10 AMAZING Girls Birthday CAKE IDEAS Compilation!

Kawaii Chocolate Brownie Disney Character(s) Cake Minnie Mouse Cake Kawaii Unicorn Cake Disney’s Frozen Elsa Cake Queen Peppa Pig Cake Shopkins Lipstick Cake Skye From PawPatrol Cake

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  1. To be honest this is unfair for boys cos you're only making girls cake why don't you do boys and girls that will be better and more fair yeah that's all I want to tell you

  2. That's disgusting only icing no actual cake sorry but I don't really want to eat this no offence so disgusting

  3. These are the best and delicious cakes I've ever seen!!💙🎂🍰🍫🍭
    Also when I was little i always told my mum to cook me those dolly cakes for my birthday! And she couldn't because it was hard for her to make the decoratings😅😂
    Ugh! I could never do those cakes😐😣😒😒😒😤😤😭😭😭

  4. Wowwww 😍😍😍 U r an amazing artist …. which type of icing u use in micky mousse cake ?? U can gett the icing finishing with kitchen towel

  5. Sei stupenda e come fai vorrei una torta per il compleanno di mia figlia la vorrei soy luna grazzie e sei bellissima e brava mi potresti salutare mia figlia in un video perfavore si chiama marta ti adora ti guarda sempre e vuole una torta fatta da te sei gentilissima tesoro un bacio

  6. So beautiful 💕❤💞👍👌👏😇😇😇💕❤💞👍👌👏💑💑💑😇😇😇💕❤💞👍👌👏😍😍😍💕❤💞👍👌👏💑💑💑

  7. مرحبا ارسم جميل جدا ماهر عنجد راع😉😄😀

  8. يعني إنت صدك مبدعة 👌……
    احنا بالعراق يسون كيك بسيط جدا ويضحكن علينا 😳

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