🤪🚌 CONCRETE instead of WHEELS??! 🚘👷 Żuk Party Bus episode 9

Welcome back to the Żuk Party Bus archives! Watch to the end to find out how the Alto drives with no back wheels! But until that, let’s rewind to the summer If you’re not a subscriber yet, hit the button now! And we’ll catch up with you at the end of this video! Hi there, Żuk Party Bus here. Nice to see you after the summer holiday break It’s been a few weeks since the last recording As you can see something finally changed The Żuk is outside for 2nd time in this year it looks now more like the proper car At least, because it’s August We just flew back from holidays (souvenir) Because I took the Żuk out, so the plan is to wash him as he’s dusty after several months of standing, then take care of the roof rack.. it needs a new paint job, but 1st some priming I’m keeping the white colour on it By the way, I will make new brackets for a future shower install on the left-hand side of it. Last times I was working on the interior I made a top shelf in the cab Next, I strip the dashboard down I was hoping it saveable but all the vinyl was dirty, old and crumbly You can see how bad state it was in.. So I re-did it in natural oak wood in a nice bright varnish I added some strips of cream vinyl too which is colour coordinated with the rest. The works are in progress for a year and so To be honest I would like to simply drive this car now and enjoy it. But on the other hand I’m sure it will be done properly and solid Take it easy… Because for the next 2020 year big adventure is waiting for us We decided to join the Złombol the biggest charity rally in Europe In this Żuk as a crew for support children. So first we have to drive down all the way to Poland, And then next to the start of the rally in Katowice to Turkey because this edition is transcontinental Our crew have 5 members My dear friend Krystian, Robert, Andy from UKŻUK, Leo and me. It’s still a long shot, we are keen to go and have plans Besides, it’s all concrete So fingers crossed! I know that Żuk is not ready yet I would say is 80% done now, although sometimes new things appear and it’s hard to stay focused on the goal.. But that’s only temporary… On those days, I think, just need to get it 40% complete, to pass mot and meet the UK regulations So I’m following the rule ‘Keep calm and carry on’, often doing things not connected to engine conversion They are supposed to be delayed but sometimes it’s best to do something for a change… Roof rack today is an example I will leave removal of the soundproofing until winter.. from the floor in the cab, which let me clean the rust and put the new coats of paint As I did it underneath already But it’s quite a job as the seats have to be removed So I’m not wasting time as it’s OK at the moment. We’ve just back from sunny and beautiful Bulgaria, but the Scottish summer It’s also pretty and warm so that let me work hard and be rested, my morale is up too, so there’s hope for finishing this! My plans for Żuk are long-term, for next few years Like different rims, offroad tyres etc. Also considering normal wear and tear jobs too ..it’s a never-ending story. I managed to fit the fuel tank yesterday, so the fuel system is in fully working order after the breakdown of the fuel pump recently. More good news is as I’ve spoken with Andy and we have got on really well, so (as you know cars are for friends, not haters) So we’re going to make more video content Kind a challenge or travels type It will be in Polish, English, a lot of fun It will be funny for sure I hope many folks will enjoying it, Because we like to introduce some gadgets in the future too Stickers, T-shirts for helping to make the Żuks mainstream As someone smart once said: ‘Żuks are not acting anything’ It’s not like with old VW buses – that you’re running away from a job you hate Or leasing one for holidays and pretending you’re a real hippy Żuks are not pretending, you can do with them whatever you want If you wished to be a Fireman Sam as a child just buy the fire engine If your plan for life was a farmer, buy yourself a pickup. Simple as is. So I have a good hopes for the nearest future My videos are slightly better too, with significant role of Andy, they have some nice features. Meanwhile, we are preparing some new interesting content So that’s the plan, we will see how it goes! I must admit how huge this shed is without the Żuk in it! but hey, there are still many parts to fix everywhere But forgive me as its a shed-workshop Anyway I’m glad it is still so warm And the sunset is still late So that keeps me going And I don’t need to use the stove behind me (yet) In the next few days, I’m expecting a massive parcel from Poland with another gearbox Don’t know if I swap them yet In good condition, and the price was a bargain so that’s why I ordered it Just to have, just in case 🙂 Have a look cables If this is not enough… cables again! So yeah, I’m mental(!) and on our way to our holidays I found a guy with an e36 and scrap yard and I was stripping another BMW for spares actually the cabin loom. This is just a half of loom from the donor car Just the front section actually. I just need the loom for the pedals blocks, switches etc. Kickdown for accelerator Loom to the selector This all goes to this round X69 plug which I mentioned I was wrong when thinking, it will go straight from there to the pedals and selector But in fact… It’s all bullshit (!!!!) There’s no way! Obviously, they run somewhere but all together I mean ALL the cables you can have in BMW.. ..the speedo cluster, the ignition barrel, heating system All the cables to the front and rear lights The bunch of cables is almost the diameter of your arm! Everything is buried under the dashboard, and on a RHD car. the relays are on the left hand side under the hood, and steering column is on the opposite side.. So all the soundproofing, carpets and dash pieces are in your way So I was really sweating there, it was a big rush and there was some blood But I made it! Ok guys, little less conversation little more action! I want just to show you how my dashboard looks in the daylight after building it at night. How do you like the final effect? That’s it. So we’ve got new vents all handmade I like it. And yeah I finished the heating system with a front single heater new hoses etc.but I will show it next time. This is already enough for one episode Regards, take care and see You soon! Now we’re gonna play you out with a stupid experiment Can You replace the back wheels on the Suzuki Alto With the lawn roller The Flinstones would be proud of? So I think the biggest challenge will be to make this thing to turn Good luck! (wheels fitted for testing) Got a squeaky noise!? (grunts)… I’m recording you.. OK? [Uh… doesn’t look driveable does it?] (Laughs)… Looks sh*t! Don’t need a jack anymore… (laughter) No we don’t! (1st proper test without wheels..) I think we have a major problem which I’m going to solve for you! That’s better! UKZuk Service!! Woah!! WhaaRGHuhugh!!! Can’s gone!! Ha ha ha!! Oh my God!! It’s not necessary!! That was not necessary AT ALL (laughter) It’s still holding OK, but there’s something with your camera? No, it’s just bush! By the end of the day the sun was setting and there remained one final challenge Could we roll The Alto? While it was loads of fun hooning it around it wasn’t looking promising Because we’d in effect.. added a stabiliser but Karol thought it give one last go So that’s goodbye from him and from me. And with only two more Żuk Party Bus archive episodes to come We’ll soon be up-to-date With all of the Karol progress And if you haven’t liked the Kaktus Team on Facebook Please head over there now. Because there are now 5 of us attempting to drive Karol’s Żuk 10.000km! And if you can, do give to our fundraiser! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe. Anglik Robi Żuka and Żuk Party Bus collaboration I don’t think the car will survive today!

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