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hey everybody
oh I should’ve put some earrings on how are y’all doing today y’all I got this
like jambalaya rice from Papa’s barbecue with the sweeper titles in here I didn’t
feel like eating no meat this morning so I just warmed up the rice and I’m gonna
eat right quick I’m here for a quick chit chat with you guys this morning I
wanted to talk about the love and marriage huntsville reality TV stars on
own Martell and melody hopes if you guys did not watch that this season Martell
and melody hopes are a married power couple in Huntsville and Martell been
having a mistress for supposedly three years oh my goodness so Tasha Kate did
an exclusive interview with her and Manson some stuff came out some stuff
came out so let’s say how great yo father God we thank you for this food
we’re about to receive your love your kindness your mercy and your grace all
the provisions that you have made up on my life Thank You precious Heavenly
Father for encamping your angels round about me protecting me against all hurt
harm and danger father God we thank you for your many blessings we thank you for
waking us up this morning Lord Jesus and we thank you precious Heavenly Father
for being there for us and everything that we do and say in Jesus name Amen
hallelujah yeah I’m hungry um I warmed up a lot of rice this rice
is soldier y’all and these sweet potatoes long they were
so good I slept pretty good last night I was so tired y’all someone tell and
melody hope is i handsome power couple they look good together on film but clearly they’ve been having some marital
issues and no never did just found out she was pregnant on the episode so this
is gonna make their four child they found out it was a throne but even
though they found out that they were pregnant it was bittersweet for melody
because she was considering getting a divorce because even though her and
Martel had been having marital issues she found out that he’s still fooling
around with the mysteries so see I couldn’t even really enjoy her
pregnancy because she was like do I get a divorce and my tail is like a so Venus
he’s like Wow my tailor never be running a business
together so they they seem like they’re very professional and hardworking and
when you own your own business you work harder then you work for somebody else
you put in more hours then you do somebody else so I don’t know how their
home life is in real life but on TV it looked like they got everything together
it looked like they balanced everything will the kids look healthy mmm this is
what let me see if I got in the markets in the house mobs anybody can eat the block delete
take care of do what you got to do good morning bla bla good morning miss
Horace I can’t see yeah yeah that’s right it’s so worn into the belly hey RJ ABS W hey Lisa good morning Cedric so um Martel seem like he tries to make an
excuse for the reason why he cheated and he like melody he asked her for certain
things she don’t do it for him she don’t give it to him sexually and I think one
thing that man forget is when you got a woman that’s working or wife and being
she working for herself or y’all working together and a business and she given
like two hundred and ten percent you got teared you got home like she’s
balancing all of that y’all get home she’s tired you’re tired me and think
it’s the responsibility of the woman to come on to them to keep them happy but
all you keeping your woman happy when me and get a mistress
they winding down the mysteries they buy the mistress gifts they take the
mistress out give the mistress money they make time for the mistress are you
doing all of those things for your significant other are you letting her
know you appreciate her are you letting her know that she’s doing an amazing job
on a daily basis are you wanting her dining her are you sending her flowers
sending her roses taking her out to dinner
taking her out on the date taking her out on a night night on the town taking
her out for a weekend getaway are you doing all of those things that you claim
you don’t have time for but when you get a mistress you got time to have a side
chick for five years so another thing that was revealed intoxicated exclusive
interview with this young lady was that everybody was saying that they had been
in a relationship for three years she says she’d been a mistress for five
years fire she also said that she got pregnant for him and she
discontinued the pregnancy she was saying that a melody knows about her she
even showed up in her house before and one thing she did say to that cuz a lot
of people were saying in the social media that melody showed up at her house
to beat her up and she was like she did show up at her house but she didn’t come
to beat her up and the lady say that uh she has showed text messages to melody
from Martell that he won’t leave alone and cuz you know Martel and melody just
had the baby and they were kind of headed toward divorce I think Martel is an attention whore
Durr I think he’s arrogant and egotistical and he looking for a woman
that would stroke his ego I think Melody’s struck his ego a little bit but
she own stroking as much as he wants to and because melody is beautiful and
powerful a lot of young women admire her so she is also become like a
motivational speaker people want to be powerful like her one day so I think
Martel wants to take credit for making her who she is today but I don’t think
never in his wildest dreams I don’t think he’s the kind of man that wants a
woman to outshine him he wants to be the star attraction and he don’t want a
woman so I shot him and I think that’s the problem he had with melody because
she’s out shining him instead of being happy for her success because her
success is his success like most women do there promote their husband and be
proud of him because the more he accomplished the more they accomplished
but then type of me in you could support them but as soon as they arrive they’re
gonna give them a new life a new dying piece a new own peace now motels it’s ex-fiancee
that’s if he is do I think he’s through with that lady no do I think she’s
through with him no baby playing games going back and forth too much my tale
called her a peasant I don’t think he thinks she’s a peasant I think he
actually cared for that lady and lover she strokes his ego the morning when says she strokes his
ego Yahoo and make him feel good but they’ve been together for five years you’ve been having the same mistress for
five years she no pizza and then she also said that he did admit admit to her
that he cheated on her and melody with another woman had a not one-night stand
she also admitted that melody told her that he cheated with another woman so he
is a serial cheater one woman can’t make him happy too when they can’t make him
happy melody in martelleur acting like they are together and everything is
happy right now but Tasha Cade was also saying that it has been reported
allegedly and all this stuff is allegedly oh it has been reported
allegedly that Martelli melody are just putting on the front for their
relationship for the cameras that they really I’m not trying to be together it was say
about a young lady that before the show started Martell and middle D were headed
to divorce court but the show say it to just put off the divorce and faked being
together so supposedly all of this time in real life they were actually headed
for a divorce and I must say that I like love and marriage Huntsville I do feel
like the stars of the show is melody and Martell I feel like without them there
would not be no mad love in marriage Huntsville I wouldn’t be watching it but I’m gonna put the link in the
description to Tasha Kay’s exclusive video with Martell Haute’s mistress if
y’all follow that show go watch it and check it out because she really did a
good job with the interview and some enlightening points came to play and she
got to talk to the lady herself which everybody been trying to talk to her and trying to get her side of the story so finally we get to hear from her what
she has to say so that’s pretty much pretty much my review of toxic haze
exclusive exclusive interview with the love and marriage Huntsville mysteries a
Martell hope and then they were saying like she’s not just the mistress of
Martell she’s the mistress of melody – they just need to move in together
that’s what she was saying they just need to move in together and be one
happy family because they don’t think that he gonna leave her alone I don’t
think so either y’all she was like they even spent time together recently and
this man keeps saying he talked to that woman in a long time she staying he’s
still running behind her she had to change her number cuz he keep calling
her he’s trying to make it look like she keeps calling him Wow yeah I think she
have a seven-year-old daughter she been in a relationship with him for five
years she was saying that the daughter that’s the only thing she knows Marty oh y’all let me know what y’all think about
this review in the comments bar below I am going to link Tasha Katie’s video if
you followed the show you need to go watch this interview I got things to do
today yeah I’m gonna talk to y’all later I know I’m gonna be tired again later on
the night I might come to y’all with a dark life later tonight to just talk
about whatever y’all want to talk about thumbs up the video leave lots of
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later thanks for watching by now I’m fool

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  1. Hey Vanessa how you doing today I been hospital for 3 days now with bad flu can u pray for u my friend I love u I am sorry be miss your videos be sleeping a lot in the hospital

  2. All parties in the Montell Holt love triangle deserves whatever they get…imo. All parties are aware of each other. If the wife and the girlfriend continue to put up with his BS that’s on them…period.

  3. Love this show I can't stand him he thinks he's gods gift to women baby he's dead wrong i would tell him to get gone and raise my kids on my own and your right he dont want her to outshine him but she is. All these women need to let him go for real he's nasty and plain dirty.

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