🔴Married But In Love With Another Woman? (“CYSR TECHNIQUE”)

Are you married but in love with another woman? Here’s what to do – and pay close attention
if you want to make sure no one gets hurt. Now, if you’re in this sticky situation
right now, no need to kick yourself too hard. It happens to a LOT of men. And hey, I get it. Marriage is tough. And temptation never goes away. When your stress levels are high, temptations
are strong. And it’s easy to find yourself feeling affection
towards another woman. And that’s the beginning of what could be
the doom of your marriage. Now, let’s cut to the chase — when you’re
in this situation, there’s really only one thing to do. It’s the only way to guarantee a GOOD outcome,
where everyone – you, your wife, and the other woman – end up HAPPIER. If you try anything else, at least one of
you will get hurt – and that’s NOT a good outcome. So what’s this ONLY THING you can do? I call it the “MP-SP Setup.” Want to keep your marriage AND this other
woman at the same time? Then pay CLOSE attention to what you’re
about to learn in this video. Before we continue, do take two seconds to
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see how the MP-SP Setup is the only clear way out of this maze you’re in. Ready to get started? Then click “Like” right now. Go ahead – we’ll continue with the MP-SP
Setup right after you do. Click LIKE now. Are you done? Awesome. So here’s what “MP-SP Setup” stands
for. “MP” and “SP” stands for “Main Plate”
and “Side Plate,” respectively. Here’s what those two terms mean… Ever seen those circus performers who spin
dinner plates on top of thin rods? They have to keep the plates spinning and
perfectly-balanced. If even just one of the plates falls, all
the other plates fall as well, and everything comes crashing down. That’s the perfect analogy to your situation
right now. You’re spinning two plates – your wife
and the other woman. If one falls, the other will fall too – and
chances are so will you. It’s like this… • If your wife finds out you’re having
an affair, she’ll divorce you. That’s bad. • On the other hand, If you’ve spent enough
time and attention on your mistress, she’ll start making demands you can’t meet. Once you disappoint her, she’ll get revenge
by telling your wife and ruining your reputation. See the trap you’re in? It would seem like there’s no way out of
the hole you’re in. Unless, of course, you follow the MP-SP Setup. The only way to get a good outcome is when
you treat your wife as your “Main Plate,” and the other woman as your “Side Plate.” And you must keep them both spinning and in
balance – happy and contented. Now, how do you do that? That’s where the MP-SP Setup comes in. Here are the hard-and-fast rules of this special
Setup: 1. First, you must keep your marriage – your
“Main Plate” – improving for years to come… 2. And secondly, you must keep your affair – your
“Side Plate – a “sex-only” setup. That way, your wife will be happy, your mistress
will be happy, and YOU’LL be happy. And nothing bad happens. See how it works? The trick is in achieving these two goals
at the same time. After all, making a marriage better is by
itself a LOT of hard work. What’s more, getting your mistress to agree
to a sex-only relationship won’t be easy. So what’s a guy to do? Luckily, there’s no need to “fight this
war on two fronts.” Instead, you only need to use ONE TECHNIQUE
on both women to achieve both goals. That’s right – use this technique on your
wife to make your marriage better. And then use the SAME technique to make your
mistress agree to a sex-only relationship. It’s that simple AND powerful at the same
time. So what’s this technique all about? I call it the CYSR Technique. And I’m about to show you how it works. For now, do take a moment to click the “Subscribe”
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continue with the CYSR Technique. Go ahead – do it now. Have you subscribed? Great, now let’s continue. Let me tell you about the CYSR Technique. It was introduced to me by my friend and mentor,
the dating coach Derek Rake. And just in case Derek’s name sounds familiar,
it’s because he’s made a name for himself. He doesn’t teach men to “pick up” women. Instead, he teaches them Mind Control – to
understand the female mind completely. The rationale is simple: When you know how
women think, you can influence how they act. And the CYSR Technique is a good example of
Derek Rake’s Mind Control principles. Here’s how it works. CYSR stands for “Can You Stand the Rain”
– you know, like the song. And as the song goes, storms will come in
relationships – the question is whether you can stand them. Only in the CYSR Technique, you won’t “stand”
the rain – you’ll BRING the rain. That is, you’ll purposely inflict emotional
STRESS on both women. This stress can come in the form of disagreements,
disappointments, and discomfort. You get the idea. You do this in two instances:
1. First, you “bring the rain” whenever they
display behavior you disapprove of… 2. And secondly, you “bring the rain” from
time to time, just to shake things up. Now, that might not make sense to do. That’s because there’s a second component
to the CYSR Technique. And that is to “be their sunshine after
the rain.” That means that every time you “bring the
rain”, you give a balanced or greater amount of pleasure. And this pleasure can come in the form of
reassurance, satisfaction, and affection. See how it works? These little “emotional rollercoasters”
do two very important things for you: 1. First, it helps establish your dominance in
both your relationships – they know you call the shots, not them… 2. And secondly, it pulls a hidden “addiction
trigger” in their minds. It makes them feel not just attracted, but
ADDICTED to you. It’s the same addiction they feel towards
TV dramas, erotic novels, and gossip. It’s not these things themselves that are
addicting to women. It’s the emotional rollercoasters they take
them on. If you can imagine your women feeling as ADDICTED
to you as they are to their favorite TV shows and books. That’s what the CYSR Technique does for
you. Now, with your wife, you’ll be using the
technique to make your marriage a more exciting, satisfying place for her. And you do this for the rest of your life. With the other woman, you’ll use it to make
her agree to a “sex-only” relationship. If she insists on being something more than
just friends with benefits, then you “bring the rain.” And you bring the rain until she gives in. And after that, you “be the sunshine”
and reward her good behavior. See the magic? It’s just one technique – and you achieve
both your goals. And so when you’re married but in love with
another woman, here’s what to do. Use the CYSR Technique, bring the rain, and
be the sunshine after the rain. Now, speaking of the CYSR Technique, here’s
a bit of trivia about it… Its “emotional rollercoaster” aspect actually
has a proper name in applied psychology. It’s called Fractionation, and its “addiction-building”
effect is well-documented. And as far as Mind Control goes, Fractionation
is one of the most useful techniques you can ever learn. And you’ll need it if you want to keep your
plates spinning happily for years to come. So here’s what I’ll do for you… In a moment, a link will come up inside this
video. If you click on that link, you’ll be sent
to a special Online Masterclass on Mind Control. And that Masterclass will be hosted by, of
course, the master – Derek Rake. In this Masterclass, Derek will teach you
everything about Fractionation. You’ll learn why it works and how to start
using it TODAY to take charge of all your relationships. And you’ll NEED that control. It’s super-important. Remember — anything less than the outcome
outlined in this video, and you’re asking for trouble. To make everything work out harmoniously,
you MUST use Fractionation on both of them. So go ahead – make it work. Click the link and join Derek’s Online Masterclass
to see how. Click the link now.

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