10 Fun Facts About the Orthodox Church

Hey everybody this is Steve! And the Orthodox Church has been in the news a lot lately because of the upcoming Holy and Great Council. Since we’ve been getting a bunch of questions about Orthodoxy, we decided to narrow them down and offer 10 fun facts about the Church. Here it goes! Are you guys really Christian? Yup! We believe in the Holy Trinity, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He was born, that He was crucified and rose on the 3rd day, that He ascended into heaven, and that He’ll come again. In fact, all of our beliefs and practices are grounded in Christ Himself. Both in the sense that we can trace them back to Christ and His Apostles and disciples, and also in the sense that we are a part of Christ in baptism, that every Divine Liturgy is a taste of God’s everlasting Kingdom. Are you guys kind of like Catholics without the Pope? Yes and no, I guess? Because the question itself may be a bit misleading. I get that comparisons are a helpful way to learn about things. But it’s even more helpful to learn about the Church directly. Here’s a playlist of videos that can get you started. And don’t forget to visit your local Orthodox parish and see for yourself. Do you guys believe in the Bible? Of course! The Scripture is the foundational text for our theology and for the writings of the Church Fathers. And it’s a huge part of our services, which are full of prayers that directly quote Scripture! We also have extended Scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments and Scripture references all over the place. Here’s a short video listing three things you need to know about the Bible. Basically, we need to remember that the Word of God isn’t simply a book. It’s a person, Jesus Christ. We encounter Him in the Scripture, in prayer, in acts of service, and especially in the Divine Liturgy What’s with all the incense? We pray with incense because our relationship with God isn’t simply a spiritual thing. It’s a physical thing, engaging all of our senses, directing all of our person, both body and soul, towards God. For more, check out the video. Why do you guys fast so much? Fasting is an important part of our life in Christ, so important that we have a whole playlist of videos dedicated to it It helps us develop discipline, it shows how our bodies and souls are connected, and it reveals how dependent we are on the comfort of a full stomach. There’s a lot to say, so check out these videos for more. Who are all those people painted on your church walls? Our churches are typically decorated with images or icons of Christ, the angels and of the saints, those Christians whose lives we strive to imitate. The icons serve many purposes, but a big one is to remind us that we are not alone in our Christian journey, that the Church is not simply an earthly institution, but a place where heaven and earth are joined. Icons don’t simply present a portrait of the past: the represent a living reality of Christ and His saints; alive, today and eternally, in the Kingdom. For more, check out this video. So, do you pray to the saints instead of Jesus? All of our worship is directly solely at God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When we say we pray to the saints, what we really mean is that we ask for their help , just like I might ask you to pray for me. And we can do that because the Resurrection is real and the saints are truly alive in Christ. We know that the saints share in Christ’s glory and power as ones who have been truly joined to Him and transformed by His love. Like the apostles who worked miracles in Jesus’ name (not by their own power, but by the power granted them by Christ), all the saints share in this same power, and out of love for us who are still struggling in this life, they offer us guidance, strength, and sometimes even miracles along the way What is more important: faith or works? Honestly, we Orthodox really prefer “and” instead of “or” so we don’t see that there is a choice of faith or works. If we have genuine faith, then of course that will change the way we want to act, and shape our works. And though works themselves don’t somehow earn us salvation, the things we do shape the people we are. It’s important to believe, and to act on that belief, which in turn strengthens our faith. Who’s in charge of the Church? Christ Himself is the head of the Church. Though our bishops stand as representatives of Christ in the Liturgy, and they serve as leaders of the Church in making day-to-day decisions. Leaders who reach decision, not individually, but as members of synods, councils of Church leaders who work together to solve the Church’s problems and open themselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And the Church itself is composed of a group of sister Churches, each under their own bishop and synod, working together to proclaim the Good News of Christ to the world. Click here for a video on why the Church meets in councils, and check back soon a new episode of Be the Bee on this summer’s Great and Holy Council. How can I learn more about the Orthodox Church? Click here for a playlist of videos introducing people to the Orthodox Church, or browse the videos on our YouTube channel. And we’ve put links to all the videos we’ve mentioned down in the doobly doo. There are a ton of ways to learn about Orthodoxy online, and if you’re really interested you should visit your local Orthodox parish. There’s also a link to a parish directory down in the doobly do. See the beauty of the services yourself, get a chance to pray with people and get to know them. Figure out how God is active in your life, and what He has in store for you. Thanks for watching! Click here for links to the latest episode of Be the Bee, our series about finding God in everything, everyday; and the latest episode of The Trench, our series about how our everyday relationships shape our life in Christ. If you’d like to support our work you can click the link to visit our Patreon page And be sure to click below to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching, please pray for us. And remember to Be the Bee and Live Orthodoxy.

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  1. I still have trouble with the whole praying or asking to saints thing… Like if my grandmother was a believer in Christ could I ask her to talk to Jesus for me? Or how ever you would talk I don't know still new to it.

  2. Because I am saved by the blood of the Lamb I am a real saint, accounted righteousness because I believed God and sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption. Orthodox are 100% ignorant concerning the gospel of salvation and the churches of Jesus Christ. If close to understanding was a crab crawling on the beach towards the Sun, Orthodox would be a crab at the bottom of the sea crawling into a hole.

  3. Then i tell them i am orthodox but speak arabic with my cousin, they tell me, so are you muslim or orthodox or is Orthodoxy a muslim type like shi’a or sunni, that’s what happens when i tell someone i am orthodox then they hear me say a word in arabic

  4. Then once i told my teacher i was orthodox she peed her pants and skipped the Ottoman Empire cz she knew they lied about the Ottomans not killing us, the book said that orthodox ppl didn’t pay taxes and they made many revolutions i was like yea right

  5. I see it this way. Your “works” are your proof of your sincerity that you really are a Christian, and NOT a “sunshine” Christian. Did you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and suffering?

  6. I think the real problem with Orthodoxy is 'ethnicity'. You have to be Greek, Russian, Serbian…ortherwise people look at you like you have 2 heads. And there is the language barrier. I know of some parishes that have ligurgy in English, but there is still an ethnic component. Catholics are Universal. Don't get me wrong, I like the Orthodox Churches, but to me, they seem a bit exclusive according to culture, not religious belief.

  7. I know this video is old but I just wanna tell you in this video you answered most questions that other protestant ask me and I couldn't answer them because am not educated well about being an orthodox

  8. Why do you and the anti-Zionist Brother Nathanael do the same weird eye thing and hopping around? The reptilian costume not working well these days?

  9. Orthodoxy is a religion of slaves and suffered for example in my country was only one revolution accomplished it was not believing but atheists my country was part of the Soviet Union and now the Orthodox want to return this time I'm an atheist and me oh how not easyOrthodox are not very tolerant they hate gays all the western hemisphere and they also often attack atheists and gentry like Catholics of Protestants and Muslims therefore I think it is necessary to destroy all orthodox churches and imprison all orthodox priests! till

  10. I’m a christened orthodox who is trying to rediscover his faith. Your channel is very helpful in many ways for me as I missed out on years and years of going to church or even believing in god.

    You mentioned fasting in this video (and quite a few others). Where can I find the calendar for that and the dietary requirements on each cycle?

  11. For all of you Serbian people, I'm Serbian ortodox and I can say Serbs are actually "ortodoxsish". First we still celebrate pagan gods, patrons of our home, now trough saints. For most if not all Serbs this day is more important than some purely christian traditions. Also on christmas eve we have pagan tradition of big loud celebration with tons of alcohol, shooting and big bone fires that for many people are more important than the christmas day itself. I really don't mean to rustle anyone's jimmies but Serbian ortodoxy is quite unique and still full of Slavic paganism and mitology.

  12. I'm an atheist and former Mormon, but I decided to attend the Greek Orthodox Church in my county a few months ago. It was incredible. I don't believe in Spirits or deity or anything, but the service made me feel like I was taking part in something bigger than myself and something incredibly sacred. I walked out feeling elated. It put Mormon sacrament meetings to shame. They could take notes from the Orthodox Church. I guarantee that I will be back to participate with you all again some day.

  13. I am soooo glad I found an English speaking channel about Orthodox Christianity, so now I can show it to my boyfriend for better understanding me and my whole believe system, because I can never explain as good as you can explain in video with all visual effects at the time of speaking of surten things 🙂 thank you so much, subscribed!

  14. I like you. I like this channel. I like the Orthodox beliefs. I don't like that I can't attend a service in English anywhere near me.

  15. Don't worry we are all Catholics! BUT MOST OF ALL WE ARE APART OF ONE BODY WE ARE ONE find out who u should really be John 17 Jesus prayer to God !

  16. Please accept blessings, prayers and peace (the gifts of Almighty God) sent to all my orthodox brothers and sisters worldwide from an Anglican brother in UK

  17. “I am the Lord; that is my name!

    I will not give my glory to anyone else,

    nor share my praise with carved idols. Isaiah 42:8 ………..

  18. Isaiah 42:8 “I am the Lord; that is my name!

    I will not give my glory to anyone else,

    nor share my praise with carved idols

    God will not share his glory with any graven images pictures, icons. the Orthodox church is filled with pictures of dead saints , which we don't know what people looked like in apostolic

    times, nobody knows if some of the dead saints are even saved, !! God said not to pray to them, not to pray to Mary either…. My bible tells me in, John 14:6 I am the way the truth and the life, NO
    one comes to the Father except through ME, Jesus speaking
    When you enter the Eastern Orthodox church the first think they do is go up front and bow down and kiss

    the picture, and bless yourself. The picture is an Icon, a graven Image, we don't know what Jesus looked like either. There is a whole litany of things in the
    Orthodox church that is made UP by man.So tell the people which is of man and which is of GOD.

    Read your bible and study it and not the writings of the Church Fathers and don't listen to the so called priests, they won't tell you the truth.
    Orthodox is ALL about the CHURCH, and not enough about what Jesus our Savior has done for us. I could go on and on.. you

    are going to believe what you want and me too… I was raised in that faith, and now I know better,
    I spent 24 years there…..

    Thank GOD he saved me from that faith, that you have to work for…that is not my Jesus, the thing is, in that faith you really don't know if enough is enough….?

  19. why didnt you say that
    1. Orthodoxs are just the oldest Christian group. The one that is closest to the first ancient christian Church.
    2 Why dont you ask the protestants the reason they believe that Gods blessing equals welth growth..
    3. ask them if they feel that their Inquisition and antisemitism was something that Jesus would aproove. 😛 (wtf! germans hated jews always)
    4. Do protestant realize that their religion is based on a man that considered himself something like the pope when he said "i wont have my teaching judged by any man, not even by any angel" ?
    …Gods truth is one. Reforming the truth makes you a liar .Makes you a heretic ,,like catholics and protestant reformers.
    But even if you were born heretics, God has his own way to judge you . Orthodox monks shall pray for you too, to be saved ..thats what they do all day,[ even if the founders of your religion hated them. ]

  20. I found the dancing around of the host and narrator of this video extremely distracting. Was he doing the "Orthodox Bugaloo" or something like that?

  21. Praying to Saints is not Biblical. The Bibles says let there be no mediator between God and man except Jesus. What makes someone think that Jesus is more inclined to listen to someone else? We have direct access to Jesus. That is the relationship we are suppose to have. Nothing in the Bible suggests that those who have passed before us can even hear prayers to them. Also, to suggest that Mary "Chose" not to sin…which in itself has not Biblical foundation….would suggest Mary had Supernatural ability granted to her. Nobody can go through life just choosing to not sin…nobody except Jesus. A mere human can not choose to ALWAYS have pure thoughts…never have wrongful anger towards someone or for that matter stump their toe and not say something inappropriate before thinking about it. These are my issues with Orthodoxy. I would really like to know how I am wrong. My email address is [email protected] I welcome anyone's insight.

  22. i'm Assyrian but feel disconnected (sadly) from my church. i'm a bit scared to go to an orthodox church near me because they might judge me.

  23. I am Lutheran so ye I have a bit of mixed feelings when it comes to Orthodoxy, but I respect your denomination and I get where you are coming from. Also we have a lot more in common than we are seperated!

  24. This is a rad video and you explain some much asked questions right to the point! I am Greek Orthodox St. Anthony's from Pasadena. My name is Trevor Falekos. God bless you! 💛💜💫☦️✝️🇬🇷🇺🇸

  25. how come the Catholics have pedos not trying to insult Catholics but why is it happening there and not in the Orthodox world?

  26. So what is the difference between Orthodox and Christian? The only difference I see is that orthodox Christian pray also to the saints than Christian's who pray to the God only. (Trinity)


  28. I'm looking for some sort of faith to follow. I'm interested in orthodox Christianity. So I ask, "What is the church's stance on homosexuality? Gay marriage? What's the difference between Catholic and Orthodox churches?

  29. I just wantedt to thank you for the video "Ten Fun Facts about the Orthodox Church". I know of some wonderful Christians who are Orthodox (they may say of me they know of a wonderful woman who is Christian even though she isn't Orhodox." I am studying "Church History" and find it to be one of the harder classes I am taking at this time . It is true, "we are not alone in our Christian journey" and I speak of the Orthodox Church as well as the many other Christian churches that bide by the Nicene Creed – or most of it as I am learning that even that is in disagreement :(. If you believe in the major tenants of the Christian Church you are my brother, you are my sister. These things we do to let the enemy split us up saddens me. He is a thief, a liar, a father of lies and an accuser of the brethren. Our precious Jesus is not coming back for a disjointed church. In my opinion, any church that has not added to the scriptures or who have gone off track and been deceived, is on the right track. None of us are ALL correct in our Christian belief system, but when we come together in the Name of the Holy One of Israel, Jesus, and our blessed Father, the Ancient of Days, and the Holy Spirit, God's precious gift here on earth, we are the Bride that Jesus is coming for. We are not to have spot nor wrinkle nor any such thing. I am glad I am not God, I will not judge except for the obvious.. Peace and Love to the Orothdox Church. And thank you again for your video. 🙂

  30. I am greek and baptized orthodox Christian one reason I became atheist (99% certain god doesn't exist) is these guys:
    Constantine I the Great (306-337)

    Why a saint: With the Edict of Milan (313), he stopped persecutions against Christians. By convoking the Council of Nicea (325), he began the unofficial sponsorship of Christianity by the state, which was a major factor in the spread of the faith. "Equal to the Apostles", the most popular saint of the Greek-orthodox world.

    Objection: Killed his eldest son Crispus, then killed his wife Fausta. He killed his close friend Sopater on the pretext that he had magically 'fettered' the winds and thus prevented food from arriving at famine stricken Constantinople.All his life he was a follower of the cult of the Sun. He was baptized a little before his death.
    Commemorated on: May 21, along with his mother Helena

    Theodosius I (the Great)(379-395)
    Why a saint: He consolidated the conversion to Christianity. In February 380, issued an edict (with Gratian) declaring that all subjects of the Empire should profess the Orthodox faith. He convened the 2nd Ecumenical Council. He took severe measures against the pagans destroying temples and persecuting non-Christians. He put an end to the Olympic games.

    Objection: Ruthless against pagans. His policies caused the destruction of most monuments and treasures of the ancient Greek civilisation. He ordered the slaughter of 7000 spectators in the Hippodrome of Thessaloniki.

    Commemorated on: January 17.

    They commited attrocities and they are in heaven (and are considered saints for the orthodox church) because they repented and believe in christ.
    I think this is the most unethical system and the reason religion can instigate great crimes and religious fanatics commit crimes and sleep happy at nights.
    There are more weird "saints" if you want to learn about them.

  31. I am GREEK ORTHODOX and between me and you…..wouldnt have it any other way!!!!!!! Even with the fasts and all the other things we do….PRAISE THE LORD we certainly have a VERY LIVING spirit in us…TRUST ME!!!!!

  32. Trying too hard to seem excited. Makes you look like you're having a perpetual orgasm while spouting false doctrine.

  33. Are there, anywhere, religious people who don't come across as glassy-eyed fanatics spouting outlandish crap that requires a lobotomy??

  34. This Catholic welcomes warm relations with our Orthodox brothers.The closer the better.That does not mean we paper over differences but we should have theologians discussing those differences.Catholic parishes and Orthodox parishes should try to have some joint festivals etc.I think that would foster good relations.

  35. I like and appreciate your explanation about the saints. I still dont venerate them and Christ is the ONLY ONE The High Priest in the order of (Melchizadec?? Spelling probably not right) whom we have and need alone to pray to and God through Christs name, and asking the HOLY SPIRIT for WISDOM HELP GUIDANCE TRUTH ETC. Angels of God protect us and we can pray for that help, but The Saints and especially Mary are no.longer with us, Mary especially was obedient and a vessel but was human, and a mother to earthly children too. The saints do have priority of place in the kingdom, my mum always used to mention their importance, I see why now, but CHRIST HIMSELF AND ALONE holds all the necessary POWER

  36. The amazing thing about orthodoxy is that every true orthodox is actually very religious. None of us are like "hey I'm orthodox but I don't go to church". We all go to church

  37. There’s a Greek Orthodox Church near my house but I’m always too afraid to go inside. It seems like such a closed off group I don’t know if I’ll be accepted right away. It would be helpful to have a video on how to go to one of this churches and what to expect

  38. For those who ask if the Orthodox believe in scripture; simple answer is the Greek orthodox monks, bishops literally translated the scriptures. You can say it was them who wrote thanslated the scriptures; Not Calvin, Luther and all the other evangelicals who added or took away from original scripture. Look up historically as to who translated the letters of St Paul, Mark, and Luke. The Orthodox lineage goes back to the very day of the apostles, they kept the same liturgy as was told by all the Nicean and ecumenical councils. Nothing was changed or added. You can trace the lineage of the Bishops to practically the very beginning.

  39. I get confused with praying to the saints. The Bible says that we should only pray to God though Jesus. Is the text different in different Bible’s?

  40. Orthodox are more like Methodists in a Catholic building. Actually, Wesley designed Methodism to be Orthodoxy for Protestants.

    Faith and Good Works, one and inseparable.

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