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(upbeat music)
(screams) – Hey guys, it’s Kamri from Kamri Noel. This week I drove up to Missouri and came up to hang out
with some of my friends, this is Bella. – Hey. – And this week we found 10
things to do during Summer when you’re bored. But before we get started, make sure you subscribe and give this video a huge thumbs up and, if you wanna see some
more of my other videos, click the information button right here. Now, it’s onto the video. (woosh) Kay, so, number one is
make a scavenger hunt and this one’s really
fun ’cause we gotta do it with our friends and family and we had a nice prize at the end. “Stiff is my spine, and my body is pale “but I’m always ready to tell a tale.” I think it’s, I think
it’s, I, okay, uhm… A book, it’s a book… Aha. (ding ding ding) Oh, it’s kinda cold. “There you are, you played your part. “You found me here, you’re so smart. Congrats, go to the kitchen for prize.” Popsicles, my favorite. – Pretty dang good. – Yummy!
– Yum. – Number two is dress up weird and ask your neighbors for flour. – This one’s actually really weird. – Really weird.
– But it’s super fun to see your neighbor’s reaction and we had a really fun time. (upbeat music) (knocking)
– Ask for some flour. Anybody home? Hey, how’ve you been,
can we have some flour? – [Neighbor] Sure, what’re you guys doing? – We need some flour for a recipe. You’re looking at us
weird, we just need flour. – (laughs) Watcha’ lookin’ at? (laughs) – All of that. – Oh, yes, we need the whole container. – [Neighbor] Well there’s
your flour there, for ya’. – Okay, thank you. – We’ll bring it back for ya’. – [Both] Number three! – Blow up a watermelon. This one takes a long time. This will definitely entertain you ’cause it takes a couple hours. – But it’s super fun. – If you get a hard one,
we got a really big one. – Definitely.
– We got lots of battle scars. – Whew, ninja wounds! – Yes, but yeah, you need check ours out ’cause it was a pretty good explosion. (lively electronic music) It’s juicing, you can (screams) (screams) 382 rubber bands, that’s how long it took and that was like,
what, three hours worth? – And it was a huge watermelon. Last time it took us like 200-something with a small one, so… – Yeah, well look at this mess. Oh, I just stepped in it! Number four is make a music video. – This one is so… – It was quite entertaining actually. – Yeah, I mean, we used triller,
and it was like, just… – We had lots of good dance moves. – Yeah, definitely. – Yeah. This one is a great one for Summer. Number five, camp outside. – Super fun. – Yes.
– I mean… – But wear bug spray. – Definitely. – We’re building our tent
for our outdoor dwelling. (soft guitar music) So now we are in our tent
and it’s pretty nice, I mean, we got lots of cool things. It’s very small but it’s still fun. – Cozy. – Yes. – So yeah, we’re gonna go to bed in here and sleep under the stars. – [Both] Number six – is go geocaching, and if you’ve never been geocaching, I’ll explain it for you. Basically it’s where
people all over the world are gonna hide like a little container and you can get an app that will, like, give you directions to where it is, so yeah, we found a couple of good ones. So we’re going to the first one right now, so we’ll see if we can find it. We think we might have found it. – Ew, spiderwebs! Oh, we’re supposed to write our names. Okay, I think we decided. I think we’re gonna take the shell. – So we gotta put back
in our prize, a car. Okay, let’s sign it. Sign the log. – You got it? – No, I bet you it’s in that box. Well that’s cool. – Eww, bugs!
– [Boy] Oh, love-birds, I get it, ’cause they’re getting married. – [Kamri] Aww that’s so cute! – [Boy] Definitely the lion. – [Bella] The lion? Alright, there you go. – Number seven, swimming. I mean… – [Both] Who doesn’t go swimming – in the Summer? – It’s Summer, you have to- – And you can swim in anything,
a pond, a lake, an ocean. – [Both] A pool… – So we’re going down to the dock, we got our floatey… (splash)
(cheering) – [Both] Number eight! – Numero ocho is walk to
your favorite place to eat. This is a good one to take up time, especially the further you go, the more rewarding it is. – We went to Quick Trip
and, Quick Trip is like my favorite place, it’s a gas station, but they have Quick Trip
Kitchen and it’s just so good. – We got ice-cream. – It was definitely worth it. – We’re almost there. – It’s like right there,
it’s in our eyesight. – I’d say about 20 to 30 minutes? Not too bad, but definitely entertaining. – Uh-huh! – We got an ice cream,
and a pretzel and Riley. – You know, it’s all good. – And now we’re gonna go walk back. – [Both] Number nine – is have a movie marathon. – So you know, in the Summer
when you’ve been doing a whole bunch of activities, you know, you need time to relax,
and you don’t want to go to bed early so you gotta do, you know. – [Both] A movie marathon. – It’s perfect! – And we’re starting James
Bond, uh, what is it called? Die another day. – [Both] Number 10, last but not least. – Is make a fort. This one you can do all day long ’cause it takes a long
time ’cause the longer you spend on it, the better it is. You can make it out of cardboard, you can make it out of pillows, blankets, but we made ours… – [Both] Out of sheets! – Cause it’s Summer
time, it was really hot. – And we gotta make it light. (upbeat music) – We’ve finally finished. Here, take a look. Pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. And we got a little door right here. (laughs) Woop woop! Thanks for watching, guys! I hope this helps you all
do less work during Summer. It was a ton of fun. – We had lots of fun. – But before you go, make
sure that you subscribe. Give this video a huge thumbs up, and comment down below what
your favorite part was. Thanks for watching, see you next time. Bye!
– Bye.

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