10 fun facts : Skeleton shrimp

hello underwater friends in this video
I’m gonna give you 10 fun facts about the skeleton shrimp enjoy the caprilidae also known as skeleton shrimp are tiny animals that can reach up to 3
centimeter max skeleton shrimps are actually not shrimps
but amphipods they like to leave on seaweed and
hydroids they also like to stand on each other’s back they use there four antennas to correct
food they have two huge claws for fighting
and protection the three pair of legs to move on
hydroids and seaweeds they only made when the female just lost
her exoskeleton the male must be very flexible to
copulate but even if it was hard already he may
be eaten in by the female female are pregnant a few weeks you can see the belly when the baby’s coming
they will stay on their mother until they are strong enough to leave on their
own they keep fighting all the time but always stay together and leave as a
big colony thanks for still being here and watching
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