I’ll bring my dollar store shoes dollar there a dollar That’s a score and a half Dillers can probably sell these same shoes for like $15 yeah and then what about like a toothbrush and a hairbrush And do you worry about that stuff not usually no oh Kayla doesn’t brush her teeth when she goes no I don’t wanna worry about brushing my teeth I want to worry about standing up all night Hey, everyone it is Connie and Kayla from We Are The Davises and today Kayla’s is going to vennesa’s party birthday party yes and that’s a unicorn party so like and its a sleepover That’s my Jam And she’s gonna have like big inflatable’s and stuff I don’t want to give it all away because I think they’re videoing it go check out their video at Taylor and Vanessa And yea you’ll probably see it before you see this one, so I think we’re good Yeah so go check out the videos still so Kayla’s going to show you guys she’s going to show you guys some of the stuff that she puts together when she goes to a sleepover And right now we’re going to start by kind of cuteing up her hair a little bit So we’re going to add little bit of curl to it and then We’ll go and see what kind of stuff she’s going to put in her bag yeah and what else you’re gonna show her birthday present Yes that’s really cute that’ like I love it Kayla got some really cute stuff for Vanessa so we’ll show you a sneak peak of that And then let’s go do this because she’s got to leave in like 30 minutes so we got to be quick okay so I have I Mixed one some of my slime I made it like a slime smoothy and now I’m going to make an iceberg slime and leave it overnight and I already left it overnight last night and the bubbles on top are hardening but Hopefully by the time I get back from my sleep over it will be Beautiful Iceberg slime iceberg slime is when the top hardens and then does it crunch you can Then what if you like fold it on top of itself and then it gets stuck inside yea so you have this crunchy left in there So Kayla’s got her hair that’s step one and let’s see your outfit what did you pick out to go see the girls in so I got my Forever 21 High Roller Tie-Dye shirt and then I have these cute Forever 21 like lace and jean shorts and I have my Adidas on so you’re rocking it styling And then so do you want to show what you’re going to get Vanessa yeah It’s so big what do you call that a narwhal narwhal it’s unicorn of the sea oh Got like a rainbow belly it’s got glitter eyeballs it’s glitter horn and it’s blue and it’s beautiful so yea justice The challenge is how are we gonna fit him in that bag Molly want’s to stick out more his tail sticks out because it will be easier to cover But I think it’d be cute if it’s head would stick out because then he would be like hey bro he would be poking it out of the bag and this for cute okay guys what would you do face in or tail in comment below tail in stand that’s not going to work see I knew it Nope and you still got to fit the other presents so those got to go in first anyways he suck don’t he’s stuck don’t rip it stuck it’s too fit I pull this part he’s too fat yea alright what else did we get we got her this cute little card that’s got cupcake and ice cream on it yea headband and It’s like the same one as Kendle’s but it’s blue because they call each other twin so thought it would be funny to get some twin stuff so yeah And then she got the same bracelet as Kendall but with a V on it so they can be super twins so and that’s a really a it’s called was it Alex and Annie Alex and Annie bracelet and that came from Dillards it’s got recyclable and it’s got materials and it’s made in America and it’s infused with energy that’s got her name on it well her initial on it so and its silver yes like Kendle’s so very cute got to take the tag off though what if what if your allergies will go away once we move I don’t think I have allergies but you’ve been stuffed up for like 3 months there you go done that’s the best thing about pushy paper you can be so creative and it’s quick and it’s beautiful shove it in the box that and I’m going to take from the box fix it all up again because we run it are you going to miss Narwall Narwall is so cute I didn’t want to name him because that wuold be mean to Vanessa I want Vanessa to name him oh so Narwall isn’t his name Narwall is not his name Vanessa get’s to name Narwall that’s his temporary name because we still need something to call him because that would be rude to just say oh that thing with the horn like you don’t don’t do that done okay spread them apart now Narwall’s turn yea how are you going to do that you probably got to stuff him in there and put stuffing around him no around him like everything else how are you going to wrap him he get’s a blanket that’s impossible he get a blanket okay maybe maybe alright like that he’s so fat I love him she left tags on everything get in there bye bye he’s so cute hope he’s not afraid of the dark his face is facing out so I don’t know about that horn and it’s probably not going to be hidden oh well you can still stuff tissue around the top make it tuck it first like over the top and just the horn will stick out and she’ll wonder what the heck is that okay wait what you say like put a blanket on top of him yea like tuck it there you go and then he needs another blanket yea he needs another I don’t think that horns going to go it will be the secret or we could tuck it like that that’s probably hurting him that’s hurting him it looks like oh lock now play with his silver nose it’s the robot Oloc there you never even notice that’s beautiful okay maybe it’s from the top but so now you just got set that up so it doesn’t fall in slime we knew we were that slime is going to get it oh it’s balancing just for a second okay done wow that looks really fancy now we got to pack pack your fun stuff so what kind of bag do you take with you I take this bag because it’s super cute and we got it from the dollar store so every time you have a different bag pretty much wait should I take the flower bag this time whatever you want to take is it going to be enough what about that cute anchor one no because I have to fit a onezy that’s not going to fit in that yes it will so what the okat let’s try it where’s your onezy onezy is in it’s in I don’t know she lost her onezy here I remember now it just got watch and what kind of onezy is that unicorn oh did you guys see this dolly it’s my final Disney souvenir so we don’t know if we’re going to go back to Disney world again it won’t be anytime too soon so that was Kayla’s she too pretty to give up special souvenir to remember Disney world by super cute Rapunzel she’s really pretty it’s got like gold stars on it and it’s white and it’s fluffy it’s got wings on the back is it still considered unicorn even though it has wings on the back yea it’s just a unicorn pegasus a pegacorn a pegacorn alright pegacorn yea pegacorn and then it’s gone it’s got unicorn and it’s got little ears my ears falling of because it’s a little old and it’s got a little main and yea and if you guys didn’t notice behind her she’s got everybody’s pictures and drawings and all kind of cool stuff from the fans you guys are awesome we save them we have a box too we’re not sure if we’re going to start putting it all in albums I want to keep it on the mirror stor your stuff everyone I want to keep it on the mirror because you can probably move it with the owl staying on the mirror yea yea because I want to be able to see it if it’s in the box I won’t see it everyday and then hove like a little peephole for my face still oh here comes the Onry one hi girl Hershey is the Onry one he’s the bully he bully’s Harley around he’s the alpha okay so what else do bring like an extra outfit yea just in case so it is kind of rainy outside I wanted to bring this shirt no okay I wanted to bring this shirt it’s like a mermaid shirt because I don’t have any unicorn shirts oh that’s cute with what same shorts or white shorts I have black shorts actually because my white shorts are all wrinkled because I didn’t take them out of the bag so black shorts and then I like wear my converse your bring both your fancy shoes I don’t know I don’t think that that would match with these maybe it would that’s a lot no converse just yea girl with maybe some flip flops because you’re going to be outside too and you want some didn’t get wet I’ll bring my dollar store shoe dollar they’re a dollar but they’re cute they’re super cute look at that I like them That’s a score and a half Dillers can probably sell these same shoes for like $15 yea so let’s stick everything in here and then what about like a tooth brush and a hair brush and do you worry about that stuff not usually no Kayla doesn’t brush her teeth when she goes no I don’t want to worry about brushing my teeth I want to worry about stand up all night she does she stays up all night I’m surprised because usually afterwards I’m like a little bit grumpy because I didn’t get any sleep but this last time I was like perfectly fine and jumpy all day probably because we had a lot of sugar but for Kendle’s party it was awesome because we went to a hotel and we stayed up all night and we talked about girl stuff and it was awesome and then we we stayed up until the sun came out and then we ate sugar all night and we woke up in the morning and we went to starbucks and we had lots of caffeine and then we went surfing you actually got caffeine I got caramel frapachino wow it was really fun though that’s why you didn’t get sleepy because you don’t usually do that no yea we had caffeine when we got there too caffeine is like a step up of sugar yea so we had caffeine when we got there and then we went to the pool and then beach and then we went to go check on her puppy because her mom felt bad about the puppy leaving it there so we went and walked it a little bit and then we went to the gas station and got candy and we stayed up all night and ate candy and then we woke up in the morning because we took a baby nap and then we went and got more caffeine and then we went surfing it was really fun so this is my bag so you manage to fit it all in there you got your shoes you got bathing suite nope I should shove that in there more room what bathing suite should I bring should I bring like my neon one that’s colorful yup that looks pretty okay it matches your hair everything matches your hair yea so you got bathing suite you’ve got a jammy and you’ve got a extra outfit and her clothing that we’re not going to show you guys so don’t look Hershey here you cover the camera yup done so now you guys don’t think Kayla is Growdy or anything she actually bring extra stuff yup I’m surprised like you don’t bring a little travel tooth nope you should I don’t want to you’re going to get rotten teeth no because it’s only one night and then I’m going to brush my teeth right now because because there’s food stuck in my mouth so I guess that’s true it’s less than 24 hours you’ll be back by morning to brush them soon as you get home I’ll let it slide this time alright so Kayla’s all ready to go she’s got her bag and then here’s the present falling out can’t forget the present and we’re heading out now so we hope you guys enjoyed the video like subscribe share this with your friends and family until next time bye

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