🔴 In Love With A Married Woman? (Watch This FIRST!)

In love with a married woman? Here’s what to do. I made this video specifically for the guy
who’s in this surprisingly common problem. You’re in love with a woman, and she seems
to like you, too. There’s just one problem: She’s married. So what’s a guy to do? It’s critical to know what’s up ahead in your
situation, what your options are, and what the best course of action is. And guess what? That’s what this video is all about. First, let’s talk about what’s in front of
you right now. The good news is this:
Even if there are a million questions in your mind right now, you really only need to follow
ONE rule. I call it the Platinum Rule. And I’ll tell you all about it right after
you take a quick moment to click the “Like” button below. After you give this video a “Like,” you’ll
quickly see why the Platinum Rule will make everything clear for you. And from there, you’ll be well on your way
to making a decision where everyone is happy. Sounds good? So click “Like” right now so I can tell
you about the PLATINUM RULE. Go ahead – do it now. Click LIKE. Done? Great. So here’s the Platinum Rule. Listen carefully. If either of you is happily married or taken,
it’s probably better NOT to go through with the affair. Is she happily married? If she is, then it’s best if you left her
alone. Are YOU happily in a relationship yourself? If you are, then likewise, you’d better
avoid shaking things up. Here’s why… First of all, there’s no sense risking your
already happy relationship with an affair. One false move and you lose BOTH women. So the risks far outweigh the rewards, if
you ask me. And likewise, if the woman you’re in love
with is happily married, your affair might break her. She’ll feel so guilty it’ll ruin her marriage,
her household, her family, and more. If you asked me, I’d spare her all that
heartache and just be friends with her at most. Now, on the other hand… If you’re single, and if she’s UNHAPPY
in her marriage, then that’s a different story. In fact, I’d call that a green light. It’s the only situation where an affair would
produce a NET POSITIVE in both your lives. If you’re single, then a relationship with
her would make your life better for sure. And if she’s UNHAPPY in her marriage, then
her little tryst with you just might be the spark she needs to keep going. She meets you. She gets her “fix.” Then she goes home, happier and better able
to fill her roles as wife, mom, and homemaker. Win-win. That’s the Platinum Rule, my friend. For best results, I strongly urge you to follow
it. Now, what if that IS your situation? Let’s say you’re single or unhappily taken,
and she’s also unhappy in her marriage. And let’s say you both feel a “spark”
between you. What should you do next? If that sounds like your situation, then keep
watching – because I’m about to show you how to do it right. You’re about to learn a technique called
the “Horrible Husband Destroyer.” And it’s the fastest, safest way to start
a secret affair with an unhappily married woman. So how does the Horrible Husband Destroyer
technique work? I’ll get to that in just a moment. For now, if the Platinum Rule makes a lot
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you how to make an unhappily married woman start a secret affair with you. And the best part? She’ll think it was HER idea. Ready to learn how it works? Then click “Subscribe” right now and we’ll
get started. Go ahead – I’ll wait here ‘til you do. Have you subscribed to this channel yet? If so, awesome. Now if you’ll allow me… Let me tell you all about the Horrible Husband
Destroyer technique. I learned this technique from my friend and
mentor, the dating coach Derek Rake. If you haven’t heard of him before, Derek
isn’t like most dating coaches. From his studio in San Diego, he doesn’t
teach his students any “pickup artist” nonsense. Instead, he goes for the jugular and teaches
them MIND CONTROL. Every one of his students learns to understand
the female mind completely. The reason is simple: When you know how her
mind works, you’ll know how to influence her decisions. And when you can control the choices she makes,
you can pretty much create whatever outcome you want. That’s the power of Mind Control. And the Horrible Husband Destroyer is one
of Derek’s more powerful techniques. Here’s how it works… First, just act normal when you’re with
her. Avoid making any advances – just focus on
being fun to be with. Now when she rants to you about her husband,
that’s when the technique kicks in. Whenever she complains about his flaws and
bad habits, you say things that make them WORSE. For instance, let’s say she tells you that
he forgot their anniversary this year. You can then say something like:
• “Wow, he really forgot? What a douche. Seriously.” • Or you could say: “Man. You’d think he’d at least remember THAT.” • You could also say: “Whaaat? He forgot your anniversary? That’s unbelievable.” You see how it works, right? At the same time, you can also draw a contrast
between you and her husband. While you make his flaws look WORSE, you make
your own good traits look BETTER. For example, you can say:
• “Wow. I’d never forget a date like that. No guy should.” • Or you could say: “September 23rd, right? That’s your anniversary? Even I remembered.” • And you could also say: “That’s crazy. I believe no one should take a good woman
for granted like that.” If you do this, you’ll notice that she’ll
rant about her husband more and more. And at the same time, she’ll like you more
and more, too. She’ll start meeting you more, chatting
with you more, and maybe even going on secret dates with you. Until finally, when she rants about her husband
so much she’s on the verge of tears, that’s when you push her over the edge. You tell her: “You know what? Forget him. You have every right in the world to do whatever
makes you happy. After what you’ve been through, you deserve
it.” At that, she’ll either confess her feelings
for you, hug you, or straight up kiss you. When that happens, congratulations – you’ve
started a secret affair, and she’ll think it was her idea. Now you can make each other’s lives better,
and no one would be the wiser. And that, my friend, is what to do when you’re
in love with a married woman. Now, you might be thinking: “That sounds
really risky, Fredo.” Well, you’re not wrong. While the Horrible Husband Destroyer is safe,
it can backfire if used carelessly. She might see through your statements and
tell you, “I know what you’re up to,” and she stops being so open with you. When that happens, you’ve pretty much lost
your chance. The key is to influence her to DECIDE to get
into a secret relationship with you. She must think it was HER decision. When she feels you’re the one who’s pushing
the issue, she’ll naturally resist you. And that’s what you want to prevent from
happening at all costs. So if you don’t want to take that risk,
then I suggest you take an ever safer, yet possibly even more POWERFUL technique. This Mind Control technique is called “Fractionation.” With Fractionation, you don’t need to wait
for her to complain about her husband. Instead, you just use the ordinary everyday
conversations you have with her. And yet you’ll still get the same effect
as the Horrible Husband Destroyer technique. She’ll like and trust you MORE, she’ll
like and trust her husband LESS. And in the end, she’ll decide to start a
little tryst with you all by herself. That’s the advantage of the Fractionation
technique. The disadvantage? It’s a bit more complex than the Horrible
Husband Destroyer. And that’s why I’ll let Derek himself
show you how it’s done. In just a few moments, a link will pop up
inside this video. That link will take you to a special Online
Masterclass on Mind Control. And it’s in that Masterclass that Derek
Rake will teach you all about Fractionation. So click on the link and sign right up. You’ll be adding Fractionation to your toolkit
of Mind Control skills straight away. Remember: She must believe, in her mind, that
it’s HER decision to start a relationship with you. That’s the key. You can’t do that by convincing her. Instead, you can only do that via Mind Control. And mastering Fractionation is your key to
achieving that outcome and more. So don’t disappoint her. Click the link and sign up for Derek’s Online
Masterclass now. Do it. Click the link.

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