10 Insane Tricks, for Summer Parties!

[Introduction music] Parties are a great way to celebrate and have fun with your good friends. So to make sure your next party rocks, I’ve assembled the biggest lifehackers on Youtube, to bring you 10 outrageous party tricks, your guests will not forget. Number one is Brusspup with how to make ice cubes that glow in the dark. When the sun goes down, you can take your party to a whole new level, with a blacklight and a bit of tonic water. Make sure to visit Brusspup for the full tutorial and a bunch of other tricks I didn’t get to show you here. He does illusions, experiments and has over 200 other videos for you to see. Now your guests are gonna need a place to relax and you’ll be amazed at what can be done with a few rolls of duck tape. Kipkay is here with #2 the star spangled hammock. “You’ll want to roll the duck tape around the dowel, now I did it about three times around to make sure it was secure. And then unrolled it to the other dowel. Then when you get there, you’re just going to wrap it around, and then carefully start applying it to the sticky side going back the other way. Repeat this process, take your time for a good job. When you are done, you’ve got your initial main straps on your hammock! I’ve found this blue tape with white stars, which is gonna be perfect for the cross straps! I was able to eyeball it pretty good about 4 inches apart for all of my cross straps. Then using some rope, I secured our star spangled hammock to a couple of trees! You’ll find the full tutorial and over 200 more videos on Kipkay’s channel, so be sure to check him out for more awesome ideas! Now every kid loves bubbles, but what if you could make some that were bigger than your car? NightHawkInLight is here with #3 exposing his recipe for monster bubbles. “The base of my bubble mix is an entire 24 or 30 oz bottle of dish washing liquid. To this soap I measure and add 1 tablespoon of J- Lube powder. On top of this is added 3 gallons of water. This simple 3 component formula is all it takes to make giant bubbles, though perhaps it can be improved with your own experimenting. The bubbles made with a net will be smaller but easy for anyone to make, even on hot dry days where evaporation can cause giant bubbles to pop. There are more projects and videos just like this on his channel- so head over to NightHawkInLight. You’ll be amazed at what you find. When your guests need something to drink there’s a crazy way to get them served! Steve Spangler is here with #4 the instant soda dispenser. “If I pull this, theoretically it should shoot up this way and now cascade down. So when it comes time to serve the carbonated beverage you know what’s gonna happen. Ready. 3. 2. 1. Drop. Perfect! That’s a great way to serve 6 sodas! I think. If you like Steve Spangler just hold tight- you’ll see more of him in just a minute. Doctor Lithium of NurdRage is here with #5 showing how to light a barbecue like a chemist. “Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re gonna start a charcoal barbecue with chemistry. Now normally charcoal is started with some lighter fluid, but since we’re nerds I’m going to use a mixture of 250 grams of potassium chlorate and 50 grams of sugar. Now for the fun part- lighting it up. [Hissing flames] Yeah! Forget the manly way of starting a barbecue, this is the nerdy way! The reaction is an extreme fire hazard and fire safety protocols must be in place. Put on the grill and now you’re ready to get cooking. And that is how a chemist lights a barbecue. Thanks for watching! This full video is on his channel along with 100 other NurdRage experiments, so go see what other ideas you can find that’ll get a reaction or at least cause one. A party is a great place to joke around with people so these next two are with Brian Brushwood of Scam School. #6 is how to prank your friends with a foaming toast. “It’s the oldest trick in the book- go to toast your buddy, but use your beer bottle to slam his and seconds later it’ll foam right over. I say this mainly to all those kids out there who want to mess with their uncle drinking the beer. Just go up to with your root beer and be like lets toast. Boom. Now if you want to blow their minds with drinks that freeze themselves here’s Brian again with #7. “Grab a whole bunch of beers that have clear bottles and throw them in the freezer. When you open it up an hour or two later you’ll find that about a third of them have become super cooled. This is when they’re in a state below freezing but haven’t created a nucleation to form that ice yet. The moment you slam it onto the table it will freeze the beer instantly! Side note: You can do this with water but you gotta use pure water like fiji. There are all kinds of awesome tricks, scams and ways to win a bet at Scam School, so look for more ways pump up your party by heading over to see what else they’ve got. How are you gonna grill if you don’t have a barbecue? #8 is HouseholdHacker with some terracotta cooking. “Go digging in your garage or basement for an old clay pot. You’re gonna need wanna carefully line the pot now and make sure you cover the hole at the bottom, so bust out that tinfoil and cover it up. You’re gonna need some type of surface to cook on. I used this little grate I found in my scrap metal pile. Now get your charcoal and fill the pot up about 2 inches from the top. Now light it and lay your grill top back on. Toss down your favourite grillables and save the day with your ingenious improvised terracotta grill. Mmmm. Looks delicious and clean up’s a breeze- just toss out the foil. HouseholdHacker has over 300 videos with loads of cool things to try, so watch more HouseholdHacker and grab as many ideas as you can. There’s always some trick you can do that’ll get everyone’s attention every time. Steve Spangler is doing that with #9 by turning a garbage can into a rocket. “If you were coming to my party I would do this for you- you can’t do this at home but I’d do this for you. Put a little bit of liquid nitrogen right there in the bottom. Don’t try this at home! So this gets capped off here like this. Now, you just gotta stand back. Finally the pressure can’t stand it anymore. [Loud Pop] That’s awesome to do in the back yard! Steve is a science teacher and has around 500 videos on his channel, so check out more of his awesome experiments at Steve Spangler Science. Now if you want to serve your guests something that will really make an impression I’ve got just the thing. I’m Grant Thompson here with #10 super breath refreshments. To get started we need a couple litres of liquid nitrogen and if you’re one of the few people that actually have access to it you should know it needs to be handled with respect. Now if we spray a nice long line of whipped cream into the fluid it’ll freeze in about 5- 10 seconds mainly because the stuff is so light and fluffy and full of air. All we need to do is break the cream into pieces with something like a slotted spoon, so we end up bite sized pieces that look something like this. Now when you put it in your mouth roll it around on your tongue and chew it gently. You’ll blow out dragon smoke with every bite. This snack is well below freezing but it’s okay to eat because it’s mostly air and warms up really fast however it does make your mouth pretty cold so just have some warm drink standing by. In the most literal way these might be the coolest party treats your guests have ever tried! Well there are 10 crazy party tricks your friends will not forget! I put together a full playlist of all the videos featured here and if you want ever more I highly recommend checking out all these awesome channels. These are my favourite YouTubers and they’ve all posted videos on their channels as well so check them out, subscribe to them and tell them that Grant Thompson sent you. By the way if you like my videos I’ve got 140 more at thekingofrandom.com.

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