😂 Pumpkin Party! Surprise Event Guide With Actual Outfits!

Hello, this is Iri, and we are getting another
rather “ghosty” event, even though it’s already November and not Halloween anymore. I’m not really sure why that’s the case
either with the timing. I have been messaged about this suit before
though so the least I can do is to make your life easier by breaking it down for you and
show you its pros and cons in real time. So this event is also a packing event, meaning
that its format is exactly the same as the Lion and Maiden event we had not too long
ago. If you’re an older player, feel free to
jump ahead directly to see the suit parts. If you’re a newer player, a “packing”
event is where basically we’d walk into the game, do any story stage that we want,
maiden or princess, and they’ll drop these event currencies, in this case, pumpkins. We then go back to the event menu and perform
a “packing” motion with these currencies. And after we have packed so and so many times,
we can receive the suit parts in a set order. We need stamina to get the pumpkins in the
first place and diamonds to pack them, but we really only need to worry about the diamonds
because we’ll have enough stamina regenerated for free just with time passing over the 7
day event period. I have seen comments asking for how many diamonds
does it cost for a specific item in the suit so this time I have listed them out over on
the left. Now that the obligatory intro is out of the
way, let’s have fun with the suit. To be fair, for 1,800 diamonds, this suit
is a lot cheaper than the pavilion we did get. For one thing, green hair fans can rejoice. We have another sitting pose. Unfortunately the stitches are not separated
from the posed dress. They are from the normal unposed one which
we’ll see every soon. Moveable green bat that I never really use. I do use these spectral hands coming out of
the ground though. The tree has too many Halloween elements for
my taste but I love these face ribbons / bandages, and her non-chalant make-up. Do keep in mind though that there is a bolt-like
decoration attached to the ribbons. It doesn’t bother me personally but it’s
something that I know some players would want a heads-up on. A friend actually has the ribbons as part
of her avatar, she hasn’t changed it in a long time but that’s fine with me because
I just absolutely adore this outfit. In the normal pose, we do have an unposed
hair, a purple dress that thank goodness doesn’t have Halloween-related elements on it, and
these leg ribbons. The moveable accessories are the same as they
are in the posed version but now we have a necklace and those stitches that I talked
about way earlier as a separate tattoo item. And here is how she looks with the different
skin colors. I did have lots of fun styling the posed dress,
this is “A Girl Leaning on a Dragon.” I surprisingly like how the pose looks with
a more seductive make-up? The dragons and those animated cards are obviously
from other events though, which bonus points to you if you recognize where they’re from. I also put together this lady scholar outfit
using the unposed dress so you can at least see one way of styling it too. We can also see the scale of the moveable
accessories in the viewmode. Again I personally know many players who just
stopped at the tier with the hands instead of going all the way for the tree, so if you’re
on diamond saving mode, that might be something you’re interested. A word of caution though, even though this
suit is only 1,800 diamonds, November and December are traditionally very busy months
for the game, because we got Thanksgiving and Christmas and other beautiful occasions,
jam-packed with events, so I really would advise all players to think a lot before spending
anything. And I made this video in the first place to
help you with that thinking process. If you found it indeed helpful and can like
and subscribe, I’d really appreciate it and YouTube will notify you when more videos
come out. Thank you again and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Oh no ahaha I just got it on Korean server.. so I'm not sure if I want it for the 2nd time. I was waiting for it.. and now..

  2. I'm very cautious with themed suits, because outside of the festivities, you never have a chance to use them. Even tho I really liked this one and was actually waiting for it for Halloween, I think I'll skip it. After 4 Myths and Dawn Front, I'm barely recuperating.

    Thanks for making the video and sharing the info. It was really helpful!

  3. Untopic but I wonder, if you do a another video like Huihuicao's story, I mean is just so beautiful. You're amazing storyteller. İn the same time I'm curious about shining nikki stories.

  4. Me:it's pretty
    My Brain:Yes… but you only have 6000 dias
    My heart: You can always get the dias back
    My bones: DO IT BUT DONT DO IT!!

  5. Gahhh it's so pretty….
    But i'd rather save for future events…
    Still waiting for pragya princess to come back too~

  6. If I remember correctly then that dragon if from the hell event "The Tides of All"
    Hope that hell event doesn't come so soon because I want to save my dias for it, so that I get all the suits!
    Nvm, I think I'm wrong

  7. Hmmmm. On one hand, it costs significantly more upon return (WHEN it returns cause our devs seem to haaaate returning event suits to us =.=) On the other hand, I really want the dress which is 2nd to last tier so at that point might as well get it all. On the other other hand…. need to saaave. On the 4th hand (rip) I CAN spare the dias. BUT ON THE 5TH HAND the upcoming events might be something I love. Ffff….

  8. Omg so much creativity for this suit, those were some amazing designs you showed, I love them and gave me so much inspiration, :3 thank you iri 💚

  9. Ahhh~ love the suit!!! But unfortunately I'll have to pass :'( my diamonds are so low~ Thank you so much for the video Iri, you're the best <3!!!

  10. I'm glad the tattoo is free lol I like her. I like the dress, makeup and hair, but I don't feel need to complete it. Suits of Halloween and Christmas are suits I don't want complete because I don't think are that versatile

  11. Thank you Iri! I'm really happy to see the tattoo and head piece are free items. If only this event came 1-2 weeks earlier, I would definitely have gotten it. But the fact that it is ending on dec 3rd… I'll be in XMAS mood already and we mostly spend/decide on spending on last day of the events. We might also get a big pavilion in december too since we didn't get any for november :'D Maybe Christmas pavilion event?! Oh my I will just save for that 😀

  12. I love the hair but I don't think it's worth spending 800 diamonds (I am V0 btw and I am cheap lol…actually I am trying to stack up my dias right now sooooooo)

  13. From which suit is that dragon though???!! I want it so bad T.T Also this suit is pretty if I have enough dias I'll get it ^^

  14. Thank you for this video, Iri!! You helped me decide on stopping at the hands. I enjoy the blue roses on the foreground item, but there's too much of a Halloween theme going on. You're the best!! Much love 💕

  15. I'm personally gonna skip this to save for the Caelum et Ocean and Tree of life hell events. I am also crafting a couple of Christmas suits that need dias.

  16. Thank you Lady Iri! I'm actually really happy the devs brought this back, even if it's late for Halloween. I saw a lot of players disappointed that we didn't get it in October, so this means the devs paid attention to their comments and are adjusting events based on feedback. It's a positive sign.

  17. Knowing me, I'm going to compulsively buy this entire outfit and then do the shocked pikachu face when a way cooler Hell Event is directly after it

  18. Yup, going for the whole suit.

    The recent hell event surprisingly didn't set me back by much. But then I'm going straight back to being a miserly, diamond hoarding little gremlin. I can smell the diamond heavy events due in December. Gotta pick my battles carefully before parting with those sweet sweet premium currency gems.

  19. I’m so excited!!! I’ve been saving my diamonds since the last spooky event so I’m definitely ready. Everyone else is saying it’s late for Halloween, but for me this is Christmas coming early!!!

  20. ahh I really want to get this suit since I love too many elements of it despite being Halloween themed
    I'll probably get it and then if WFSM is the returning hell event, I'll try to get at least one more node

  21. I like spooky suits and have 0 interest in Christmas related events so I'll def be getting this one!! I'm just hoping we don't get any of the big hell events I like at the end/beggining of the year. But well the devs are merciless aren't they ahhahah Wonderful video as always!

  22. Halloween is over but this suit is super cute!! Green hair! I love green! So unless it's cheaper on return this is gonna be mine! I hope wfsm comes back so i don't have to do anything but save! Thanks for the fast update!!

  23. Why do they have to drop another packing event as soon as I start hoarding stamina again? And of course, it has to be a suit that I absolutely love and will not be skipping. 😂

  24. This was on my wish list but I may have to pass on it. I only have a little under 14k diamonds, and I'm still saving up for 2 more hell events. If it had come a couple of weeks from now, I def would have grabbed it.

    Thanks for the video Iri. ❤

  25. Thanks for the breakdown, think I'll do the free attempts for this one. My diamonds are recovering from 4 Myths event (that i completed!!!) and I think we'll get a returning pavilion event pretty soon

  26. Thanks for the breakdown of this suit! Even if it's late for Halloween, it's such a lovely and darling suit that I'll be getting. ^_^

  27. Newly V15 player here… I think we can all agree that the term saving wasn’t in my dictionary 😅😂

    Also as a Halloween enthusiast, I am beyond thrilled that we’re finally getting this 🖤

  28. Yay to the nightmare before Christmas! Autumn is spooky season! She is adorable and her decorations are so useful, definitely getting her instead of Christmas events.

  29. The hair at 3:34 is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, is there any possible way of knowing when/if we’ll be getting it??

  30. ..I was going to get it.. but, it’ll be cheaper if I wait..
    But- how long will it take?? If it only comes back near Halloween then it could potentially take years!! :/

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