🔴 How To Know If A Married Woman Likes You (ONE BIG SIGN!)

How do you know if a married woman likes you? If there’s a hot, friendly, flirty woman
in your life… but you’re not really sure if she likes you because she’s married…
then that’s a real dilemma! On one hand, you don’t want to be THAT guy. You don’t want to be the guy who wrecks
a happy home and breaks a good marriage. Or you don’t want to risk flirting with
her… and realizing she was just being friendly… and then having to deal with the backlash
from people around you. That’s definitely a reasonable fear to have,
don’t you think? But on the other hand…what if she DOES like
you? What if I told you married women didn’t
care they were married? What if I told you that women can FALL OUT
OF LOVE with their husbands, and hook up with a stronger, better man? And what if I told you that, in her mind,
that stronger, better man was YOU? It’s true – it happens all the time. And it could be happening to YOU, right now. That being said, you’ll need to know for
sure first. If you act carelessly, you just might turn
her off… and all that attraction she had for you vanishes into thin air. So don’t YOU make that mistake! In this video, you’ll learn the BIGGEST
SIGN a married woman likes you. If you spot this sign… then you can be 100%
sure she likes you. If you’re wondering about “how to know
if a married woman likes you” then this is the DEFINITIVE answer… And guess what? That’s not all… This short video will also show you exactly
WHAT TO DO when you find out she likes you for sure. That way, you’ll make the most out of the
opportunity… and not spend the rest of your life wondering “what might have been.” Sounds good? Great. Before I show you the BIGGEST sign a married
woman likes you, please take a moment to click the “Like” button below. Your support will help me out a lot, so please
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button now. Done? Awesome. Now here’s the biggest sign a married woman
likes you. The biggest sign is when she rants about her
husband to you. That’s it. When she tells you about how he hurt her…
or how he makes her feel ugly and unloved… or how he’s not like YOU, who’s understanding
and caring… …then she doesn’t just like you. She WANTS you. And here’s why. When it comes to sensitive or controversial
topics… such as sex or marriage problems… …women talk in hints. For instance, when a woman tells you her man
is treating her badly… she’s not really talking about the bad treatment. She’s really asking you, indirectly and
discretely, to save her. And this goes DOUBLE for married women. Married women normally keep their marriage
problems under wraps to protect their reputations. That’s to be expected, right? A married woman can’t risk word of her marriage
problems spreading, because then she’d have a real mess on her hands. So she keeps everything secret… until she
meets a man she can trust with her life. The fact that she rants about her husband
to you means she both trusts you and wants you to “save” her somehow. Now, you might be wondering: “How do you
know all this?” The quick answer: Psychology. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Modern hypnotism. Or the collective term for all that: “Mind
Control.” I’ll tell you more about Mind Control later
in this video, so watch all the way until the end, alright? Right now, let’s focus on the issue at hand
– the married woman who seems to like you. So ask yourself right now: “Does she tell
me about her marriage and sex problems?” If she doesn’t, then she probably just sees
you as a friend she likes spending time with. But if she does… then yes, she likes you
AND wants you. Now comes the big question. What if she DOES like you? What should you do? Most men in your position would do one of
three things. • First, they might tell her to leave her
husband for them. Unfortunately, this is counter-productive…
because it puts her in a “logical and rational” state of mind. And as a result, she’ll make the “logical
and rational” choice… which is to NOT leave her husband. So my advice: Don’t directly TELL HER to
leave her husband for you. • Second, some guys decide to NOT push the
relationship any further. This is what society would deem the “noble”
thing to do, and you have every right to do it. But the drawback is obvious – depending
on who she is to you, you might be missing out on the woman of your dreams. There’s the third option: To make her fall
in love with you… and perhaps even willingly leave her jerk husband for you. Which of the three seems most advantageous
for you and her? Without a doubt, it’s the third option. When you make her fall in love with you, a
number of good things happen: • First, you enter a relationship TOGETHER. No one coerces the other – it’s a consensual
agreement. • Second, the relationship could be kept
a secret affair between the two of you. This is best if you’re not quite ready to
settle down with her yet. You both get the companionship you need, and
no one’s the wiser. • And third, if you ARE ready to settle
down with her… then you can make her leave her jerk husband and shack up with you. Now here’s the good news… In just a moment, I’ll share with you a
secret technique that you’ve probably not heard anywhere else. It’s a covert Mind Control tactic will let
you either start a secret affair with her… …or make her leave her husband for you. Depending on what you want, this Mind Control
tactic will make it happen for you. Sounds good? Awesome. Before we get to it, though, I need a favor. If you like what you’ve learned in this
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once you Subscribed to my channel. Do it now because I’ll wait here. Have you subscribed? Awesome. Now here’s to make a married woman fall
in love with you. The Mind Control technique you’re about
to learn was taught to me by my friend and mentor, Derek Rake. If you don’t know who Derek Rake is, he’s
only the world’s top authority on Mind Control in dating. And here’s the thing… Among Derek’s 17,000 students, a large percentage
actually share your problem. They also have married women who want them. So what does Derek teach them to do? It’s the same technique I’m about to pass
on to you. It’s a technique called “Fractionation.” What’s Fractionation, you ask? Fractionation is the art of putting a woman
on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s most easily executed using storytelling. Fractionation works by subjecting a woman
to an emotional low… which then makes the subsequent emotional high twice as powerful,
or more. The result? She’ll get very addicted to the emotional
high… and to you… very quickly. It’s the same kind of addiction she feels
to shopping… or to erotic novels… or to her favorite TV shows. Imagine if she felt that kind of addiction
towards you. That’s EXACTLY what Fractionation does. Now here’s how Fractionation will work for
you. In your case, you want her to fall in love
with you. That means the emotional high you want her
to feel is ROMANCE. What’s the emotional low equivalent of romance? Heartbreak, or at least treating her as “just
a friend.” That’s the emotional rollercoaster you want
to put her on. Here’s a simple example of Fractionation
in action: • First, you have a casual, boring conversation
with her. This is the emotional low. • Then she says something to the effect
of… “I wish my husband was trustworthy like
you.” • Then you say in a semi-joking manner:
“Me? Trustworthy? I’d get you drunk and take you home. Don’t trust me.” This is the emotional high. • Then you take things down to an emotional
low again… only to give her another emotional high later on. The more you put her on emotional rollercoasters,
the more addicted she gets to the emotional highs… and to you. Keep it up until she can’t take it anymore…
and she either openly admits her love for you… or kisses you outright. Congratulations – you’ve just become secret
lovers. But it doesn’t stop there. If you keep using Fractionation, you’ll
keep deepening her addiction for you… until she reaches the point that she leaves her
husband and happily settles in with you. That’s how you make a married woman fall
in love with you. Now, this video just gave you a sampling of
how Fractionation works. It’s actually more complex than this, and
me trying to explain it all to you would do it no justice. That’s why I’ll let Derek Rake himself
do it for you. In just a moment, a link will come up inside
this video. Click on it to join Derek’s Online Masterclass
on Mind Control. There, Derek will show you everything you
need to know about Fractionation… and how to use it to craft the relationship of your
dreams, with the woman of your dreams. Go ahead – make your dreams come true…
and hers, too… by joining Derek’s Online Masterclass now. Click on that link because it will be the
best thing that you’ll ever do for yourself, ever. Do it.

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