1-Hour Dinner Rolls

Hi Bold Bakers, we are in the throes of baking
season, my favorite time, and the holidays are just around the corner. So a must for your bold baking repertoire
is a dinner roll recipe. Now these are really amazing because you can
make them from scratch and in the oven in under 60 minutes, they’re really fast. As always the recipe can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com. So for this recipe because we want it to be
nice and fast, I’m using my stand mixer however you can do it by hand but just note
it will take longer. So into my mixer I’m gonna put in my white
flour. Now just so you know you can do half whole
wheat half white and that will work really well too. Next I’m gonna add in a little bit of sugar
because yeast loves sugar and needs it to live and to thrive. I’m gonna add in a bit of salt, for flavor. Now of course, my yeast. Now I use instant yeast but you can use active
dried yeast, anything will work really well. Now all I’m gonna do is turn this on and
let the ingredients mix really well together, make sure the yeast is all the way throughout
before we mix all the ingredients. Ok so that’s all mixed up, here I have a
bit of softened butter, butter really makes a difference in this dough and it makes it
softer and richer so it’s really nice. Just make sure it’s soft and at room temperature. So just add that in there and then just turn
on the machine and let it break it up until it resembles kind of coarse bread crumbs. Bread dough only needs a few ingredients so
it’s actually really easy to make. So here I have some warmed milk you can also
use water however milk makes it richer. I use full fat milk it does make a difference,
however if you want to use water that’s totally fine. While the machine is going we’re going to
add in our milk. Now hold a bit back, you don’t want to pour
it all in at once and I’ll tell you why. You might need less liquid than I do or you
might need even more so always hold a little bit of liquid back when you’re making your
dough and then we’ll see in a few seconds if we need to add in the rest. So now I’m seeing that my dough is a little
bit dry so I’m gonna add a splash of water here and it’s gonna pick up those dry bits
around the dough. And when I mean splash I’m talking two teaspoons,
maybe a tablespoon, but this always happens when you’re making dough you might need
a little bit less liquid or a little bit more liquid, so just have a little water handy. And all we’re going for is exactly this,
for the dough to come together and clean the bowl. We just want one lovely, big, tight ball of
dough. Ok perfect, this looks great. So all i’m gonna do is knead this on the
machine for around 6-8 minutes or so on a medium speed. Ok so it’s been a few minutes and our dough
is done, I’m really happy with this. Number one I know this is a gorgeous dough
and I know you’re gonna love working with it. So for those of you who have been watching
Bigger Bolder Baking for some time you know my rule about dough, a clean bowl and a ball
of dough this is exactly what we’re going for, it’s the perfect texture. So now we’re gonna proof our dough, here
I’ve got a bowl. I’m gonna add in a bit of olive oil, then
we’re just gonna add our dough and roll it all around. This just really helps your dough proof it
just slides up the bowl so much easier. There we go, nice and coated. Then we’re just gonna lay over some cling
wrap on top, nice and tight so no air gets in at it. And then a nice tea towel over the top of
it. So now here’s the thing we want to do this
nice and fast because we only have an hour, so we’re gonna proof this for 20 minutes. I’m gonna leave it on top of my stove or
in a warmer part of your kitchen just so it proofs extra fast. So it’s been 20 minutes, here’s my dough
it looks good, nice and puffed up, not too big because you only have 20 minutes. But that time to rest will really make a difference. So I’m just gonna turn my dough out onto
my table and dust it with a little bit of flour to make it easy to work with. Now here’s what we’re gonna do with this
guy, I’m gonna cut it down the middle, in half, and you’re gonna end up with two logs. And then we’re just gonna shape those a
little bit. And what we’re gonna do now is just cut
each log into 8 because this dough will give you 16 rolls. Just do them as evenly as you can, if you’re
gonna weigh them, they’re around 60 grams a roll. So here’s my dough, now I get a lot of questions
on how do you shape a roll to get that lovely round shape. It’s really really easy but somebody does
have to show you how to do it and I’m gonna be that person. So just make sure there’s not too much flour
on your surface you want it a bit on the drier side or the firmer side you don’t want it
to be sliding around on flour. And then you just want to shape your dough
into a little ball. Just think of it like a little balloon and
pinch then end. And then what I’m gonna do from here is
push it into the table and you’ll feel that the roll under your hand starts to form a
shape and bounce back, that pressure on the table is actually shaping your roll. Lovely so as you can see that’s a beautiful
lovely round roll There’s a little bit of the seam on the bottom but don’t worry about
that that will disappear but this is perfect. I’ll do another one just so you get the
idea. So you just make it into a ball, put the seams
on the bottom, and then with your hand, press it into the table. This is the point where you don’t want too
much flour on your table. And then you feel it come together into this
lovely little ball of dough. Nice and smooth, tiny little seam on the bottom. This is perfect. Now don’t get me wrong, this does take technique
and it does take practice, I’ve been doing this a long time. But just have at it, and I guarantee you’ll
end up with lovely rolls. And when you get really experienced, you can
do two at a time. So we have our rolls now let’s get them
onto our baking tray but not any ordinary baking tray. I’m very excited to tell you that this is
my brand new Bigger Bolder Baking bakeware set. IT’s got 7 pieces of essential kitchen equipment
that’ll have you baking with confidence in no time at all. You can buy this right now on biggerbolderbaking.com
and for those bakers out there this makes for a fantastic holiday gift. So now line your awesome new baking tray with
parchment paper, and then we’re going to place the rolls in rows four by four, the
thing about these is that you want to put them close together because we’re going
to batch bake them and what that means is that they bake into each other and you get
these lovely sides. So we’re gonna place these next to each
other so when they proof, they all come together. So these are looking good. Now cover these in cling wrap so they’re
nice and tight and no air gets at it, if I haven’t mentioned already dough doesn’t
like air so you want to keep it nice and snug, and that’s also the reason I’m gonna put
this towel on top also. Ok lovely, now one of the reasons we can keep
this under and hour is because little rolls take less time to proof so we’re gonna set
these to the side for around 20 minutes and let them get nice and big. Because we don’t have a lot of time what
I do is I preheat my oven then I put my tray right on top so the heat coming up will proof
them nice and fast. So let’s come back to our rolls in 20 minutes. So our rolls have been proofing for 20 minutes
now come here to me because I want to show you what they’re supposed to look like. Carefully peel away the cling wrap and your
towel. And as you can see, they’ve puffed up beautifully. So these are looking great I worked in a bakery
when I first moved to the United States and one of my jobs was to proof the bread and
to bake it. And one of my rules was they can be kissing,
but they can’t be making out. So just have them a little bit touching each
other and when they go into the oven they’ll bake more on top of each other. You don’t want them right on top of each
other so give them that little bit of extra room, but these are looking fantastic. However we’re not going to stop here, we’re
not just making plain dinner rolls. Here I’ve got some homemade garlic butter
and all it is is a bit of crushed garlic, some Kerrygold and a little bit of parsley
in there. And I’m just going to generously brush each
roll with the butter. Just imagine, you can probably already smell
it, just imagine how good this is going to taste. Just garlic baked onto fresh bread. Just get it all over the top and on the sides,
make sure you’re nice and generous with it. Fantastic, now you might have a little bit
leftover and that’s good because we’re gonna put a little bit more on later too. As for right now these guys are ready to go
into our oven. Bread loves a hot oven so we’re going to
bake these guys at 400°F or 200° C for roughly 20-25 minutes, or until they’re lovely golden
brown. It’s been 25 minutes, my kitchen smells
amazing so let’s check on our rolls. These guys look fantastic, they’re lovely
golden brown. And they kind of puffed into each other like
I wanted because they’re batch baked. So this is absolutely perfect. Now while they’re still warm out of the
oven, I’ve got some of the leftover garlic butter and I’m just going to glaze all of
them again. This just adds a bit of extra flavor and also
makes them nice and shiny. Ok fantastic, these are gorgeous. Now the great thing about bread rolls is that
you can enjoy them straight away and obviously they’re gonna be at their best coming straight
out of the oven. So check this out, lovely, steaming hot straight
out of the oven, look how soft that bread is that we made in no time at all. You can tell the texture is great, nice and
airy in the middle, this is perfection. This is the perfect dough for a dinner roll,
it’s soft and a little bit sweet Just absolutely gorgeous and the best thing is, look at this…
because we used garlic. Butter some of the butter gets onto the bottom
of the roll and bakes into a lovely, shiny, garlic buttery bottom, like really, you can’t
go wrong. Oh my gosh, like I said they’re garlicky,
a little bit sweet. It’s a rich, soft dough. I know the turkey is the star of the show
around the holidays but if you make these guys, they might be the star of the show. Oh my god and that crispy garlicky bottom,
I mean seriously. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season
and as always this recipe can be found on my website, and I’ll see you back here really
soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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