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hi everybody welcome I don’t have my
food sitting up today I don’t know should I sit my food up I think it’s to
it I think it’s too late for all that hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty tasty McBaine tasty my bang he heeds y’all
good morning i’m here this morning i am doing the bee loves life low-carb
mukbang challenge so y’all I got the turkey legs that I cooked last night in
my tasty sauce I got some cauliflower some kale some tomatoes and some oranges
we’re gonna eat that this morning this morning this morning like Tyler Perry
say when we got some distilled water so we’re gonna drink some distilled water
this morning we gonna say our grace and start eating how are you people doing let’s say grace
so we can start eating I’m starving y’all know I went to bed hungry last
night cuz I was tired yo father God we thank you for this food we’re about to
receive your blessings your kindness your mercy your grace all the provisions
you made upon our life Lord Jesus we thank you for protecting us against all
hurt harm and danger we ask you to encamp your angels round about us in
Jesus name we pray highly new yeah and a man amen amen
and a man let me see what y’all saying let me see who they mate they waiting
alive this morning yeah thumbs up the live if you haven’t already we got 13
people in the house good morning Katherine good morning Sheila good
morning lovely good morning miss Gloria good morning miss Cathy how are you guys
doing good morning miss Lisa so y’all this sauce is hot and the
turkey legs are hot child let me tell you these turkey legs so soft one of
them sealed completely off the bone it’s supposed to be three turkey legs on the
bone look a day to feel completely off the ball y’all know I didn’t join is
cauliflower the last few days so everything is hot and fresh
I made the tasty sauce last night so if y’all gonna see how i made the song i
did it live so just go watch the video before this one mmm Jimmy won this out
the way so what a child eat this morning the child eat a healthy meal this
morning yeah this is still a healthy meal because I got my kale which I’m
gonna eat that in the tasty sauce mmm Wow that cauliflower tastes so good
in this sauce mmm I let it sit up all night and this time I didn’t put any
spice in the y’all mmm cuz that spice I think it was the spice I don’t know if
it was the Cayenne or was it that Dave’s insanity sauce that broke me out like
that I don’t know what it was yeah but good morning everybody I hope y’all
enjoy child Sunday yesterday spend time with the family the students let’s make us a sandwich yeah let’s taste so good I’m eating a
turkey leg yeah but I’m eating the one that fell apart first this is my last cauliflower I hate the
cauliflower three days in a row y’all just turned their cauliflower over and
the Lord Japan with some water let it come to a ball but don’t let it ball too
much choose just a little tender mmm perfect y’all talking about perfection mmm yeah this Turkey this turkey let me
show ya well did I do my thumbnail I don’t even know if I did my from there
yeah that turkey leg was so tender it just fell straight up off their bone I had met a lady in the store one time and
she wants to buy a turkey leg she was telling her son or whoever he was that
the last time she tried to cook them turkey legs they they wouldn’t come out
like they was too hard I was like well how long did you cook
him she was like oh I just warmed him up I thought they already cooked I said oh
no baby they smoked for the flavor what the
things ain’t cooked you got the least boredom their boogers for over she was
like really mm-hmm yep mm-hmm you showed him no wonder she was talking
about they was tough she just took them things home him and warmed them up and
we all know this no no that is no no no yeah I’m even with a spoon today I’m
still in my hands cuz this is hot and I’m trying to eat the big night tomorrow excuse me hmm you know see that good old
fresh tomato turkey bone yeah like turkey legs turkey hey give me
a turkey leg mm-hmm give me one I’m Tucker leaves this is such a hill and since my meal y’all have y’all been
doing the bee loves no card challenge I seen a few people doing it
Missy’s corner what else I’m trying to think who else I’ve seen doing it I think beloved was saying if you do the
little card challenge for 30 days you will really see a change in your
weight I also been promoting healthy mukbangs I got nine healthy morning
breakfasts my main challenge try to eat at least one healthy meal a day you die you owe it to yourself to eat healthy and if you try to start implementing and
adding kill to your diet every single day just eat a piece of kale you’d be
surprised and all the different benefits of kale
you guys kale is definitely a superfood mr. Johnson miss Lisa speaking of Brittany miss
Gloria say tasty you do this challenge will shout out to you tasty thank you
miss Gloria everybody speaking to Brittany hey Brittany hey Nicholas hey
Nicholas mmm hey family affair how are you doing sweetie hey MJ hey lovely
lovely so she could do this challenge well y’all should jump on the bandwagon
ciao y’all know I do not eat the skin I do
not eat that skin you donate circulate be careful of the bones yo y’all pout
y’all thought this was for decoration huh
no sir this ain’t for no decoration y’all we be eating our tails up in here
y’all we getting all these vitamins what they say a cup of kale today has
more calcium then a glass of milk sure you can get your calcium if you are
lactose intolerant you can still get your calcium in your kale smack your
mouth only tasty sauce mmm yeah I made it with no heat it’s time but it was so
good yeah let me show y’all how to eat this kale it is so refreshing with some
orange in a piece of tail mmm baby baby baby baby oh so good oh it’s so good a
neighborhood get your kale on y’all try this kale with a slice of orange wrapped up in it
you talk about the business y’all remember that song it ain’t nobody
business but mom happy Monday now y’all I’m getting ready to start going to the
thrift store on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and let you guys meet me there that are
interested in and going shopping on the 25 cents day I actually got this scarf
and this shirt and this skirt the 25 cents thrift store so yeah we always
telling me what good deals I be finding if y’all want to see my thrift store
haul the other day I did a thrift store haul in a try on haul on my other
channel the nest of my life my journey if I’d like to watch the rip store we’ll check that out but I’m gonna try
to go just wins the other is Thursday y’all make sure I subscribe to the
channel and turn on the notification bill cuz I am gonna share that
information with child on a community post which one I’m gonna go to y’all put
that orange in there now the last few days I’m gonna eat this cauliflower it’s
the whole cauliflower y’all need to try the cauliflower with
child sauce yeah it tastes good mmm mmm who like that gristle hmm what a
goose will be the best part yeah be careful they took me down yeah I think I
could eat all three my turkey legs but excuse me I want to finish my I want to
finish mikheil cauliflower yeah I know one of my little girls names is kale but
what if I named another daughter McHale look not mckaela mckaela mckaela everybody’s gonna be calling her Michaela let me say that’s not my name
don’t say well what is she gonna say Mikael tail like Kalle Nutella mm-hmm little me like what’s the difference she
don’t say there is a difference it’s mckay Michaela say my name right or
don’t say it oh I hate nicknames yeah I hate nicknames hey chasity most least to say her sister
is in ICU what happened miss Lisa I miss Gloria
say we you through store for me yes miss Gloria let me know what size you wear
miss Gloria you don’t need no more clothes oh I know you don’t
hey Angela Brittany say good morning I am good everything is okay miss Lisa I
miss Lisa said I’ll be back baby sister in the hospital I gotta call her for a
minute hey lady net good morning hi positive
mukbang girl how are you doing this morning this morning morning good
morning yeah I’m eating turkey legs cauliflower kale tomatoes and oranges and my tasty sauce okay so good I got
like three jars three batches I love the sauce this is batch number one and the
other ones are in the refrigerator I’m trying to finish my cauliflower I don’t
know if I be able to finish if you get you a good sweet orange and
you eat it with some kale baby you gonna fire your new a new refreshing addition
to your meals for you to get your kale get your kale alone yeah this is a very
good satisfying healthy meal I won’t beat you on my cow farm but I’m
getting kind of fool y’all yeah yeah I have to try to kill with the
orange yeah got you and try it with yourself sake your booty shake your
booty yow-yow see I live pretty keel down baby the care was not for decoration and
nothing like some kale with some oranges and some just steal water and some
cloudy flower I won’t talk try this kind of flower ball and just put you some
salt and pepper on it it tastes so good just by yourself
well that was good oh joy stay praying for your sister miss Lisa miss Lisa say
thanks I’ll be back later to say good morning chasity say I love cauliflower
oh excuse me Joyce say happy Monday happy Monday
Joyce our chastity say you welcome sweet Lisa love you more late and they say I’m
sorry to hear about your sister miss Lisa I will keep her in your in my
prayers miss Lisa say Thank You Brittany my sister is bleeding in Charlie and
they say it if the an alliance hadn’t okay she would have probably died
yesterday Wow whoo that is so sad miss Lisa I’m doing
fine and you chasity doing fine pet deposited my Banga said
she’s doing good yeah thumbs up the live if you haven’t already oh yeah I am full
as a tick the just got to be no dog I’m full yeah I wanted to finish my
cauliflower but we only made a halfway through the day we ate two turkey legs
four branches of cauliflower I had three big ones and one small one orange one
tomato we don’t need to overdo it and stuff ourselves for one meal we’re
trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day make sure you eat something
healthy and nutritious for breakfast to fuel your body and give you the energy
that you need to make it through today I know that’s right right right
so let’s say a prayer for Miss Lisa’s sister y’all join me in prayer anybody
else have anything else that we need to pray for chastity say I’m blessed and
highly favored positive McGregor is speaking to everybody anybody in the
house they have anything they want us to pray or touch and agree with them about
we’re also going to pray for positive I mean for our Miss Lisa’s sister Ches
pray for me that I don’t go to the hospital joy say yes please my son and
daughter-in-law trying to have a baby but it’s very hard for her please pray
most definitely miss Joyce yah let’s pray father goddess we come to you right
now the Lord we thank you for all your blessings and your love and your
kindness precious heavenly father we thank you for all the provisions that
you have made for everybody’s life life that’s in this life right now I don’t
worry precious Heavenly Father we ask you to show them everything that you
have done for them and allow them to give you the praise the honor and the
glory for everything that you have done Lord Jesus we know that you see them
standing in the need of prayer right now father God and we ask you Lord Jesus to
touch Miss Lisa’s sister in the hospital right now dear Lord we ask you to stop
the bleeding father God we ask you precious Heavenly Father to touch her
from our head to her tody Lord we ask you Father God to use the doctors dear
Lord to provide the essential treatment and healing that she needs father God
right now precious Heavenly Father we ask you to
look down upon miss Joyce’s son and daughter-in-law and we ask you precious
Heavenly Father to allow their wishes to be granted for a child to bring a child
into this world Lord Jesus we ask you to show them precious heavenly father the
way that you would like for them to bring up their child and to bring up
their child fearing you serving you and loving you all the days of their child’s
life Lord Jesus precious heavenly father we also ask you to touch the body of
Miss chastity Lord Jesus to keep her from going to the hospital father God we
ask you precious heavenly father that whatever ails her right now the Lord we
ask you to bring healing and deliverance and peace to her life Lord Jesus we also
ask you precious Heavenly Father to touch miss kitty wherever she is Lord
Jesus to touch her husband Lord Jesus and to bring peace and healing to the
family Lord Jesus and the comfort them during the loss of her father-in-law
precious Heavenly Father we ask you to touch him his glorious body precious
heavenly father from head to toe we ask you precious Heavenly Father to relieve
the pain in her leg and her hip right now Lord Jesus we ask you precious
Heavenly Father to also bring peace and healing to sprinkles family Lord Jesus
to also touch them in the time of the loss of her father Lord Jesus we ask you
precious Heavenly Father to give her her appetite back father God and to just
encourage her and motivate her dear Lord and we ask you precious Heavenly Father
to just put a smile on her face and to give her peace right now and joy in the
name of Jesus we pray hallelujah and we thank you Father God for all that you’ve
done or that you’re going to do and every other need for every other person
in this live-chat Lord spoken and unspoken you know every need that they
are in need of also Lord Jesus we take this opportunity to live up Kiwanis and
prayer Lord Jesus as she seek assistance and help to get her lights turned on
Lord Jesus we know that you always have a ram in the bush and we ask you
precious Heavenly Father to bless her that her and her children could be in a
safe place with lights on in Jesus name we pray amen
hallelujah thank you Jesus god is good amen all you got to do is trust and
believe in half faith the size of a mustard seed it only take a little bit
of freight to move mountains chasity sake Thank You Father Chauncey
say Amen miss glory you say Amen miss Lisa say chasity enjoys and everyone
prayers miss Lisa say Amen thank you enjoy say yes please okay I read that
already our positive month language saying man chastity say it manage or say
Amen amen and amen God is good love you all you guys
come and make sure you keep each other uplifted in prayer as y’all are in this
chat everyday we are family you guys so make sure that you are also keeping
other people’s needs and concerns and considerations in mind when you pray
everyday and pray for them and as you’re praying for them hopefully they are
praying for you and God will hear all of our prayers because the Bible said where
two or three are gathered in his name he will surely answer and hear our prayers
anybody else got an encouraging word that they want to share today anything
that anybody want to share anything that anybody got they want to
share with those well if y’all ain’t got none else y’all wanna talk about guess
what tastes about to go Jase about to go to bed no I ain’t gonna be I need to
clean up taste about to go about the in this life I might go live on the nest
I’m I like my journey and do some cleaning today um but I definitely got
some cleaning to do y’all I need to put up those clothes I got from the thrift
store and I will talk to you guys later I appreciate you I love you if you
haven’t thumbs up this video thumbs up the video and if you think you can do
the Lokar challenge there be love have for seven days or 30 days or however
long you can do it I also have the healthy morning mukbang challenge
healthy morning breakfast my main challenge to at least encourage you guys
to eat at least one healthy meal a day if you guys can start eating one healthy
meal a day and eating more than one meal a day but eating smaller meals don’t
overeat don’t overstuff yourself eat until you get full and no more than that
or even stop before you get full make sure you are implementing a lot of water
into your diet that is gonna help you get full of faster so you won’t overeat
and also flush the impurities out of your system it’s just gonna help you
with the overall flow of good health if you put good things in you’re gonna get
good things out you’re gonna get energy you’re you’re gonna you know start
feeling better so eating healthy might even help you with diabetes and other
things and what foods you decide to implement into
your diet there are a lot of cancer fighting foods out there and I like to
eat a few pumpkin seeds every morning pumpkin seeds and kale or something that
are part of my diet every single day they have so many nutritional values so
if you can get you some raw pumpkin seeds just start doing a little bit of
more healthier things here and there you don’t have to go overboard you just
start doing a few healthy things here now and then next thing you know you
will have the confidence to take it a little farther and began to do more for
your help that’s gonna be it you guys let me see what y’all say it right quick
before I leave miss Lisa say Thank You Joyce
you too love you Joyce they love you all have a blessed day miss Joyce eight amen
amen God love you all so I’m gonna talk to you guys later don’t forget to give
the video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down
don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification bill when
you turn on that notification bill here always and be sure to come back for
another video and if you did not watch the video from yesterday or the day
before that or a day before there go back and watch those videos before you
watch this one give this one a little bit of time for YouTube to process it
and me to put some ads in it so that way you gotta help us sister out if you can
watch the videos all the way from beginning to end even if you don’t have
time to just put it on while you’re cleaning and just let it roll child let
it roll you ain’t got to watch it let it watch you I’ll talk to you guys later
thanks for watching bye now mmm-hmm see you later

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  1. I doing strict low carb for 30 days. I am on day 13 now. I will then add vegetables for the next 30 days! I am gonna keep my turkey wings to eat with green beans in a couple of weeks. Yummy!! Your meal looks wonderful. I had smoked chicken and a hard boiled egg this morning. Enjoy your day. Its breezy but beautiful here in Florida.

  2. That looks good ms tasty I had me a Turkey salad today im all alone my babies. Is in New Orleans with they father for spring break

  3. I feel so alone without my kids being hear but I'm gonna read my bible for a while and then to bed I go❤❤🙌🙌

  4. I never had the purple kale 🥬 but has some kale 🥬 and chickpea sautéed with onion shallot and garlic…Food looking good in your smack yo mama sauce you tore up that turkey 🦃 legs up you had that steam in the sauce

  5. New here but glad I stopped by u made this look delicious!!! I've never tried kale before but I just might!!!

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