10 fun FINGERSTYLE guitar songs

Please be honest, how many picks did you lose in your life? Probably two since the beginning of this video so knowing how to save your ass when you’re out of picks again is going to prove of great value in your life as a pussy lover trust me. An awesome way to make the guitar sound like there’s more than one person playing it: Fingerstyle guitar. From beautiful arpeggios and melodies accompanied by bass notes or chords to percussive slaps and harmonics, so many great players just focused on this style, like Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis John Fay, the list is almost endless. But today we’re not really getting in the realm of those guys There is such a wide variety of fingerstyle songs out there, but this is just a list of ten super fun mostly pop songs to play on the guitar, from easy-ish to pretty hard. And I gotta say putting songs not on the list was the hardest part of making this video, so that begs for a part two. Tabs for every song I am playing will be available on the Patreon page Please check it out link is in the description here. They are. Enjoy. Number one. I see fire by Ed Sheeran although the song isn’t that hard for your baking hand that can be said about your fretting hand a quick llegado run makes it a very awesome guitar part to play For the next song we go all the way back to the 60s Simon & Garfunkel song the 59th Street bridge Also known as feelin groovy a happy sounding song with alternating thumb and a Cassano in the bass part Okay, so let’s stay in the 60s a real fingerstyle classic black bears the folk you finger style playing of paw is a real fun Way of approach is kind of playing. I just added a set of slap on the after beat, but you can easily omit that You Number four never going back again my Fleetwood Mac. This song has some sort of polyrhythmic action going on The thumb is playing patterns of two whilst the fingers play a pattern of three Which can make this song a pretty difficult one to get down And now for something completely different John Mayer who says he asks a percussive slap to the bottom strings Which is often seen in his finger style playing a nice way of accompanying yourself and it really gives that propellent sound Number six on the list is road trippin played by John Frusciante a nice combination of the acoustic bass and guitar this song requires a pretty fast picking thumb on every eighth note Number seven the amazing hallelujah originally written by Leonard Cohen But performed for this version by Jeff Buckley the song in a 6/8 time signature with a lot of reverb and magnificent arpeggiated chords You You Next up at eight is dust in the wind Or isn’t it written as a finger exercise? This turned out to be a real fun yet super useful song for you aspiring finger sock guitar player This feature is probably the most blade fingers to out picking pattern of all time. So once you’ve got this down many will follow At number nine we have a letter go by passenger a real uplifting melody on top of only three chords. What else do you need? How can you make four basic chords sound less Basic well, just listen to number 10 fast car by Tracy Chapman Not that difficult that it’s a real appealing and very recognizable guitar part You So these were 10 songs a small snippet of the rich fingerstyle history We’ve got and should be really happy with there’s so much to learn as I said 10 is barely enough to scratch the surface But just one song can mean a lot if you just start out or if you’re looking for new Inspiration if you’re looking for more finger style parts, check out this video top 10 songs for classical guitar You should know there aren’t classical songs per se but played on a nylon string guitar Of course from ladies on the steel string as well and if you find what I do entertaining or interesting or inspirational Please consider joining my patreon page because it is thanks to them that I can do this on a regular basis Thank you so much. Have a great day Bye

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  1. Have you ever heard Alice's Restaurant? Kinda repetitive guitar part, and a hell of a lot of lyrics to memorize but really fun to play. Fun finger style piece.

  2. Enjoying your videos. A lot of similarities to my way of thinking of the guitar. Would be amazing to hear you play Embryonic Journey – Jefferson Airplane. Keep up the great videos

  3. You're so smooth and skilled at fingerpicking it's almost like you're playing in cursive. Good work dude! I liked this a lot.

  4. I love fingerstyle but I also buy picks by the hundred. There is a place in the universe full of picks, odd socks, cigarette lighters and pens sadly.

  5. Hey Paul,
    When slapping the guitar with your thumb (e.g. Stop this train) the sound of that slap comes through very clear. Besides from practising and mastering the technique to do the slap, is there something you do with editing/mixing/mastering the sound to get the slap/tick more audible like boosting the frequency of it? And if you do such thing, could you guide me in the direction of how much Hertz give or take that would be or what trick you apply?
    Super bedankt alvast!

  6. Love this channel, and you sir are awesome / inspirational. Planet earth in 2019 needs more Paul Davids. Rock on brother. (Had a beer oh dear)

  7. You're really awesome, sir. Big fan. I let the ads play (even the ones in the middle) and I truly hope you are getting paid for my heartbeats. Keep going regardless, we're out here!

  8. Paul, you should check your subtitles at 0:14. You say, "…your life as a guitar player." and the subtitles…well they don't say that!

  9. I just have to say that you have a pronunciation that I can understand very well even if I am not an English native speaker. I don't need any subtitles or have to listen again. Thank you.

  10. I aspire to learn all of these. I already know hallelujah and of course dust in the wind. Right now I’m learning when you love someone by James TW, and as soon as I get that one I move to I see fire

  11. The god damn subtitles, bless the man who made them. (or woman since we are sorta getting in the annoying era of feminists killing you for just mentioning man and not woman, nothing personal but whatever)

  12. How did you become so good at guitar? Did you attend any lessons? I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks, and really bad struggle with doing your music. Any tip?

  13. i used to play metal and rock mainly (try to), put my guitar down for decades. I got it back out of the case and Im learning again, this time got rid of the pick

  14. Please please please turn closed captions on and watch the first twenty seconds. I’m crying from that subtitle bruh!!!!!

  15. Would have been nice to hear some kind of triplet on 'looking-for-fun' in 'Feeling Groovy but otherwise great work!

  16. Just fyi, in Blackbird he doesn't actually use that finger picking pattern, he does sort of mini strums with his first finger and a few hits to the bass note with his thumb

  17. me a fingerstyle guitarist: Ha you fools. I don't use picks. So I have nothing to lo- what the…. where is my capo?

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