(slow music) – I’m gonna do a belly flop. (relaxed guitar music) – Can I have some of that
please, please Daddy? Can I have some? – [Jeremy] You want some? – [Laura] Can I please? – [Jeremy] You want some of my breakfast? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jeremy] Okay I’ll give you guys some. – [Laura] Scrambled eggs? – [Caleb] Yeah, that’s what he’s making. That’s a little pot. – [Jeremy] I know, I
don’t have a normal one. – Yummy. – [Jeremy] I’m gonna try to flip this. (gasps)
(laughs) Oh! I almost got it. It was very close. – You have to not do that again. – [Jeremy] (laughs) I
should not do that again? Yeah, let’s put this back in here. (happy music) Good? How do you like your eggs? – Good. – [Jeremy] Where are
we going this morning? – Swimming lessons. – Yep, first time for swimming lessons. So the reason we normally
have cold cereal instead of an omelet is that cold cereal
doesn’t leave this kind of a mess to clean up. – [Laura] Yeah! – Yeah! (happy music) This is our first time swimming this year. What are the rules so that we’re safe? Isaac? – Don’t die. – Rule number one, no dying.
– That’s a good one. – How do we stay alive so
that we don’t die, Caleb? – [Caleb] We don’t go in the
deep end without a parent. – Yeah. What about running? – [Isaac] No, way. – Do we run? – There’s even
– No. – Signs that don’t say it. – There’s even signs
that say don’t run, okay? – At the end. – Why do we not want you to run? – Because you don’t want… – You might slip and crack
your head open and die. That’s what you say. – Death is the king we’re trying to prevent.
– (laughs) Don’t die. – Don’t die. Laura, how are you gonna stay safe? – Daddy helping us. – I’m gonna help you. – And we don’t fall out when
the windows are shutted? (laughs) And not broken. I’m just gonna watch you guys. – Yep. Amber, why don’t you
stick with Laura at first. Cub, you’re with me at first, okay? – Okay, sounds good. – You guys ready to do this? There was a time where I went swimming. – Oh, yeah. – We used to own a pool when I
was like two, three years old and I learned how to kinda swim. When I was five I tried to go to swim lessons
and we had moved and we hadn’t had a pool for a couple years. And I jumped into the water and just started drowning. (laughs) I was just drowning. They had to like jump in and
save me because I was going to drown and die. Okay? So, when you haven’t done it for a long time.
– Why did you do that? – I thought I could swim. I just hadn’t done it for a couple years. Alright, it’s swimming time. (peaceful music) – [Amber] We’re staying onto the left. – So I’ve been looking for the camera. Until I realized that it
was on and it was right here filming us. Yeah! (upbeat music) Best weight room ever. You girls ready? – Yeah. (fun music) (active music) – Paddle your arms. Good job. – I’m gonna do a belly flop. – [Jeremy] Okay. (splashes) Oh! – [Elise] Woo! – [Jeremy] There we go. Isaac’s learning to breaststroke. (splashes) – I’m cold. – [Jeremy] (laughs) You feelin’ cold? Keep goin’! Yeah! You ’bout ready to head home? – Yeah. – Okay. (upbeat music) ♫ 525,600 ♫ Minutes Here you go. We decided to do Chik Fil A for lunch. Their salads are actually
pretty low in calories. For fast food. ♫ Gotta get it, get it, get it, get it ♫ Head in the game ♫ It’s like a symphony ♫ Just keep listening ♫ Under the sea ♫ Under the sea ♫ Fake right ♫ And break left ♫ Watch out for the pick ♫ And keep an eye on defense ♫ I’m just a small town girl ♫ Livin’ in a lonely world (snoring) – Well, unfortunately
Laura woke up from her nap with a fever. She says her head hurts
and she’s not feeling good. – Yeah. But I don’t throw up on my bed. – She didn’t throw up on her bed. – Yeah. – Good job.
– You want some squeeze medicine? – Yeah. – She asks for squeeze
medicine almost everyday. So she’s pretty excited
to actually get it. – [Kendra] She only gets it
when she’s actually sick. Yay, good job taking
your medicine, big girl. How are you feelin’? – A little bit sick. – [Kendra] A little bit sick. Where does your body hurt? Your head and your sides? You wanna snuggle up on the
couch with a blanket, maybe? – Yeah. I’ll maybe watch a show. – Maybe. – [Kendra] That’s what
we do when we’re sick. – When my daddy was sick he
throwed up on his own bed. – Too much info, too much info. – So Laura’s remember over
Christmas when everybody was sick and we had to cancel Christmas. Do you guys remember that? Laura just threw up all over
the living room and I think that about does us in for the day. We are officially postponing Christmas. The kids are bummed to not
be opening their presents but honestly they’re all just
laying here listlessly. It was sad.
– I throwed up a lot on the floor. (laughs) – It still sometimes – [Kendra] Good memories. – Smells a little bit of throw up.
– Then I taked a bath when it was Christmas time and we got a Christmas tree. – [Kendra] We did, we
had a Christmas tree. – But now it’s birthday time. – [Kendra] It was birthday time. – We went through that time. – [Kendra] Now it’s gonna be
Spring time and Easter time. – Yeah. – [Jeremy] So Amber has
been waking up early in the morning, like 5:30 her alarm
is going off to come up to help us with the kids in the morning. And we really appreciate it. I’m glad she’s getting
a short nap right now. She deserves it. – [Kendra] So I love
Janae’s little outfit today. I think all the girls have worn it. But Janae’s actually
had a pretty hard day. She’s been pretty fussy so I
hope she’s not getting sick. – [Jeremy] So after the kids
watched Amber on the RipStik they wanted to give it a try. They’re pickin’ it up
– You ready? – [Jeremy] Pretty fast. – [Amber] Okay, okay, that’s good. Wiggle your feet. You’re wiggling really well.
– Let go of my hand. – [Amber] Oh, woo. (laughs) Woo. – So the newborn phase is
beautiful and amazing and it’s also exhausting and challenging some days. And today has been a harder day for me, physically and emotionally. My arm and back are sore from
holding Janae all day long. She’s just been a lot more
fussy and needing to be held which is totally fine. It’s just been a little bit
hard because I can only get halfway through any of the
things that I’ve attempted to do. So I’m halfway dressed. I’m still wearing my
yoga pants on the bottom. I also have half of the laundry
folded, half of the dishes done and half of dinner prepared. So it’s just kind of a
halfway day today and you know what, that’s okay. I’m just trying to take deep
breaths and just remind myself how precious and quickly
this time is gonna pass and yeah. Just trying to keep a positive
attitude even when a day can be a little bit more challenging. And Laura is doing what sick toddlers do. She is watching a show on the iPad. Alright, dinner tonight
is red and white pasta and frozen veggies. Nothing gourmet but the
kids love it and it works. Oh, just kidding. She was smiling, we turned on the camera. She has calmed down. Look how cute she is. We love you Janae. J House out. She’s smilin’ again. Oh, there it goes.
– Oh, there it goes. – [Doctor] Do you know your colors? – Four, two, six, seven. – We’re going to try to put
together one hundred kits that are going to go to, I think,
Africa later this year.

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