drink when you drink that drink here you’re gonna be
drunk as a skunk when you drink that drink hey Joey oh yeah everybody in the house
all my friends and family is coming to party with me I’m doing good she said
how you doing in my window with your voice
Chevy say yes ginger tea but it’s looking up cuz it’s something I think
it’s a mole more things that’s unexpected
that works for migraines and you might be surprised oh hey Joanne oh I feel so
special all of my favorite people that I’ll be seeing in the comments every day
is in here Joanne miss Gloria chasity Miss Kitty tishanna O Lord so fauna –
Shanna where’s we roll under we need a roll
under y’all some tishanna so fauna we need a rolando where’s the
room under somebody go create a fake account
I wanna y’all chose this up in the watchtower we’ll go create a fake
account under role under Robert hey we got 81 people in the house y’all
thumbs up the video please so fun to say thank you everyone I appreciate the love
hey Robert so far miss Miller is praying for you so
far as Nikki say I thought that mad dog 20/20 comment was a joke I hope it was positive McGregor say ginger tea is
meant to be effective during migraine attacks it works as an anti-inflammatory
agent drink ginger tea at the onset of the headache this is when it’s most
effective in blocking pain you get you some ginger tea I’ll get you and
the best way to drink ginger tea is to get you some fresh ginger and just boil
it in a pot bought it for a good long time and then let it seep let it sit in
there and and cool off and then put you some honey up in there baby
ginger tea is thebomb.com hey Esther Wow everybody coming up in here Miss Kitty
say okay positive energy to shyness a tasty you’re very beautiful I can get
one of them wings thank you girl take one funny Center I’m through eating Robert say why are you not eating cuz
you late and I already ate Oh cuz you late and I already ate Mandy say can you
sin and topics for tasty talks yes can we send the topic for tasty talk you
could send them in on my Instagram or like if you have a question you want me
to read not not a question but a scenario like a would if what if my
boyfriend what if I came home early and I found my boyfriend in the bathroom
trying all my panties what should I do dear tasty talks what should I do if the
piano had a look on them if they don’t look good on them forgive them but if
they if he looks better in the panties did you do girl you better run you’re crazy I’m imagining it I’m
picturing that in my head I walk in the house I come in the bathroom my
boyfriend got on my underwear I don’t know whether to scream shout alright Oh hope you like check out my lenses like
I’ll be like oh I don’t know if I will walk out the house
and go back outside and come back here maybe I’m in the wrong house maybe I’m
in the wrong house so imma try that again go open the door again go back
look in the bathroom he y’all are standing in the shower with the shower
curtain closed making me think I was seeing things cuz
if I walk up in it and then me and still got them underwear at home but if he
looked good in them not y’all if he don’t look good in them then he was just
trying something you just forgive him well he look good in the underwear and
he look better than you girl girl I’m giving y’all advice
somebody had this question they was just too sane ask I’m giving you advice if he
look better than him underwear you girl okay but okay get rid of him immediately
if he looking better than you and them under but there is a stipulation if it’s
really really really good girl y’all just go to the bed just take them off
take them off like you take them off and if I make them fly right rich way and
just hang with the finished girlfriend just hang with it he just like to try on
your underwear don’t get rid of that me if it’s good but make sure you not
sinning okay cuz I don’t believe Hey no see and I hate trying to do not let me
tell you one thing do not end up inhale and when you get there tell God taystee
told me no tasty didn’t say see till you do nothing you’re already in singing you
already living in singing and that nobody goes here you do you only listen
to anyway so if you go seeing you might as well do it right I’m just saying I
don’t promote seeing but everything I do I do it to the best of my ability
and when I was a sinner I was getting in when I was a sinner I wouldn’t sell if you didn’t know now you know okay hey boots on my OMG let me tell my
goodness Oh me just heard miss Gloria say do not come on here talking crazy
too shy to say Robert we all about some crazies and just to let y’all know ain’t
let me miss drank the water y’all if water do me like this can you imagine
what a kaha will do if water to me like this
can you imagine what some alcohol would do oh the party will be over oh okay
rather say your family must be crazy every last one of them unless one of
them is is got some issues let me see what happened to Stephanie okay Stephanie enjoy the watchtower Nicky said Nicky said they dress alike
all the time I’d be like poor baby who dresses like Miss Kitty’s sake Nicki we
child that’s a lot now you ain’t in the wrong house whoo whoo say hey tasty hey
check Nicky say Oh what if my cousin was married what if my cousin just married a
gay man but she don’t know okay um well let’s look at it this way she’s married
already and if she didn’t know he was gay she ain’t got no good gaydar and if
he fooled her didn’t she just fooled cuz if you tell her if she don’t know it for
herself maybe she don’t beat you up cuz maybe she gonna say why you didn’t tell
me before I got married that he was gay and then what if she do know he’s gay
cuz imma tell y’all something that I think is true some gave me that are
bisexual have better sex been heterosexual men who say they ever gonna
flirt order hit a sexual man so what if she does know he’s gay mmm girl you
better mind your own business but you find yourself without a closet you remind your own business for real you got me just keep the same maybe he
likes boat and she is cool with it Nikki say uh her mom missed her up her
day like boys too Wow and her mom likes they do we are not that close well maybe
maybe she know Nikki girl you better mind your own business bet my y’all business girl lady t say I
can’t wait to go over to tasty sauce for these Nikki say okay Kaddi Miss Kitty’s a point of no return
lady d what happened miss are so fun to say I just want to say y’all are like
family to me it’s just me it’s just my son and I would say that holy water get
the holy water girl belvane it’s not hammer time
it’s cash guitar man you say they can’t get the hell and see how god nothing you
own your own don’t tell them I sent you baby cuz I don’t know you don’t tell
them I sent you rude just laughing Nikki say I do mind
my own business miss tasty I’m just saying your scenarios remind me of them
no that’s what I’m saying girl I was saying
mm-hmm baby you been that tell huh I ain’t telling you to tell her cuz I
are you trying to get you whooped cuz if you tell that girl she gonna be like
what you made my husband gay what you mean he came yeah no my husband ain’t
gay India although she know she could be like she said you’re gay Andy and I he
gonna hate you cuz you the secret is out of the bad
girl that woman no there ain’t no oh a woman got all kind of intuition about
everything else I just thought I can’t see her not knowing I just can’t see if
you know she knows come on nah that ain’t no secret mr. Bayless say we are working miss
tasty we got this tasty roots a tasty tell truth
cha you ain’t tellin nobody midnight oh no Nikki say don’t get me y’all I just
thought I was a bit funny I just thought it was a bit funny Gary you know that
boy know this kid to say be right back Joanne say yes I have heard that because
our by are more open in the baby girl Chevy Chase tasty you are awesome thank
you Oh Nikki say in other news I had some good Chinese food today okay that’s
good that’s not exciting as the other other news but blah blah blah say tasty
I just got done making your sauce it’s so good
ah you make my sauce I don’t believe it I need to try to send me a picture on
Instagram I need to how to send me a picture stop telling me you did stuff I
need proof I need proof like somebody told me today after you prayed it
started raining they they wanted me to pray foot it’s a rain cuz it was a
drought and they said after I pray you start raining I was like way to proof I
want to see a video of rain coming down oh I want proof submitted you you say
you made myself you somebody said they did the who’s that told me I think it
was Lisa or somebody say they did the the UH the pickle and whipped cream
challenge send me a picture on Instagram I need proof you
got no channel so I need proof I want to see with my own eyes I mean my own eye I
was gonna take my own eyes I want to see with my own eye he was gonna say that
chicken and stuff is begging for meat for my attention girl I saved it for you blah blah blah say I don’t have
Instagram email me a picture I got email email at tasty mukbang tasty
mug man eats a yahoo.com mmm-hmm no excuse shall we say I’ve led so much my
face is hurting blah blah blah say I eat with corns I’m eating we cook
that’s nasty blah blah blah come on now Nikki say y’all just blew me down
we blew you down lady she say yes tasty get those recipes those receipts yeah I
need the receipts Terry say hey y’all Tammis you are late I made it home
praise the Lord times we praying for you attend to say thanks for caring and
being concerned love y’all you welcome Oh
Nikki say why I thought the same thing no shade though you thought the same
thing about what a blah blah blah say y’all need wheat blah blah blah
ain’t nobody gettin no cooler starts but party I don’t you understand oh we ain’t
gettin no corn starch stop stop harassing us chasidy say tasty
I will try to make your sauce next month okay girl send me a picture when you do
miss Miller say I glad you made it home so fun to say
I don’t see Terrance comment who is he Terrace is the Academy whatever that
crazy name is the game or three that’s Terrence lady T say what time we gonna
go to G I was thinking about right now Roberts say I love your channel thank
you Robert we’re getting ready to move to the other channel tasty talks so I’m
gonna go sit hold on yeah I’m gonna go get the camera I mean I got to go to
tasty talks on my computer we got to go to tasty talks on the computer yeah
because I have a thousand subscribers over there yet so which I don’t like the
quality might not be as good I wanted to see something I had an idea but I don’t
know it just don’t work yeah I let me keep this food right here
cuz depending on how long we gonna be on tonight I might get hungry again I logged into my computer so long y’all I
don’t even know if I remember my password that said I might not remember
my password I hope I could remember my password what’s wrong with it all of my mom’s in
the house tonight somebody tell me how many mods I got I forgot how many miles
I got y’all okay what’s wrong with this thing
oh no wonderful I wouldn’t click it in right Oh Lord
this thing would never close down right that’s not good tastes mukbang tasty mukbang tasty tasty
mocha baby okay yo let me see something I want to try something yep we don’t go to tasty talk in a
minute oh yo this is not really spicy I didn’t make it they’re spicy
but I just tasted a little spice when I lick my finger yeah little spice on you I don’t know do I
I’m trying to think what do I use on this computer I don’t know if I use
Google or let me see y’all I logged into my computer whoa excuse me if you
haven’t subscribed to tasty talks yet there’s a link go subscribe because when
we go live over there yeahlet’s been so long since I signed in
and I think I didn’t sign out of this computer right so this thing probably
need the rest even though it’s been resting for months yeah don’t let me
sign in Oh Lord I wouldn’t even in no theme what
is going on I don’t know what I’m doing I wouldn’t even in the box Titan how’s this hold on y’all I’m trying to work with
this computer it’s been a while since I logged on it’s been a while now for you
people who don’t like the tasty stalks you don’t want to talk about other
people nothing don’t come to taste the tops please please don’t do it
spare yourself the drama spare yourself telling me you don’t like the channel
cuz if you don’t like to taste the tops over here you ain’t gonna like them over
there yeah I need to tell me what we’re gonna talk about tonight so I could put
it in title oops oh no I couldn’t upload a video instead of going online yeah
we’ve either upload a video and not go live I just missed it go on charleen been lying so long I mean
you know how to do it yeah what’s the title what we gonna what
we talking about tonight take my ID for topics food did somebody just send me some topics
cuz I all seen it Oh hold on I got to do some research on
their jazz is there a link to a video on it what is the story behind it okay I’m gonna let you type what’s the
story behind that I need to know the story behind it okay let me see anybody
else have any suggestions for tasty talks Tara say is it okay to date 30
people your senior okay that’s a good topic Terrence all Terrence that’s the
first reasonable conversation that I could have let me see
is it okay let me type this y’all why do you want to date me Terrance hey Thomas wanted a me that’s a good
type of guy don’t start talking about it now wait till you get to tasty talks say
the conversation till we get some tasty talks lianna’s computer is in an awkward place
Oh No okay seen it okay okay yeah I’m live on tasty stalks I
don’t know the quality is oh it’s not that good as do we need more light hold
on y’all come on in I’m gonna end this live over here so
come to tasty talks let me see if I need to get some more light on it’s kind of
grainy you see more like yeah it helped a lot it was kind of grainy now come on
in thumbs up the video when you come in that’s your admission fee but thumbs up
is your admission come on in to tasty talks this is our first live over here we’re gonna end the live on the other
channel in a minute come on Ian let me post a link yeah it was kind of grainy where that
still might be a little grain yeah but this is on my computer I had a webcam
but for some reason or another it stopped working
hey jars hey Kathy Hey chasity bale lady T Joanne what arrestee ollie where is the rest of yall hater positive
look banger hey everybody hey Cole hey hey hey hey
cool I have to say hey Nicole me to somebody else new coming hey hey hey hey
hey Co Nicole gets a longer shout-out cuz anybody else in it hey hey hey hey
hey cool oh well anybody say anything hi miss Miller in
this game hi hi elderly how you doing
so you guys come over to tasty talk if your aren’t tasty mcvane eats come over
to tasty talk I’m about to end the life come over to tasty top if you I want to
continue to talk and chat with this if you don’t like chatting and talking
being I’m gonna in this line yeah let me say goodbye to taste immigrant eats so
y’all thank y’all for tuning in today don’t
forget to thumbs up the video don’t forget to leave lots of comments down
below don’t forget that ball press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill hit always and be sure to come back for another video so you can see more of
tasting what bang tasting one thing tasting McBaine each y’all we hit it
over to tasty talk so if you see this video tonight and you want to come over
to tasty talk then come over if you don’t like to taste the talks then stay
your little butt over here okay bye now thanks for watching

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  1. This was so much fun we haven't did this in a minute can't wait to have more fun times and get to know the newbies.

  2. loved your video , that chicken looks yummie , had me laughing hard about boyfriend wearing your underware lol , love you ms tasty , god bless

  3. Hello. I'm new and I'm enjoying your content. Please be careful with general statements like " you can never drink too much water" There have been people that died in college hazing situations drinking too much water. People with congestive heart failure and those on dialysis also have to limit their water. In general drinking too much water is rare in healthy adults who eat an average American diet. (It's uncommon but it is possible to drink too much water. If you google can you drink too much water it says the kidneys can eliminate 5-7 gallons of water a DAY but they can NOT get rid of MORE than 27-33 ounces of water per HOUR so to avoid hyponatremia symptoms do not drink more than 27-33 oz of water per hour on average.

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