10 Fun Picking Songs on Guitar!

hey guys it’s Darryl here welcome back to the channel today we’re gonna look at ten of my favorite picking songs for new guitarists let’s get started [Music] alright so the only prerequisites we need to be able to play through all of these songs is the ability to play through the chords in the key of G so you need to know your G chord your a minor there’s no B minor thankfully but there is a G over B like this a C major C with a high 9 that D major E minor and the ability to play power chords so that’s just a root note and a fifth played together like that and you can move it around your neck so if you can do that you’re good to go the rest is going to be up to our right hand alright so as we work our way through these ten picking examples we’re going to start from simple to complex so by the time you get to 8 9 and 10 they should be more advanced so see if you can play through them all and if you get stumped on one stop see if you can master it and move on alright enjoy our first example is Sunday Bloody Sunday by u2 now this is the perfect place to start if you’re just getting into picking simply because you only need 3 strings and you don’t have to skip any strings so we’re going to set our fingers up into a D chord but not a traditional one we’re going to borrow three strings and then use your middle finger on 2nd string your ring finger is going to go to the B note which is 4th fret on the third-string and here’s what it sounds like [Music] you [Music] okay and then up to speed [Music] our second example is going to be the song needs by Collective Soul now this one we introduced some skipping strings and our bass note is going to go from a Gini drop down to a C back to a B and up to an f-sharp so sort of a little square and our right hand is going to be doing a recurring pattern it sounds like this [Music] and then up to speed [Music] our third example is the song hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and of course Jeff Buckley did a famous version of it as well as many other artists this is in 6/8 so that just creates a new feel for a right hand to deal with and it’s also got a passing tone so the shapes we’re going to use is a G shape and you just need the top of the G you don’t need the whole thing so you use your strong fingers and then we’re going to use your index finger to play that passing note which is an f-sharp then we go to an E minor then we hit the passing note again and back to the G and then we just kind of go back and forth in that pattern here’s what it sounds like [Music] and then up to speed [Music] our next example is more than a feeling by Boston now this is a great one to train your right hand there’s lots of skipping strings so this is based around a D chord with your pinkie and that’s called a d sus for and then we’re going to go to c9 g over b and a G okay and meanwhile your right hand is going to be skipping all over the place so let’s try it out and then up to speed [Music] our next song is by Maylene and the sons of disaster now this one isn’t drop D tuning so you’ll have to take your six string and tune it to a D note sounds like that and that enables us to do that really cool kind of bluesy bend at the end of this tune so here’s what it sounds like and a little faster and if you don’t want to do just the note you can hit a Big D chord at the end it also sounds really good all right our next song is wind change by Collis this one’s drop D tuning as well so you should be good to go now our right hands going to be doing something a little bit unique all your fourth string notes are going to be up strokes so it’s going to sound like this you’re going to and then you’re gonna go to sixth string and use that same pattern down down up down down up down so it can be a little tricky at first but let’s play through it the you and then if possible and the the main riff on your middle finger so that you can loop it and let’s play it up to speed you and so forth so it’s really fun picking song the next picking example is the cave by Mumford & Sons now this one is tuned to an open D chord so you’re going to need to tune your strings D a D F sharp a D and that’s going to give it a really rich sound like that now we don’t actually use our first and second strings in this example so if you don’t want to tune that you don’t have to you can just tune your your six string to a D and your third string to an f-sharp and then you’re good to go and this is a fantastic exercise for your picking hand simply because the speed of this song is yeah it’s quite fast but anyway here’s what it sounds like you [Music] okay our next example is simple Matt by Lynyrd Skynyrd now this one is quite a bit more involved in terms of your right hand picking than our previous examples but don’t get scared just play through it slowly it’s absolutely worth learning this song such a great right hand exercise and a beautiful song so here’s what it sounds like [Music] our next song is by Tenth Avenue North it’s called by your side now this is a fantastic pickin song your left hand is going to be making power chords so we’re going to start up on tenth fret which is a G and then we’re going to move it to an E to a d into a C so we’re going to be sliding down from 10th to 7th to 5th to 3rd so we don’t have to do too much with your left hand other than and slide it but all the actions can be happening in the right hand now because you’re playing up high fretted notes and open strings it can be really confusing to your brain because as you’re playing up high fretted notes it’s telling you you should be playing your thin strings but you’re actually playing your thick strings so yeah it’s a good confusing pattern but anyway let’s play through it slowly and here’s what it sounds like [Music] you okay and then up to speed [Music] all right our final example is Street spirit by Radiohead this is a great tune now lots of skipping in the right hand so it’s a good challenge and then while we’re making our a minor chords our E minor chords and our C chords we also need a descending movement on the second string from a D to a C to a B so while you’re making your chords you also have to make that DC B happen so it’s a nice and complex here’s what it sounds like now that a minor chord with the DC B is a huge part of that song so I would say just master that part first and then go on to your other cords and your other cords are an E minor [Music] and also a c-major later on I hope you guys enjoy picking through these songs let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite and if you guys have any examples of good picking songs yeah drop them in the comments as well I’d love to see those I hope this was a great way to kick off your Monday have a fantastic week we’ll see you guys next week with a new video take care [Music] you

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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a couple times when you don't play whats on the tabs. Like for 3:38 I don't think you play 3 on the 4th string at all, even thought it's on the tab.

  2. Can someone help me, this is embarrassing but I can’t seem to get my finger placement right? Like I feel like my fingers are too small to reach across and bar at the same time wtf

  3. You should’ve done the shine down version of Simple Man. It’s a little bit simpler but I think it’s better

  4. never played guitar before and became very scared when all the chords were listed, imma go and learn them now o.O

  5. You had me at the cave by Mumford and sons oooh it’s such great band omg I was singing in my head while u were playing live ur videos btw keep it up🙏🙏🙏

  6. guys I want help..If I'm in trip with my friends what are some really easy songs on guitar that everyone will enjoy?

  7. I have no favorites, they all sound great. I will be trying them on my Flamenco. As a reference these songs seem to be the right music that sparks many peoples interest.

  8. Song List – (Previews are where he plays it fully, so you know what it'll sound like)

    Sunday Bloody Sunday – 0:54 (preview 1:28)
    Needs Collective Souls – 1:38 (preview 2:04)
    Hallelujah – 2:16 (preview 2:56)
    More Than A Feeling – 3:05 (preview 3:30)
    Just Wanted To Make Mother Proud – 3:43 (preview 4:07)
    Winds Of Change – 4:27 (preview 5:10)
    The Cave – 5:24 (preview 6:19)
    Simple Man – 6:32 (preview 7:01)
    By Your Side – 7:15 (preview 8:17)
    Street Spirit – 8:33 (preview 9:21)

    I know this video is old, but I hope this helps someone.

  9. I’m sorry I’m a new guitarist n I barely know any of the chords I are talking about 🤦🏼‍♀️ I feel so slow ughhh I just wanna have the ability to play good

  10. Your idea of easy and mine are light years away from each other. Maybe some time in the future, if I get that good before I die.

  11. great video, sure a great practice tool, it will keep me motivated. One song I found very useful is "Back of your hand" by Dwight Yoakam, it mixes a alternative picking in G C D with some very simple and cool hammer ons and pull ups. Underrated song. It would be great of you could do a video like this showing some more picking songs with drop D, they soud so western

  12. I'm just in love with your style of explaining and it's so great to see you having fun while playing guitar.
    I just started off playing the guitar a few weeks ago and seeing you play, makes me heartbeat move faster. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  13. You are very good at guitar . You inspired me to make my own YouTube channel . Please check it out and subscribe

  14. Darrell! Great Video! Thanks! Hey…. is More Than a Feeling correct?? I think Marty Music taught it different?

  15. Although their songs are pretty difficult, the band Symphony X has some really fun picking runs if you guys are familiar. "Sea of Lies" and "Out of the Ashes" gotta be my favorite. Mike Romeo is a beast!

  16. And you need to be able to do a bar chord… is there a way to do bloody sunday without barring the strings? Great video!!

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